US Exports to Iran Increased in 2010


US Exports to Iran Increased in 2010

3/13/2010 14:58

The United States of America has exported $31 million of various products to the Islamic Republic of Iran in January, US Statistics Bureau reported.
The figure has increased 3.5-fold compared with the previous months, the report added.
In December 2009, the USA’s exports to Iran valued at $11.3 million, according to the report.
Iran’s exports to US reached $6.3 million in the same months, the report said adding that the figure stood at $7.5 million in December 2009.
Iran-US total trade in January 2010 was worth $37.3 million showing a 2-fold increase over December 2009, when the figure stood at $18.8 million.
The growth of US exports takes place in a condition that the US government has tried to convince the other countries to approve the US-led sanctions against the Islamic Republic.


Blackwater Aviation Big Mover In Central Asian Conflict Zone


Deirdre Tynan

A company with ties to Blackwater, the controversial private security firm now known as Xe, has been ferrying US government-directed cargos over the past five-plus years across Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Afghanistan and Pakistan. In addition, the company may be a candidate to continue its services for years to come, if a Sources Sought Announcement posted by the US Defense Department becomes a live contract.

Presidential Airways, which numerous Department of Defense documents identify as "[doing business as] Blackwater Aviation," provides Short Take-Off and Landing air services in an area of responsibility that includes Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Pakistan and Afghanistan. Presidential Airways has its head office in Moyock, North Carolina.

The company secured its first contract in September 2004, covering "airlift in and around the Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, and Pakistan area of responsibility." In September 2007 Presidential Airways won a contract worth $92 million to perform "passenger, cargo and combi Short Take-Off and Landing air transportation services between locations in the Area of Responsibility of Afghanistan, Kyrgyzstan, Pakistan and Uzbekistan." A modification to the 2007 contract HTC711-08-D-0010 says that services performed under the agreement are "expected to be completed [by] Sept., 30, 2011."

Between 2004 and 2008, Presidential Airways netted contracts worth at least $192.1 million to cover the Central Asian region. The 2008 award for "Pressurized Short Take-Off and Landing Airlift Services for US Central Command" names Manas, Kyrgyzstan, and Karshi-Khanabad, Uzbekistan, as "potential" landing locations. However, "specific locations will be provided at the time of mission scheduling," the award adds. The US air base at Karshi-Khanabad was vacated in late 2005. [For background see the Eurasia Insight archive].

According to a recent Sources Sought Announcement, Army Contracting Command is looking to "determine interest in a multi-year services contract for fixed-wing aircraft, personnel, equipment, equipment, tools, material, maintenance and supervision necessary to perform passenger and cargo combination (COMBI) and Low-Cost Low-Altitude (LCLA) airdrop operations using Short Take-Off and Landing (STOL) air transportation services between locations in the Area of Responsibility (AOR) Afghanistan, Kyrgyzstan, Pakistan and Uzbekistan." The contract would be for a base year, along with four one-year options, meaning the potential contract potentially covers up to five years.

"The contractor shall provide all direct labor, transportation, supervision, training, fixed-wing aircraft, administrative support for conducting air operations and all other items and services necessary to perform Air Support Services (parachute operations) for Government-directed aerial delivery missions," the announcement added on February 18, 2010.

Presidential Airways representatives did not respond to queries from EurasiaNet, but documents released under the Freedom of Information Act in 2007, and now publicly available on US Transportation Command’s website, reveal the company’s Bagram-based fleet for STOL services in Central Asia as of 2007 included 9 CASA 212-200; 2 Fairchild SA-227; 2 Eurocopter SA-330; 1 DeHavilland DHC-8 and 1 Cessna CE-208.

Presidential Airways is also approved to "provide on-demand operational paratroop and airborne jump support to all military services under a Special Operations Command contract."

STOL/LCLA services appeal to the military because of their cost effectiveness. STOL/LCLA operations are typically used to deliver small numbers of passengers, both military and civilian contractors, food, medical supplies, propaganda and weapons into remote areas.

