The war of all against all–(Goog.Trans.)-Bakiyev Makes His Move

The war of all against all

Such a scenario is trying to impose a provisional government of Kyrgyzstan


Yesterday, Kyrgyzstan was once again on the brink of civil war. In a country where funeral arrangements began to celebrate the approach of 40-day date of the tragic events of April 7, which killed, according to official figures, 86 people, clashes broke out again the ousted President Kurmanbek Bakiyev and the interim government. Today in Bishkek to arrive special envoy of Russian President Vladimir Rushailo in Kyrgyzstan.

At the time of putting this issue of the newspaper to print any news about the new no casualties. Yesterday’s violence erupted in the south of the republic, comes from a Bakiyev.They looked like a familiar scenario for Kyrgyzstan. In the morning a few hundred supporters of the former governor of Osh region Mamasadyka Bakirova, ousted from office after the April events, occupied the regional administration building. Later in the afternoon Kurmanbek Bakiyev supporters seized the regional administration building in other southern cities – Jahl-Alabade and Batken. Capture is perfectly peaceful, officers do not have the resistance, the police too. The latter should only be for the fact that there were no fights, and if they arise, it separates the bullies and took away the invaders stick.

In Bishkek, representatives of the interim government at first pretended that nothing very significant happens: they say they took the building, and will give. However, when it became known that bakievtsy seized the airports in Osh and Jal-Alabade and, moreover, tried to prevent the landing of Bishkek, which could come to the military and intelligence services to quell unrest (the runway was covered in one airport, gravel, and the other is blocked by jeep), the authorities in the capital changed their attitude to what is happening. The head of an interim government Rosa Otunbayeva made a statement which said: “There is a danger to the country, but we will do our best to stop at the root of all the attempts of revenge probakievskih forces with their desire to destabilize the situation.”

“It is difficult to understand from the moral and ethical point of view of politicians who use their own selfish ends sacred to people, customs, – said Ms. Otunbayeva. – Despite the fact that these days are funeral rites to the 40-day date after the death of 86 characters Kyrgyzstan, They led their people in the area and require a power.

Decree Rosa Otunbayeva on Acting Kyrgyz Defense Minister Ismail Isakov, yesterday with responsibilities envoy interim government in Osh, Jal-Alabadskoy and Batken regions.Yesterday, reports the news agency “at half past six pm Moscow time, General Isakov arrived on a military helicopter in Osh and initiated negotiations with representatives who declared himself governor of the Osh region Mamasadyka Bakirova.

Legalized yesterday its activities so-called “Committee for Support of President Kurmanbek Bakiyev. Press Service of the Committee stated that his side 25 thousand residents in the south of Kyrgyzstan are ready to unite and move to the north of the country to “deal with the interim government.” The statement also alleged that the interim government is illegitimate and supporters of the deposed president is going to restore his authority. This is actually contradicted by previous statements made on behalf of the committee yesterday morning, about any involvement of supporters of ex-president to the conquest of administration buildings. It is also clear that the leadership for the “support committee” is carried out directly or through their representatives brothers ex-president, Ahmad, and Kanybek Janysh Bakiyev, who had gone underground or located in the near abroad. No doubt the fact that financial support of yuzhnokirgizskoy discontent is also carried out a family Bakiyev.

However, as reported last night “Time News” informed sources in Bishkek on the night today in the Issyk-Kul and Naryn oblasts supporters known representative of the shady business Urmat Baryktabasova and one of the leaders of the faction of the Communist Party of Kyrgyzstan Ishaq Masalieva intended to capture the regional administration building and, together with pro-Bakiev by controlling how would most of the areas of the country, to present interim government ultimatum to – declare Masalieva Speaker of Parliament and former mayor of Bishkek Nariman lace Prime Minister of the country. This would mean a return to power of the former leadership of the country.

Former Prime Minister Felix Kulov, responding yesterday to a question about the realism of such a scenario, said “Time of news” that a similar comeback attempt may lead to an uprising that part of the Kyrgyz youth, who considers himself the main driving force behind the events of 7 April, which led to the overthrow of Bakiyev. Mr Kulov is considered extremely dangerous and irresponsible attempts by some politicians to fight against the interim government, because it can lead to a “war of all against all” and finally bury the impossibly fragile Kyrgyz statehood. As for the threat of capture of regional administrations, Felix Kulov, observes: “Napoleon captured Moscow, but did not this emperor of all Russia”.

Himself the “people’s general”, as nicknamed Kulov has nearly 20 years ago, when he defended in August 1991 in Bishkek (then called Frunze) of the coup, led a few days ago, Board of Public Safety in Bishkek. Yesterday he said that the tactics of his retainers will be as necessary to “defend every street, every house” Kyrgyzstan’s capital city from marauders and bandits.

Yesterday it became known that from Bishkek revoked “for reasons of security” Belarusian diplomats and ambassador Viktor Denisenko recalled to Minsk for consultations. “The threat comes from extremist elements operating in Kyrgyzstan, and which no one controls”, – said yesterday, Head of Information Ministry of Belarus Andrei Savinykh. It should be noted that the Belarusian diplomatic mission in Kyrgyzstan was still the only one who found for himself an extremist threat. Recall that the President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko took under his personal protection runaway Kyrgyz President Kurmanbek Bakiyev and granted him asylum in his country.

It is obvious that instability in Kyrgyzstan, the Kremlin’s concern. President Dmitry Medvedev yesterday appointed as his special representative for relations with the Kyrgyz ex-interior minister, former Executive Secretary Vladimir Rushailo. Today it is due to arrive in Bishkek.According to “Time of news”, the situation in Kyrgyzstan closely monitored and from other Russian institutions. Informed sources in our newspapers in the Russian leadership were reminded in this context that President Medvedev during a meeting with the head of an interim government of Kyrgyzstan Roza Otunbayeva during celebrations in Moscow on Victory Day has promised, if necessary, to the current authorities in Bishkek with the necessary support.