Understanding the New Afghan Paradigm

The key to understanding what

is going on in Afghanistan


The Obama/Kayani new deal for Afghanistan doesn’t acknowledge the breadth of cooperation and shared criminal conduct that went in to creating the Afghan turmoil, but it creates an agreement for taking advantage of what has gone down in the past.  Old assets are being revived, in order to transfer the war on Afghanistan’s southern front to the north.


Understand that the world’s terrorism problem which has been laid at Pakistan’s feet is an American creation.  The ongoing exposure of American terror operations in Iran, which originated on Pakistani soil, is not an isolated incident, but a key pattern followed by American foreign policy for decades.  The terror we imported to Yugoslavia is another case in point (SEE:  HERE ).  The Obama Administration, under the influence of the militant policy’s creator, Zbigniew Brzezinski, is embracing that past and taking advantage of some of those militant leaders to create new turmoil in northern Afghanistan to replace the war that is being temporarily repressed around Helmand, with Kandahar next.

The most vicious militants from S. Waziristan, mostly Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan (IMU), were secretly moved by someone with large helicopters to northern Afghanistan over the past six months.  The trouble they have stirred-up there has created an opening for the introduction of the “new paradigm” troops of Gulbuddin Hekmatyar.  The arrest of Taliban commanders from this region has made it all possible.

TTP leaders evacuated by mysterious airlifts

At an October 11 news conference in Kabul, President Hamid Karzai had himself claimed that “some unidentified helicopters dropped armed men in the northern provinces at night.”

Could IMU Chief’s Death Curb Rebel Force in Afghanistan?

Uzbek fighters from the IMU have been stirring up trouble in northern Afghanistan for the past several months, according to security officials.

“Tahir Yuldash’s men have come to northern Afghanistan and have caused much of our recent insecurity,” said General Khalilullah Aminzada, security chief in Jowzjan province.

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