The 2008 contract for airlift services for US Central Command states that "the government requires passengers to carry a full compliment of munitions and explosives necessary to execute their mission as well as other [hazardous materials]."

A Presidential Airways contractor performance assessment report for 2004-2005 stated: "Presidential has transported 7,072 passengers, 902,664 lbs. of cargo, and 833,048 lbs. of mail to various locations."

"Without this carrier’s support, the Helicopter task force currently in Pakistan would have ground to a halt," the assessment continued. "Their service for light airborne operations (mostly leaflet drops) has saved the government over $40,000 in costs compared with either a C-130 or Helicopters."

A similar assessment for 2005-2006 stated: "Blackwater has transported 12,987 passengers. 1,789,945 lbs. of cargo, and 942.666 lbs. of mail to various locations throughout the Combined Joint Operations Area (CJOA). These numbers represent an 84 percent increase in passenger movement, a 98 percent increase in cargo and a 13 percent increase in mail movement compared to the same period the previous year."

By 2006-2007, operations had increased to "28,379 passengers, 2,950,331 lbs. of cargo, and 3,693,668 lbs. of mail" throughout the area of responsibility, according to that year’s contractor performance assessment.

A separate solicitation issued on February 25, 2010, to provide fixed-wing transportation services for US Central Command and the National Geospatial Agency (NGA), to which Presidential Airways is listed as an interested vendor, also includes Karshi-Khanabad as one of 16 airfields that could be potentially used within the scope of the contract.

The National Geospatial Intelligence Agency is a "Department of Defense combat support agency, and a member of the national Intelligence Community, [developing] imagery and map-based intelligence solutions" according to its website.

The Right of Might, Religion of the Psychopaths Ruling the World

The Right of Might

Religion of the Psychopaths Ruling the World

by Dragan Marjanovic

World Elite, Satan worshipers

Psychopaths and Mass Murderers in Power Flock with Their Own Breed (and Share the Loot)

Understanding the world we live in and the appalling moves and decisions by the Western political elites is impossible without understanding the goals and beliefs of the psychopaths who run the show. If you are properly programmed and therefore quick to dismiss everything contrary to the popular mythology as a “conspiracy theory”, keep reading, because the joke is on you.

Why is it that Western governments, apparently promoting all the good things one can think of, like democracy, equality, human rights, multiculturalism, ethnic and cultural diversity, peace, tolerance, freedom and progress, openly and enthusiastically support the most regressive, hateful, racist, xenophobic, murderous gangs of criminals and butchers such as Taliban, Izetbegovic’s jihadists or Albanian terrorist KLA?

How is it that the “world’s greatest superpower” went as far as lending its generals, logistic support and aviation to a verified Nazi such as Franjo Tudjman, to help him exterminate its WWII allies, Serbs from Croatia? Why would confirmed Islamic extremist Alija Izmetbegovic, determined to establish a pure Muslim state in the heart of Europe, become the West’s favorite ally in a jihad against Bosnia’s Christians? How could it be that West allied itself with Bin Laden, al-Qaeda and mujahideen, their alleged enemy, and helped them infiltrate Bosnia and Serbia, to aid Izetbegvic in destroying Bosnian Serbs?

Why would the Western armada, comprising the military might of 19 richest states in the world, rent itself out to a bunch of savage Albanian thugs, for decades topping the Interpol lists as the most ruthless criminals, sex, arm and drug traffickers, to help them dismember and destroy Serbia?

How come, after Washington, London and Brussels removed disobedient Serbs from power (and, in some cases, from life) and after the Kosovo Kristallnacht, top Western leaders came out announcing to the world that the only “cure” for Albanian terrorism is to award those same terrorists and criminals with a state carved out of Serbian territory?

How come the blatantly unjust, unlawful, illegal and horribly immoral decision was not being revoked after Del Ponte revealed Albanian terrorists were culling Kosovo Serb civilians to harvest their vital organs for sale?

Since they can hardly claim ignorance, one has to wonder if all this is just realpolitik, a matter of Western elite’s present interests (that dictate allies are picked according to the current interests [PDF], not the other way around), or if there is something more to their overwhelming support for the absolute worst elements in the given situation.

