“False Flag” Attack Tactics Being Deployed in S. Kyrgyz.

[The secret hand behind the riots belongs to the voice calling for international intervention.  The fascist tactics being followed to bring-about “civil war” belong to our government, heirs to the Third Reich.]

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06/15/2010 00:26

Scorched earth

The unrest in southern Kyrgyzstan led to human casualties, based on ethnic Uzbeks and Political castling

Small Kyrgyzstan mobilized post-Soviet space, and even the rest of the world. Yesterday, special envoy of the OSCE Chairman Zhanybek Karibzhanov held in Bishkek talks with President transitional Rosa Otunbayeva.
During these two sides exchanged views on the normalization of the situation in the south of the neighboring country. In addition, the special representative was sent to Kyrgyzstan, the UN and the Organization of Islamic Conference. Simultaneously, in Moscow, an emergency consultation National Security Council Secretary of the Organization of the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO), at which its members to acquire “the proposals for collective action aimed at stabilizing the situation in Kyrgyzstan.” One solution might be to enter the CSTO forces in the troubled republic. Moreover, in January, Secretary General of the Organization Bordyuzha said that the CSTO rapid reaction force may participate in peacekeeping operations mandated by the UN Security Council.

By the end of the interim government declared a state of emergency in several southern regions remained 5-7 days, but the tendency to stabilize the situation in the affected provinces cities and villages can be seen until very poorly.
Only the night before the 13th number in Osh was a relative lull. All this time, government troops and militia controlled only the city center. In remote areas of the same from him continued violent clashes involving firearms, mass burning of residential neighborhoods and the real ethnic cleansing. Inundated the city representatives of the titular nation of the surrounding settlements, according to eyewitnesses, moving block by block. Their tactics are not full of particularly diverse: first, frenzied gun fire forced residents to flee their homes, then the militants entered the deserted areas, robbing home in a hurry and and burned all the buildings. The civilian population of those places where the rioters did not have time to get there, hidden in basements, but men created units of resistance, their blocking a street felled tree.
Terms of emergency and curfew have not helped to normalize the situation, they simply are not observed. All the activities of forces to restore order has been reduced only to a terrifying military armored raids in different parts of the city. However, the scattered groups of short time later met again at another point and continued their shares. Sometimes the initiatives are even on the side of destructive elements. Thus, according to reports from the zone of fighting, the rebels were repulsed by soldiers one APC. Stolen military equipment was used by them in subsequent attacks on residential neighborhoods. The escalation of violence took place so rapidly that at a certain time the Government has a difficult decision to shoot to kill. However, there is no reliable data, that the army and the police used data from their exclusive powers. After all, opening a meaningful and targeted fire, the police actually risked that could get in the crossfire of warring factions.
But, unfortunately, government troops were unable to hold even the humanitarian operation to save civilians. Auchan selected from the fire covered the city itself. Uzbek section of the population is mainly directed towards the border with Uzbekistan, and Kyrgyz dispersed in the surrounding areas of the southern capital, where to preserve the security situation. According to various estimates, the border with the neighboring republic crossed from 6 to 10 thousand Uzbeks with Kyrgyz citizenship.Later “safe corridors” were again closed. In the same Osh currently remains fairly tense situation. Getting around the city at great risk. On most machines displayed the inscription “Kyrgyz”, the same plates flaunt on the houses and shops. Excited boys are required by passers-passports, paying attention to the count of nationality. The greatest outrage of citizens is inaction of the authorities and law enforcement agencies.
Now the situation in Osh is approaching a humanitarian disaster. People in need of medical care, are simply afraid to go out of their homes. Many have not eaten for several days. Food prices, as seen by local journalists – “war”, but even on them to find edible food – a big problem. Auchan and suffer because of the alarmist rumors.For example, spread false information about that city water was poisoned. But most people concerned about the lack of information, nobody knows what to prepare.Local television has stopped broadcasting on the first day of the conflict. Where there is electricity, watching the Republican central channels, Internet access, using mobile phone as a means of reporting the news. In general it can be noted that at this time in Osh completely disrupted city life.

