Obama’s Slow Thrusts Into Central Asia-vs-Bush Attempted Rape–(Goog.Trans.)

Turkey will show us how to play gambit with the West? Part 2

Russian-Turkish friendship may hinder America

Special reporter for Komsomolskaya Pravda Daria Aslamova tried to understand why before backward Turkey has become a powerful regional leader

In the first part of the material described as the Turks, using the unique geopolitical situation of the country, managed to make its “golden link” in relations between East and West. Today there will be about how Turkey intends to expand its influence in the Middle East and Central Asia, and what to expect from this, Russia.

Is it really WHETHER OR TURKEY Who Puppeteer ”

in February in the Qatari capital Doha at the Annual Forum “U.S. – Islamic World “fought two diplomats – American and Turkish. The conflict provoked the U.S. Ambassador to Qatar Joseph LeBaron. It seemed to him that the meeting U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Prime Minister Recep Erdogan, for far too long, and Clinton may miss the more important (in the opinion of Ambassador) meeting with the Emir of Qatar. When LeBaron tried to interrupt the meeting, he was stopped by Advisor on International Affairs of the Turkish Prime Minister Fouad Tanlan with the words: “You’re not the one who decides who is important. You have no right to humiliate my country. You’re not at home. Diplomats grips, guards to part them, and the U.S. ambassador left, slamming the door.

scandal in lush colors have painted all the Muslim media, and Turkey has once again rewarded with applause “Arab street”. Finally in the region had a strong country that can “show” these Americans! With the advent of a charismatic, brilliant leader, Recep Erdogan, sincere Muslim and a supporter of the hijab, but a pragmatic and cautious politician, Turkey, for years accused the Islamic world in apostasy, steadily gaining points. Erdogan’s government has refused to participate in the American war against Iraq and not even allowed to be used for military purposes NATO bases and airfields in Turkish territory, Turkey has not participated in the maneuvers of the Air Force with Israel and refused the U.S. deployment on its territory a radar missile, apparently directed against Iran, as well as among the first congratulated President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s re-election. But the real hero of the Arab world, Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan began after his famous speech in Switzerland
Scoma Davos, the leaders of the world, when he accused Israel of genocide of Palestinians in the Gaza Strip.

В стамбульских лавках туристов с радостью оденут во все турецкое: страна любит родемонстрировать иностранцам свою идентичность.
In Istanbul’s tourist shops with joy dressed in all Turkey: country loves rodemonstrirovat foreigners their identity.
Photo: Victor Khabar.

From the project successful country enlightened “soft” Islam, the true defender of the interests of Muslims around the world, looks like a purely Turkish invention. However, it is not. The project has sponsors and patrons. Who is it?

– The same America that changed not objective, but the methods, – says the researcher, Institute of Ataturk Principles Mehmet Perinçek. – During the Bush years Turkey has been a role at the time of Obama – other. By occupying Iraq and Afghanistan, America has lost face in the Middle East. Method failed. Americans changed their president and his policies. Turkey’s role also changed. In order for Turkey to act as an intermediary between the U.S. and the Middle East, and Asia, must raise its prestige in the region. Secular, pro-American Turkey, no one will trust. Need a new Turkey, other Arab countries and Israel’s enemy. Here in Turkey, a U.S. would rhythmically and consistently impose its will on the Caucasus, Syria and Iran.

The new American government has replaced the politics of rape politics of seduction (the methods are different, but the result is one) and invited the Muslim world (of course, not the forehead) is more elegant and modest variations Islam. As an example, advocated, for example, the great Turkish theologian and preacher of “soft” tolerant Islam Fethullah Gulen, who lives in the U.S., where American and British press in 2008 to recognize outstanding intellectual and patriotic Turkish nationalists called for sure as an American spy and the Islamic Soros. (I only Gulen in Turkey for five million followers.) Turkey itself has invested considerable money in the new image.