High Masons’ Religion

I must admit I never liked 2001 Space Odyssey because, apart from recognizing the elements of Darwin’s idiocy peppered with some New Age rubbish, I never understood what is it about. What was that black monolith supposed to be? What was that — from apes and caves to aimless floating through space? And then the creepy computer gone crazy and all the rest — a sequence of disgusting images of cruelty, combined with supposedly poetic albeit meaningless space waltz, and the battle of smarts with the “artificial intelligence” — wtf was all that about?!

I was always puzzled with all the people praising it to high heavens, thinking they’ll look clever if they keep repeating “it’s a metaphor!”

Yeah, it’s a metaphor alright, if they only knew what for.

Enter Alan Watt, an absolutely brilliant analyst, tearing down the veils of the elite’s cult:

In the movie “2001″ Arthur C. Clarke, very high Freemason, gives you the agenda of High Freemasonry. Not the schmuckdom-freemasonry, but the high stuff. He gives you their agenda, philosophy and religion in the movie.

At the beginning of the movie “2001,” made in the 1960’s, they show you the ape-men, you know the hairy guys supposedly, and they are terrified of the darkness. They’d go to their caves at night, and in the morning, they go across the watering bowl and meet this other tribe of ape-men. They shake their fists and go through a little dance, a song and dance, and then they muffle off on their own separate ways; and that’s how things have gone on forever. The little sequences around—they’re showing you there’s a big part, you see, it’s part of their religion.

You’ll understand all this later; and this way, you’ve got a tree brush shaped like a big snake you see, and some of the emblems – these are actually Masonic emblems, high occultic emblems you see all through it. Even though the story eventually goes into space, it starts with these cave-men and an obelisk comes down. There’s this black obelisk.

In the book, it’s more detailed. The obelisk throws its cave-men out, one by one, and makes them jump around and stuff. It’s testing them out to see who’s got the best smarts. He picks one of them, and one day, the watering hole, and instead of going over and shaking their fist and screaming and having to drink more and go home, this one picks up a bone; because the love of the skull and the cross bones of Masonry, the pirates, right. He picks up the thighbone and then he smashes his enemy over the waterhole and he kills him; and that’s telling you that’s their right of might. The right of might: He will kill a superior and then they give you religions for being meek and mild. They teach another one for themselves.

Progress. You see they have a thing called “progress.” They hate something called stagnant civilization, “arrested” civilizations; and to them it’s a progress. Progress to them is done through those who are willing to kill and become the top chutzpah of the king—king of the ape-men.

Then it jumps from there into the future to the year 2001, and then a space journey encounters, supposedly, on the trail of this obelisk that they unearthed. It ends up on Jupiter; but it’s all occultic. It’s nothing to do with space travel. There’s a Masonic initiation in it. You will see the computer HAL on board the spaceship traveling to Jupiter. It kills off two of the guys that are with him and then tries to kill off the third guy. He outsmarts it and disables it, meaning he overcame all the natural laws.

HAL is the sun, like HALOGEN, you know, HAL-CYON. HAL and H-A-L, one letter after each one in the alphabet is IBM, you see. IBM, you speak it and it’s I-beam, the beam from the eye, the eye of Ra. The beaming from the eye is between the pyramid, the capstone and the rest of the pyramid.

Everything is shown to you. It’s not necessary you understand. It’s only necessary that you think you understand, whatever comes out of these movies, chomping away – “ah it’s a good movie. What’s next? Have no idea what it means.”

Then “2010″ is a follow-up to the movie, and it shows you what’s supposed to happen in 2010. There’s a big thing at the end, where this guy who escapes the computer remembers in the next movie he’s timeless, he’s ageless, as he’s become a god, because he overcame HALCYON, you see, the sun, the natural order. He overcame all the laws and he’s a god; and a new sun appears in the sky, but “as above so below,” so a new sun will appear on the earth: A messiah, a being, an entity, whatever it is. They bring force to you with much hullabaloo and fanfare.