However, we can not say that the southern capital at all thrown by the authorities to their fate. From Bishkek to periodically receive assistance. Its volume each time increasing. Open government by providing financial assistance to southern regions. Civil society organizations have deployed in different parts of the capital of Kyrgyzstan collection points for relief supplies. Public institutions, political parties, prominent businessmen, Diaspora associations completed charities caravans. In the Osh airport began landing collars with medicines, food, things of daily necessity. Back planes returned to the seriously wounded, which is placed in Bishkek hospitals.However, calls reporter “Litera” with residents of Osh can conclude: in many parts of the regional center of humanitarian assistance was not. Or until it is too small for half-million city, or it is distributed irrationally. It is hoped that soon the extent of assistance reached those dimensions, which will be sufficient to meet all the needs of suffering people.
A fragile truce in Osh, may be partly explained by the fact that the city left the main forces of volatile “death squads”. Relationship coming there a lull while peaking on June 13 the situation in the Jalal-Abad region is too obvious. The first suspicion that the events in Osh were the result of carefully planned action on Artificial inflame ethnic hostility between Kyrgyz and Uzbeks, have been confirmed in a neighboring region. As stated in a telephone conversation with “Liter” Osh journalist, the late evening of June 10 in Osh, it all started with the sudden appearance of an organized crowd of young Uzbeks, athletic build, called on “revenge” Kyrgyzstan. Other informants later added that it was alien thugs. Then, when the spiral of violence, which unwittingly drawn into succumbed to the provocation of local young people of both nationalities, unrolled in full force, there were teams Kirghiz, as well-organized and managed by someone from the outside.

This is illustrated by the actions of groups of provocateurs in the Jalal-Abad region. Suddenly, in the village provided an unfamiliar car without number plates, from which dressed in protective uniforms or militia uniforms face produced firing of local residents. If this was the Uzbek village, people immediately began to think that they were attacked by the Kirghiz, and vice versa. Thus, during the day in different areas of the region flared up a few pockets of fierce clashes. The main attack of destructive elements took over the Jalal-Abad. Using the fact that the main forces of army and police were concentrated in Osh, the militants openly called for pogroms. And once again the main driving force looters and arsonists was “stupefied” young – either local renegades-lumpens, or the visiting bespredelschik. And with the first reports of widespread criminality and human victims were the final realization of the irreversibility of the tragedy, if not used emergency measures to restore civil peace and order.
The Provisional Government has announced the mobilization of all men liable to 50 years. Call first touched the military and law enforcement officers and other paramilitary bodies among those available and reserve. Among them, the priority given to those who have experience in international service in Afghanistan or participated in the Batken campaign in 1999, when Kyrgyzstan reflected attack fighters of the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan. In the volunteer units recorded even nevoennoobyazannye or not at all fit for service persons. In Kyrgyzstan, there is surge of patriotic sentiment, while the north-Uzbek sentiments are largely absent. Also in the south is growing with each passing day the idea of reconciliation of ethnic groups, and led the process are the elders and influential community leaders. In a country many believe that the clash with Kyrgyz Uzbeks trying to force those who still are loyal to a fugitive president and bet on a rematch.