– Turkish soap operas are extremely popular in the Arab world: beautiful people in modern clothes, romantic love. Every Arab boy or girl sees herself on the ground of heroes, – says the editor of politnovostey newspaper “Radikal” Denise Zeyrek. – Then these young people come to us in Turkey, watching our lives and begins to compare. The U.S. wants to make the Arab world more open and controlled, and Turkey, helping them to do so plays an important liaison role between the Muslim world and the West. This is a win-win-game, a game in which all benefit. Turkey comes in the Arab world and thanks to the good relations exports goods worth billions of dollars, the Arab world touches of Western civilization over the bridge on behalf of Turkey and the U.S. win the battle against Islamic terrorism. Today’s Turkey, hand in hand with the U.S. is working on the project “Greater Middle East”, and he who believes that we become less pro-American, is seriously mistaken.

– Turks naively believe that the American project “Greater Middle East” to be spared – said skeptical historian and scholar Mehmet Perinçek. – August 7, 2003 in an interview with The Washington Post, Condoleezza Rice made it clear that the plans of the project – to change the borders of 24 countries from Morocco to China, and is no secret that Turkey is one of them. American journalists, do not hesitate to write about creating a puppet state “Great Kurdistan” with the Turkish city of Diyarbakir as its capital. The moral hook on which we keep America – the potential indictment of the Armenian genocide.

genocide as a political tool of

every April, Turkish politicians wake up in a cold sweat: coming “springtime intensification” of the disease called “Is America Recognizes the mass extermination of the Armenians by the Turks in 1915 genocide, or no? “This year on April 24, Day of Commemoration was held particularly alarming. Back in March, the Committee on Foreign Affairs U.S. House of Representatives approved a resolution making the mass destruction of Armenians in the Ottoman Empire as genocide. Armenian and Turkish political scientists have shown rare unanimity in this matter amicably and said: U.S. pressure on Turkey to open Armenian-Turkish border. Why?

– The main objective of the United States – to control the resources of Central Asia, as well as to find a direct route to Afghanistan – said the scientist and historian Mehmet Perinçek. – To do this, need a victory over Russia and China. In the Caucasus, there is only one country with the Russian military base and unconditional Russian influence – Armenia. What it attract to its side? Open borders with Turkey and thus resolve the issue of American control in the Caucasus. How? Blackmailing Turkey as genocide.

credulous people often ask: why Turkey does not recognize the genocide, and done with it? Recognition of the genocide in Turkey like death and entail catastrophic consequences. The question is not only a huge cash compensation (think Germany are still paid to Israel’s own fault), but also in territorial claims (Armenia does not recognize the Turkish-Armenian border). And most importantly: not in the political world a more effective means of moral and finish off the state than to accuse him of genocide and to make repent.

– Americans are preparing the legal ground for interfering in the internal affairs of Turkey – Mehmet Perinçek said. – No one paid any attention to the details in the resolution of Congress, accusing Turkey of genocide 1915 – 1923 (!) Years! These were the years of the Turkish liberation movement, and the 1923rd – year of the Turkish Republic! Atatürk now goes, the leader of genocide, but not the father of the Turkish nation. America wants to knock the ground from under the feet of the Turkish nation-state. There is another interesting phrase in the resolution: if, say, we did not condemn the perpetrators are, then we can not prevent new genocides of the State. This is a subtle message to the Turkish army and generals: guys, when we press the button of Kurdish separatism and begin creating a “Great Kurdistan”, sit quietly and do not blather, but you’ll find yourself in Hague like Milosevic as accomplices already Kurdish genocide. If Turkey wants to break out of the new American trap, it has one way – to the east, in Russia.

Запад турки недолюбливают, но ссориться с ним не хотят. И даже чтят память тех, кто воевал против Османской империи. На фото: церемония в честь британских солдат, погибших во время операции в Галлиполи в Первую мировую войну.
West Turks do not like, but to quarrel with him do not want. And even honor the memory of those who fought against the Ottoman Empire. In the photo: the ceremony in honor of British soldiers killed during operations in Gallipoli in the First World War.
Photo: AP

RUSSIA AND TURKEY: A than the general interest?

In the troubled years of post-perestroyka devastated and impoverished Russia, Turkey looked at each other askance, but today’s success has come from those not-so-distant years. All Russian-Turkish relations stand on the powerful shoulders modest Russian “chelnochnits” and paid for their sweat and blood. Why not a monument in Istanbul, the Russian “chelnochnitse, healthy mighty woman with wide hips and developed shoulder girdle, cheerful, brave, lively language and painted, like those dolls? They are desperate women, not only saved their families from starvation during those difficult times, but also raised the Turkish economy by opening its vast Russian market.