They’re telling you their system. They show you their religion from evolution, which is their belief system both physical and spiritual, because they do believe in reincarnation; but they don’t believe that everybody reincarnates. There’s a whole theology behind that, even though encouraged to believe in it amongst the lesser, as they call it. They have a different belief system for themselves, a specialized one; well, naturally, that’s a special one. You can’t foresee what is everyone else. So there’s the physical and inbreeding which is terribly, terribly important to them because it’s part of the “spiritual recycling,” you might say, of the same dynasties within dynasties; and that’s what they claim gives them their power and intellect and the right to dominate and so on.

Masonic pyramid

Now, that clears up the fog.

That is why the most sadistic, most brutal filth, cannibals without a shred of human empathy and compassion are given the reign over the “meek and mild”, to be the “ape-men kings”. By demonstrating their will to kill, butcher, rape, cut up and devour others, they have shown how they stood up against both God and nature, Creator and creation, and that, in the eyes of ruling psychos, earns them the right — the right of might. That is why.

In my view, Alan Watt’s only shortcoming is the fact he rejects the (Eastern Orthodox) Church along with all the other “religions”, rightfully sickened by the Beast’s filthy paws soiling everything they touch. But, in addition to everything else, this deficiency precludes him from providing correct answers to a whole range of questions, including the one and only, bottom-line conclusion: that all these psychopaths and their “orders”, including Rosicrucians, Freemasons, Illuminati, Skulls and Bones etc. are satanic in essence and guided by the singular, living, personified Ancient Evil, who had plenty of time to perfect his humanity-devouring skills.

One should never forget that Albert Pike himself, “the big Pope of Scottish Freemasonry” as Watt calls him, was a devout Luciferian, eager to completely annihilate Christianity, although clever enough to know the “bottom-feeders” — the lower degree Masons can never be told whom they really serve and worship in the Masonic rituals.

That said, Watt should be listened to and read daily, for the thorough decontamination of the mind and as a badly needed deprogramming course.

More from Alan Watt
Charles Darwin, Member of the Interbred Elite, and Darwinism

The trick of Darwin was to make you think we just evolved in 200,000 BC and before that, he even said 10,000 BC, which is rubbish. This whole evolution scheme is actually a Masonic doctrine. It has nothing to do with what we think it’s meant to be, it’s a Masonic doctrine.

Darwin was pulled out of the hat by the Royal Society, which was a Masonic scientific establishment chartered by the British Crown to exist. He basically gave the “Origin of the Species” etc, to justify the right of certain types to rule; and he wasn’t talking about other animals or animals. He was talking about themselves over us. Evolution is a caste system. It’s to verify a caste system, to reinforce it and of course, it’s worked very well up until now.

[…] Darwin only espoused what they had already believed themselves for many thousands of years.

[…] Charles Darwin’s family only interbred with one other family for generations and that was the Wedgwood family, the famous pottery Wedgwoods of England. His grandfather married one, his father married one, Charles married one and then, when his wife died, he married his mother’s sister, another Wedgwood. They’re all Wedgwoods and Darwins, all mixed together, you see, until they bring some other outside blood—to Galton’s, another sweet bunch who believed in population reduction. Charles had ten children from his first wife who even died in childbirth, two [of his children] died in insane asylums very young. Too interbred, you see.

The Predatory Nature of the Ruling Elite

Charles Galton Darwin (the grandson of Charles Darwin) said, “every civilization has really been a form of slavery for the people,” and he was all for it. That was a natural order according to him; and of course, those who are trained in power and control of the people are trained in this technique since birth.

They’re brought up listening to a different version of reality than someone brought up in a local housing area. They’re told that the predators should be at the top of the natural order. They’re predators of course, because they’re such hypocrites. As good predators, they can’t tell the children how they’re really feeding off them or manipulating them for different ends, because children don’t understand these things. Those with the low IQ’s, you know the little people at the bottom of the hill, you’ve got to keep them in the dark, the profane.

