“International” Brigades In Kyrgyzstan Anti-Uzbek Forces?

[According to the following report, it appears that the nationalist forces engaged in removing Uzbeks from Kyrgyzstan, call themselves “internationalists.”  Is this the same bunch of roughnecks that the government has just empowered as a national militia?  Considering the difficulty understanding Google translations of Russian, it is nearly impossible for an outsider to understand the situation on the ground there, but, if I understand the reporter’s claims, then this means that there is direct government support for men committed to ethnic cleansing.   SEE:  In Osh, to organize the international people’s militia, says A. Voinov]

Uzbeks in Kyrgyzstan is a country place?

A. Mamasaliev:

Despite the statement by the interim president of Kyrgyzstan Roza Otunbayeva that the situation in Osh brought under control, residents of the city have reported continued firing. The magnitude of the carnage can be judged from the way according to law enforcement agencies, to the place of mass inter-ethnic clashes from different regions of the country pulled together a large number of people.

Ethnic passions glow observed in Kyrgyzstan, can not but worry the public, as Kirghiz, and the world. Admit one thing to know about the slaughter of Uzbeks in Kyrgyzstan’s land through the media, and quite another – when you find yourself directly in the depths of pandemonium when the crowd nicotine Kirghiz ryscha the streets, breaking down the doors of houses Uzbeks, run into them, shouting “Death to Uzbeks’ , felled on the ground first available in the way and beat him with metal rods. At the same time full of joy from the massacre of another Uzbek, are beginning to boast to each other as they brave and strong, and who is more laid Uzbeks.

But the most troubling that for some unknown reasons in the hands of looters was a firearm, which intoxicated the crowd shoot appeared in the street Uzbeks.
This is how to hate, to kill the baby just for the fact that he is not Kirghiz. How to be a monster to blow Fixtures brain Uzbek woman, only for the fact that she tried to hide her husband in the basement …

It is noteworthy that the interim president of Kyrgyzstan Roza Otunbaeva nevertheless acknowledged that the south is the confrontation between the two ethnic groups – Kyrgyz and Uzbeks.
According to the Ministry of Health, at 18.45 in the Osh region in 1962 killed, 1015 injured, 303 hospitalized, of whom more than 100 – are heavy. At the same time from eyewitnesses number of those killed have long passed the mark of 150.
Meanwhile, the impending conflict situation on the national soil Kyrgyzstan has long been a cause for concern. Similar cases have occurred in some regions of the country – the southern Osh, Batken and Jalal-Abad oblasts. It is here that have been documented cases of intentional discrimination Uzbeks.

Recall that a massive incident occurred in Laylaksom region of Batken region. It all started with a quarrel arose between a taxi driver, Uzbek, Kyrgyz and four guys who defiantly refused to pay for something that he drove them home. The consequences of a fight The police, however, two guys, Kirgiz, after a minor penalty on the next day were at home. That same night, they collected about two hundred young men in support and went to town with an ironic name for this situation

– International,

where he lived hapless cabbie. Here, the crowd demanded that the culprit of the incident. Not finding him, angry thugs began to destroy and loot homes in the village.
A few days later, on May 16, still one incident occurred in the Ala-Buka district of Jalal-Abad region. Here two children Kyrgyz ethnic provoked a fight, during which struck in the chest with a knife guy, Uzbek, who is still in the hospital. Kirgiz, wielded a knife, law enforcement agencies detained, however, the participants in the incident the next day, May 17, walked free.
And finally, the logical continuation of the sad events have occurred on May 19 this year in the city of Jalal-Abad massive collision.

In Jalalabad on May 19 about 5,000 Kyrgyz tried to storm the Peoples’ Friendship University, which had barricaded themselves representatives of the Uzbek community.
Meanwhile, in a situation alert residents, for example, the Osh region is quite justified – in people’s memories are still fresh in the bloody events of 1990, which brought together more than 35 thousand Kyrgyz and Uzbeks, were killed over a thousand people.
So who to hand this whole “doomsday”? Who was the initiator of mayhem? In this interim government declares that the initiation of conflict was the work of Bakiev brothers trying to shake up the situation in the country.

There are also a different opinion, claiming that all this quarrel into the hands of the provisional government, the prevalence of the number of people that feareth an Uzbek nationality on the front in the south of the country and because you want through this kind of cleansing artificially reduce the number of Uzbeks.

In this situation, we ask, where is it, the same government that promised a Kyrgyzstan lot of happiness? What is making in this situation the government in the country?
President of the transition Rosa Otunbayeva found in its opinion the most effective method of solving the issue – asked citizens to maintain their calm. And only. Funny?But if you’re in Osh, you would not joking. There is genocide in the country Kyrgyz Uzbeks.

Alizhan Mamasaliev
a.mamasaliev @ yandex.ru

Source – CentrAsia