Rat Trail, Leading From Belarus, To Moscow, To South Kyrgyzstan

[Perhaps it is only coincidence, for those who believe in coincidences, but for me, I smell another big rat.   Word that political scientists from Belarus (the last known hideout of Bakyiev) journied to southern Kyrgyzstan just before the last riots got underway, right after Belarus’ president visited Russian President Medvedev, could prove to be circumstantial evidence that it is Russia who is behind some of these latest provocations. SEE: Lukashenka and Medvedev to meet June 11 ]

Politician: Pogroms in Kyrgyzstan began after a visit to the country a number of Belarusian experts

“Directly to talk about the involvement of the official Minsk to unrest in southern Kyrgyzstan is not worth” – said June 15 the correspondent of IA REGNUM News political scientist Yuri Solozobov .

“However, there is information that a number of representatives of the Belarusian political science community at the start was unrest in Kyrgyzstan on an unofficial visit,” – the expert said.

Recall, June 14, located in Belarus under the personal protection of President Alexander Lukashenko deposed Kyrgyz leaderKurmanbek Bakiyev said he was not involved in unrest and riots in the south. In this June 15 it became known that Belarus has refused to extradite the current Bakiyev of the Kyrgyz authorities.

“Some instability arose in the republic after it was visited by several representatives of Belarus, very close to the official Minsk”, – stressed Solozobov.

“But I do not think that Belarus is the principal conductor of the current instability. The fact is that in the speeches themselves Kyrgyz politicians have repeatedly sounded the regional scale is such a wonderful expression of how” stable instability. “This phrase from the lexicon of American military and political analysts. Washington has long views Kyrgyzstan as an option exports the concept of managed instability in Afghanistan, “- noted political scientist.

“In Afghanistan, the U.S. is bogged down very hard. Their closest allies, Germany and Britain have openly expressed their lack of understanding of what they are doing in this God-forsaken country. And here are two landmark events. First, China has announced that he will invest in Xinjiang Uygur region a fantastic amount of one-third billion dollars. Thus, this area became the center of attraction for the entire region, including, and our Siberia. And just a couple of days the Americans announce fantastic trillion deposits of lithium, niobium and other wonderful items that will save Afghanistan and its people will do extraordinarily rich. As stated in one film, “save us can only marvel.” And the miracle happened – the ordinary American miracle, “- said Solozobov.

According to him, if Afghanistan becomes the center of the formation of Greater Central Asia, as and American strategists have dreamed, the instability must be somewhere to move. “And she moved to Kyrgyzstan with all the attendant consequences for us. Lights Ferghana valley in Uzbekistan, while we have an aging Karimov and potentially unstable state. And then everywhere – the Caucasus, southern Russia, the Volga region. The idea of stability under the green banner of the Islamic caliphate is already open discussed not only in mosques and homes of ordinary citizens, but politicians from the stands, “- said the expert.

“And in this complex geopolitical game Minsk is just one of many tools. So I would not overestimate or personal talents of Alexander Lukashenko, no talent of his henchmen, which are designed to pull the chestnuts out of the burning fire of the Central Asian” – summed up the Jury Solozobov.

Recall ethnic clashes in southern Kyrgyzstan on the latest official figures claimed the lives of more than 170 people.

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