PROFANE in Masonry means “those in the darkness,” base people, which is a real hypocrisy in itself, because it’s like breaking the legs of cow and then kicking the cow because they can’t get up. That’s the hypocrisy of this system and that’s how they view the public. They’ve broken our legs and they hate us because we can’t get up. We’re pathetic; and of course, they claim that we need them. It’s like saying that the mice in the fields need the hawk. This is the logic of the predator.

Anglo-American Elite

[…] They have perfect understanding of their prey. They’re the perfect predator. That’s why, on their coat of arms, they have all these predatory animals. Albert Pike, the Grand Master, the big Pope of Scottish Freemasonry, in the 1800’s, said, “we make no apologies for nature.” Then he goes on to tell how different animals hunt. In other words, they make no apologies for being called predators, and that’s their natural order.

At the bottom of course, the schmucks at the bottom, they go to the Blue Lodge and 1,2,3 degrees, and think, “I’ve made it.” These guys are little prunes who walk around collecting charity money. That’s the cover for the guys at the top—sudden virtue. They have sudden virtue.

[…] They can never look at themselves honestly, because good psychopaths cannot. They run on ego, super ego. That’s why they’re psychopaths and they get their way regardless of the consequences to anyone around them, because they have no empathy for others. They can work together, as long as they’re working towards a common goal and they’re always sharing the loot.

[…] The more intelligent ones are up wearing suits and ties and lying to you. That’s the gift that psychopath has is the ability to lie without emotion and speak no matter what they’ve done—without pills.

[…] Mass prostitution. The illicit – the legal is run by them. The legal system above, the illegal below. “As above, so below.” They run both sides of everything […] “As above, so below.” Legal, illegal are one and part of the same system […] The illegal drugs to keep the people spaced out is run by them.


[…] Selective breeding is what they’re getting at, and “don’t let the lower head rule the upper head” is what they say to them, and nobody understands that. That’s why it’s always in their language. It’s a breeding program. A first generation Mason can’t get up terribly high, even in the second degree of the Scottish Rite; but if he marries an Eastern Star who, again, is up two generations, then the offspring can go higher—the son of the Mason and then the third generation can go much higher still. Therefore, you’re breeding upwards through selective breeding and they’ve wisely chosen for you at that level, just like the nobility’s wives have always been chosen for the men.

[…] Nature wasn’t good enough. By themselves, they will perfect nature and that’s what they say in Masonry. They’re here to perfect that which was left imperfect. Guess what that means? —Everything, including you.

[…] You shape the mind, Masonry shaped society. It shaped the mind. It sculpts it basically in a direction and that is the whole method of controlling the public. You standardize things through mainstream. Mainstream comes from the underground. Stream, as they called this current of teaching, this thought process, this underground movement from the Rosicrucian Era of the 1500’s onward, the underground stream. They shape form and content of your thoughts and by limiting you or directing you along certain lines of thinking with limited access to knowledge you must come to conclusions which they know you must come to.

A computer programmer does the same thing. A good programmer who designs a computer and its program, its language that it runs on, will know a conclusion by feeding in the language the data that computer must reach on any particular problem. Humans work exactly the same.

[…] We are now run by so many bureaucracies and expert NGO groups that speak for us, even though we don’t know who they are. This is who’s running the world today. A world run by the “Natural Order,” they call it, just the intellectual elite, those who have proven, as H.G. Wells said, they have proven to history and by the wealth their families have accumulated for centuries, that they are the natural elite. They have the right to control the lesser, you see, those in profane, those guys at the bottom of the hill there.

[…] Margaret Thatcher, back in the early ’80s, came under fire, in a sense (if that’s possible) for subsidizing private schooling for the wealthy, using tax money to subsidize the wealthy. She rationalized it by telling the truth, as they very often do. She said, “This is where your future leaders are coming from. Your future industrial leaders, political leaders, economists and so on, they come from these schools and this is where they meet each other. They’ll grow up in life knowing each other and they’ll all be in the right positions. She was telling the truth, so there’s nothing strange about that. They do tell the truth very often.