Following the ‘chelnochnitsami in Turkey surged Russian prostitutes who have conquered the local men’s generosity and incredible charm. “Your a prostitute so fascinated us that we are married!” – Like to say the Turks. These international nights of love led to a hundred thousand marriages!

fledged Russia has provided Turkey an annual three million tourists show up.

– In Turkey, thousands of people live off the money coming from Russia, and we really understand it, – says Denise Zeyrek. – How the Turks, I can not fry an egg on your kitchen without Russia. As soon as you close the gas pipe, and we have difficulty. But we honestly pay for gas, and hence we have mutual interests.

With the economy in Russia and Turkey, all clear as day. This may bring a real breakthrough. Russia and Turkey abolished visa regime. We will build a plant on Turkish territory. Gazprom softens conditions for Turkey’s principle of “take or pay”: now Turkey can, without penalty to reduce the volume of purchases of gas by 75%. In return, Gazprom is allowed to gas pipeline South Stream under the Black Sea in the territorial waters of Turkey.

However, to provide Turkey and Russia on the road of love is difficult, even theoretically, and the phrase “strategic partnership” skeptical and Turkish and Russian political scientists. “Strategic Partners” – a country-relative, with which are subject to historical, religious and blood ties, the country where you can trust at a critical moment.

At first glance, we have a lot in common: the imperial past, the rejection of the West and the Western habit of intervention state in all spheres of life and calm attitude to the bureaucracy. The difference – in the moral priorities. Straightforward and somewhat naive (from the eastern point of view) policy of Russia, accustomed to divide the world into friends and foes, inexpressibly surprised to Turkey, for centuries to maneuver between the set of lights. (I remember how much fun my Turkish friends Russian proverb “You can not sit on two chairs.” “But why should not you? – They were surprised. – Sitting can be optionally and ten chairs!”), Turkey has never cared moral criteria to politics: the it and the policy to be immoral. (Suffice it to cite the following fact: Turkey remained neutral the entire second world war, joined her in February 1945, declaring war on Germany and Japan, and graduated in the camp of the victorious countries.)

– As relations between Russia and Turkey in its best stage but it is difficult to predict what will happen next – says the director of the Turkish Center for International Relations and Strategic Analysis “Turks” Sinan Ogan. – The region of South and Central Asia, the competition intensifies America and Russia – we see this is the example of Kyrgyzstan. If Americans want to continue the policy of global domination, they will have to move away from the project “Greater Middle East” and move towards Asia. If they are there, the Russian-American conflict is inevitable. Here a question arises: which side will be Turkey in this game?

– Turkey will be on the side of someone who is stronger – says Zeyrek. – Note, if the question asked me ten years ago, I would have said unequivocally: in the U.S.. But now the situation has changed. We will be with those who propose a piece of the pie bigger.

– And why do you actually love politics? – Asked Associate Professor Department of Political Sciences, Ankara University Tashansu Turker. – Remember the Russian tsar Alexander II the Liberator and Bulgarian. Well, he saved Bulgaria from Turkey, the Bulgarian king said to him thank you. With Bulgaria made after this? She fell in love with beautiful Russian boys, but married for the worst, but the wealthy Germans. And the first and second world wars grateful Bulgaria fought against their Russian brothers on the side of Germany. Do you need this love? In Russia and Turkey now everything is as it should. We have common interests in the Black Sea, where neither Russia nor Turkey is not willing to let foreigners. Then, if Russia is closer to Turkey, this means improving its relations with its own Muslims. Turkey provides an example of moderate Islam. Ramzan Kadyrov, for example, builds them without Wahhabi mosques, and takes a sample of the Istanbul mosque Sultanahmed. That says a lot. Yes, and a reliable mediator in the Caucasus you will also not hurt. Strategic partners
izations – it is something like a marriage. You will not need a marriage of love ”

– I will not! – Then I just choked with indignation. – But what sort of marriage without love?

– Strange you Russian? In today’s world are successful only marriages reason.