Israeli gov’t source: ‘Flotilla of freedom’ transport arms

Azerbaijan, Baku, May 31 / Trend, U.Sadikhova /

On board the International flotilla carrying humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip were contraband weapons, using which, the activists attacked by Israeli soldiers, official source in the Israeli Government toldTrend.

Arms were on board of the ships before the arrival of the Israeli Navy, and Israeli soldiers have been forced to defend themselves from attack of the activists, as a result of which two Israeli soldiers were injured, the anonymous source said.

Israel made the organizers of humanitarian action and human rights activists, who were on board responsibility for the accident, he said.

According to exact data, 19 human rights activists were killed as a result of incident, most of which are Turkish citizens, hundreds of people were injured.

Turkey has decided to recall its Ambassador Oguz Celikkol from Israel and to cancel three joint military trainings, Assistant to Turkish Prime Minister Bulent Arinc said at the news conference in Ankara.

Israeli Navy said that their actions were defensive, as the activists began the attack first, using knives, batons and metal objects. However Bulent Arinc at a press conference in Ankara said that there were no weapons on board the fleet.

Freedom Flotilla” consists of six vessels. There were about 600 activists from Europe and Arab countries, including dozens of deputies on the board. The rally was organized by human rights activists from Ireland, Sweden, Greece, Turkey, Algeria and Kuwait. They intended to bring 10,000 tons of humanitarian supplies, including medicines and construction materials to the Gaza Strip.