Now about the political aspects of the internal conflict in Kyrgyzstan. Events in the south once again polarized the public mood in the country. If the unrest in the south one more rally around the interim government (WP), the other was forced to significantly increase its criticism against the new authorities. So, just three prominent policy unequivocally sided with the CAP. One of them – Maj. police Omurbek Suvanaliyev. Led the Bakiev government during one of the northern regions of Kyrgyzstan, the former governor after the events of April 7 repeatedly condemned individuals from the revolutionary government and its policies in general. But the father figure among the security forces Suvanaliyev volunteered to help the authorities in bringing order and was appointed commandant of Osh and the entire region. The new head of police department immediately said he would apply the strict ways of restoring constitutional order and ruthlessly to restore order.
Other security officials, announced the transition to the interim government – Kubatbek Baibolov. The personnel security officer, intelligence officer, colonel still the KGB, to 2008 as a member of parliament several convocations was in irreconcilable opposition to the then President Kurmanbek Bakiyev. However, the current Vice Chairman VP Temir Sariev founded the party “Akshumkar”, but was forced to flee to the U.S. because of the threat the lives of his family. After returning from forced exile, Baibolov, however, in no hurry to join former colleagues for a number of disagreements with their policies. But in a difficult moment for them has agreed to become the first deputy chairman of the State National Security Service and parallel to the commandant of the Jalal-Abad region. Another experienced security officer Col. Alec Orozo accepted the offer of the President of the transitional period Roses Otunbayeva appointing him secretary of the Security Council of Kyrgyzstan. By the way, this structure has been revived a special decree of the provisional government, since the fall of last year, Security Council was abolished by the decree of the former president.
And if now, after a significant increase in power at the expense of influential veterans of the security services and police, the Transitional Government is entitled to rely on emergency stabilization of the situation in the south, is still unclear the fate of the referendum, previously scheduled for June 27. State of emergency declared in Osh, Uzgen, Aravan and Karasuu districts of Osh region before June 20, as well as throughout the Jalal-Abad region until June 22. It is clear that the preparatory campaign in these regions are disrupted. Will a state administration time to conduct a plebiscite, where still shooting can resume with renewed vigor, is unknown. Needless interim government on this issue any statements until done. However, postponing the vote on the new draft Constitution and the approval of the president’s powers in transition Rosa Otunbayeva, which would become the sole head of the legal branch in Kyrgyzstan, may itself become a factor in further destabilization of the social situation.

The Provisional Government and without the bloody conflict in the south was subjected to fierce criticism both for the individual solutions in the form of the referendum, and for the approval of the editors of the Constitution. In Kyrgyzstan, many political forces believe that the country has not yet grown to a parliamentary system, and the best guarantee of its survival, let alone development, is the strongest institution of the presidency. The overthrow of the two former heads of state, but also built their model of opaque and corrupt administration in the calculation of opponents Rosa Otunbayeva for some reason are not accepted. They are confident that parliamentarism zavedet Kyrgyzstan in an even greater crisis. Output, in their view, in a sort of “fair and equitable” rule of a “strong leader”. It must be admitted that in Kyrgyzstan, today there is no leader who would enjoy the majority of the population unquestioned authority and absolute confidence.
Maybe that’s why everything here with joy and relief the news that the transitional President Rosa Otunbayeva appealed to Russian President Dmitry Medvedev with a request to send in Kyrgyzstan of Russian military. Kyrgyz citizens have not forgotten that in 1990, when the June 4-6, in the Osh region massacre occurred between Kyrgyz and Uzbeks, it is the Russian paratroopers deployed from Pskov Chernigov division failed to stop the bloodshed. At the time of preparation of this material the situation was as follows: on the Russian airbase in the Kyrgyz Kant, functioning within the framework of the CSTO military landed Transportnik with a reinforced battalion of “blue berets” of Ulyanovsk. First, they land in Kyrgyzstan have explained the need for additional protection of military facilities of Russia, and a total of four in the Central Asian republic. But then on the mass media that some of the paratroopers still first sent in trucks to the south, but then suddenly gave the order to bring them back. This could be due to the fact that, according to unconfirmed until this, Moscow decided to enter a larger peacekeeping force.

Thus, the news agency reported citing its sources, that the airport ground services team received Osha prepare the runway for the reception of military transport aircraft IL-76 with the men of the same 31-second Ulyanovsk separate landing-assault brigade. As told “Litera” an anonymous member of the national security in the conflict zone on operational necessity, the number of the first batch of troops is expected about 600 people. The need for the presence of foreign military almost no one questioned, except rabid nationalists. Many of the victims in Osh now simply nowhere to live, and if they are built tent cities, need one hundred percent security guarantee the camps for the homeless and refugees. There is a risk that if such camps will be guarded by local military, it will not stop terrorists from attacking. But the final decision on deployment in Kyrgyzstan peacekeepers will be known only after an emergency meeting of the Security Councils of Heads of CSTO member-states.

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Source – Liter

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