It’s the public, when they hear it, they say, “I know I heard that, but they can’t really mean what they say.” The public were trained this way, you see. You train the abused to love the abuser. The public can’t quite fathom this and so they make excuses for them: “I guess she had a bad day to say what she said,” or, “The problems that she’s got on her plate, I don’t blame her.” You see this is the rationale.

[…] We’ve been under tremendous mind control for such a long time—the law under intense control. The Masons again in their own publications will tell you there’s a Masonic push to have universal education, the same education worldwide, to standardize a bunch of schmucks who never question reality. Who accept reality as it’s presented to them from birth—and that’s what good management means. The schmucks don’t know they’re schmucks.

The voting joke

New Age

[…] New Age — the name of the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry magazine, their journal, and they prophesized they’d do this back in the 1950’s in their journals.

[…] The New Age saw massive changes. Promiscuity was pushed to the hilt. They worked fervently since 1920’s to bring out a birth pill and of course penicillin to cope with the venereal disease that came out, and abortion was making its appearance. So promiscuity was used to destroy the family unit. To destroy the possibility of long-term marriage. Everybody who grew up in those days had a big number done on their head and you can see the fallout today because society, as far as relationships go, is pretty well completely dysfunctional. No one escaped it. No one.

[…] The age in Aquarius of peace and understanding. Peace is not peace as you know it. Peace comes when there’s absence of consciousness and opposition to this agenda. That’s what they mean by peace. Peace comes when there’s not enough of you to cause trouble and those that are left don’t have a functioning brain to use. That’s peace, hence the rush towards chips and chipping the brain and implants and stuff like that, and a totally controlled society.

They want peace. They don’t want to give us all this media nonsense—this constant propaganda to keep us running in circles and chewing the grass like good little sheep. It takes away from their profits, because they want pure profit, you see. They want 100% profit from us; and they’ve got to allow us to entertain ourselves, to keep us obedient and grazing and sports and circuses and all that kind of thing you see, and buying toys, junk from China. The rewards – little Pavlovian rewards at the end of the month.

That’s all taken from their ultimate profit and that upsets them because it’s not efficient enough. This system that is coming into being — they want complete utter efficiency where a person will not be born unless they have a work for you to do.

[…] That’s what we’re told is the meaning of life, being happy all the time. That’s a new phenomena, this ego-syntonic behavior. It didn’t used to be taught your purpose in life was to be happy all the time, like some sort of manic ecstasy.

That’s all you see now, it’s marketed on every ad to you. If you’re buying a toothbrush, to an exercise machine, you have smiling people and grinning like balloons, and you know what they are doing, they’re grinning and happy they just bought this whatever it is. That’s what we’re told, “Life is supposed to be happy.” Be happy, you know the song. That was the message. That’s all the message it was in that dumb song. “Don’t worry, be happy. Don’t worry, be happy.”

Life is supposed to be an experience of ALL emotions, and its in-between emotions, neither happy nor sad; but they can’t have that, you see. When you’re neither excessively happy or sad, you might think; and if you think, that could be a danger to those that RULE YOU.

That’s why you’re crammed with all these choices of “who’s going to do my thinking today. How many channels on TV can I get, or how many radio stations?” They’ve got satellite stations for radio now, there’s not many of them. Or, “How many video games can I play with today, but give me someone else’s thoughts because I don’t want to use my own. It’s too much of a burden.” THINKING IS A BURDEN.

In fact, when it comes to the brain chip time and of course, they carved the active chipped ID card, which is coming, that’s only a part way gesture towards this, is to condition you for the inevitable. Most people will think, and of course, it will be marketed—the lies will be marketed to them, the purpose of it. The public will think, “Gee, this is great. I want mine.” They might even give you bronze, silver, gold and platinum to give it snob appeal.

Once everyone has one, the real function will kick in once that’s happened, and THERE WILL BE NO MORE YOU. This is from science meetings; world science meetings have said this. They have all this ready to go, so they can market this idea to the public.

It’s being done through movies at the moment, in novels, characters, even so, they think there’re going to be Supermen, but they’re not. They might be physically as a good rook cyborg, but they won’t be themselves. THERE WILL BE NO ABILITY TO EVEN PERCEIVE OF YOURSELF AS A DISTINCT INDIVIDUAL and that was said at the Loyola University meeting, where they held one of these world science meetings on this very subject.

We’re guided like sheep to the slaughterhouse. Most will go willingly because they’ve swallowed reality hook, line and sinker, as it’s been presented to them. Those who understand what’s going on are caught in different degrees of sides. Join a patriot side. Join a militia side. Join this that and the other. All these sides are given for you by the same elite who run things at the present.

[…] Ego-syntonic behavior has been encouraged and it’s very possible brain damage has occurred as well, since Arthur Koestler who worked at the United Nations and wrote a book called “The Ghost in the Machine” and who worked on ways to lobotomize that part of the brain that gives you yourself awareness and your critical survival capabilities. He was working on ways to destroy that chemically, bacteriologically, through viruses, whatever. There’s different segments working for the U.N. on this and he wrote about it all in his book. He was all for it right to the end. It’s a square line to you. He said that the elite won’t need – I mean that the peasants basically – the masses won’t need those instincts anymore because the scientific elite will be making all their decisions for them. We’ll be managed, well managed you see.

“Culture” from the Above

One of the faithful servants

The Illuminati […] under Weishaupt’s charge found what they called reading societies throughout Europe. The goal of the reading societies was under the guise of helping the working people to read.

They then formed discussion groups and then when you have discussions groups the material which you are given to read becomes very important because when you standardize the reading material then you’re standardizing thoughts and conclusions and you’re creating a movement in a particular direction.

Out of those reading societies came publishing houses. And if you go back over the last two three hundred years up to the present time and just look at how many of the big mainstream publishing houses has an old lantern as it’s logo — the Illumined ones, you see, are the ones who started off these reading societies because, being a form of computer, a human being can only parrot what it’s downloaded with, and you come to the conclusions which the programmer, the one who gives out the material, knows that you must reach.

[…] In the last century (in the 20th century) it was primarily novels and stage plays and music halls et cetera, but today it’s in everybody’s TV: The one-eyed set, the eye of Lucifer or Ra, you know, the Te-Levi-Zion.

[…] It’s not for you to sit and have music while you chew the grass like good little sheep. It’s to program you. That’s why you have to have big bucks to get into the entertainment industry. You have to pay big bucks and you must be qualified in being a very high degree Mason who knows the scores, as they say, because they can’t let any Joe Blow come in.

Plato said that thousands of years ago: “Culture is created from the top and put down to the people”. You’re taught it comes from the grass roots, you see, and withers or blossoms, or weeds that grow. It doesn’t—because they can’t allow anything to come from the grass roots because it’s not in their plan. They never tell the unforetold consequences that the simplest, seemingly innocent thing could possibly do, the rippling effects and what it would affect and so on. Everything comes from the top down in this culture creation business.

[…] Why would multinational, multimillion dollar industries be promoting and be allowed to promote drugs for the youth?

Where was the other side of the story? The fallout from all of this? The burned out one. The dead one. People jumping out of buildings thinking they could fly or walking into lakes and drowning after rock concerts. There was no outcry because that was the agenda, and that’s why the top gives culture. That’s why you’ll see the Beatles get knighted. That’s why the Rolling Stones get knighted.

Why would you knight people who promoted the drug culture?

The era of promiscuity with its massive fallout and families – disease, abortions… Why would you give the high awards of the country to these people? Well, they get them because the ones at the top of the country wanted that. It was on the card — it was not spontaneous.

[…] They have always been giving us our heroes to follow, always. Albert Pike said that: “We always give the people their heroes.” That’s why they never lose — so you don’t follow people. These are the masters of manipulation. You really think you can beat them by learning the law and using their law against them?

The only way you can beat this is starting with yourself, because you have to know yourself and start to dominant yourself and think for yourself, because we are up against incredible, incredible evil.

Article by Dragan Marjanovic, illustrations by David Dees (except for the last one, which is self-explanatory)