Top Russian Nuclear Weapons and Disarmament Expert Found Dead, Naked, Skull Crushed-In

[Russia’s top man in planning negotiations with the US for further nuclear arms reduction, who also happens to be the father of the following quote, warning of the need to take defensive measures to counter American aggression–found dead in Malta, naked, head bashed-in, with his laptop turned on opened to technical files on specific nuclear weapons.  This is just the latest sign to surface of an ongoing covert international war being conducted out of sight.  Whatever the facts turn out to be in this case, it should be assumed  that this is evidence of a “big dog fight,” intended to convince us all in the end just who the “Big Dog”  really is.

“Cuba is a unique place to gather intelligence on the United States. I believe that the reopening of this station is both possible and necessary amid the threat that the Americans are creating for Russia,”Alexander Pikayev, head of the disarmament and conflict resolution department at the Russian Academy of Sciences’ World Economics and International Relations Institute, told a news conference at RIA Novosti.]

Man identified as Russian nuclear weapons expert by –
The man found dead in an apartment in Bugibba on Wednesday night has been identified as 48-year-old Alexander Pikayev.

L-Orizzont reported on Saturday that Mr Pikayev was an expert in Russian nuclear weapons and a consultant to the Russian parliament.

Murder has been ruled out as the police investigators believe that Mr Pikayev’s death was an accident likely due to a fall.

A post-mortem investigation revealed a head injury which aroused suspicions that Pikayev might have been murdered. The newspaper reported that since no signs of break-in were found, murder is being ruled out.

L-Orizzont added that his computer was still on when the police went into his apartment and the contests are being analysed by court expert.

Mr Pikayev has been the director of the Arms Control section and Non-proliferation at the Institute of world economy and International Relations at the Russian Academy of Sciences.

He was also the chief counsellor of the State Duma’s Committee on Defense and subcommittee on Arms Control and International Security.

The Russian found dead Bugibba

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cameraExpert marks a NUCLEAR WEAPONS

Dr Alexander Pikayev of 48 years, Russian Late on Wednesday found dead in his apartment Bugibba, was one of the Russian experts in nuclear weapons as well the Chief Adviser of the Russian Parliament and among various arms control positions that it occupied expensive.

Sources who spoke to this website and the journal horizon told us that on Thursday afternoon when the police again went to his apartment in East London Street, innuttaw that his computer was switched on and it appeared that that would include sensitive information about nuclear weapons. That is why Dr Magistrate Antonio Mizzi appointed expert in technology, Martin Bajada. It is understood that the computer was elevated Pikayev for further investigations.

PIKAYEV 19 06 10Although Pikayev was a distinct and certain caliber in the Russian camp, the Maltese Police is investigating this case to be suspect. When his corpse was found in the ground and without clothes, the first indication was that he died naturally suit. When the day became the autopsy and who had turned f’rasu wound that was compatible with punch blows hard, raised suspicions that Pikayev could be killed. But this theory was a little difficult because the door of the apartment on the tenth floor of the building block of Porto Paola been locked from inside and there was no sgass. In fact the District Police had to have entered the door jisgassaw. The place was intact so that there was neither upset and had stolen anything even found a considerable amount of money and other items.

Thus the investigators and experts of the Court and the Officers of the Crime Scene of the apartment carefully scrutinized. It was here that found the clues which has been established that the blow which had f’rasu was caused when it fell and struck his own to edge of xambralla of door.

From surveys that we turned to Dr. Alexander Pikayev was the Head of the “CNS Nonproliferation Project” in Russia. He was also Director of the Department of Disarmament and Resolution of Conflict in World Ekononomija Institute of International Relations (IMEMO) in the Russian Capital Moscow. He worked in the Duma, which is the Russian Parliament, as a senior professional in the Duma Defence Committee.

Among the posts was Dr. Alexander Pikayev lived on as a member of the New Apporaches’Program for Russia’s Security, at the Council of Foreign Relations in Washington DC

Dr Alexander Pikayev was also considered a scientist so that was also a member of the Committee of Scientists Global Security. He has published several books including “Russia, the U.S. and the Missile Technology Control Regime” which came out in December 2005.

Throughout his career Dr Pikayev was quoted by various international media including the CNN, ABC, NBC, Fox, BBC, CBC, Sky, Al Jazeera and others. Even the print media was often publish Pikayev saying that among these are The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, The Times of London, Moscow Times and many others.Even news agencies, including Associated Press, Reuters, Agence France Press, Jiji Press (Japan) and Canadian Press.

We understand how it was made known by Dr Alexander Pikayev and its history, the Magistrate was informed Antionio Dr Mizzi. The survey was conducted from shale Police Inspector Chris Pullicino from the Team of the murders along with Superintendent Ray D’Anastas and Inspector Paul Bond District together with experts of the Court Forensic Doctor Mario Scerri, the architect Richard Aquilina and Martin Bajada.


Alexander Pikayev (AP/Lapresse)

Maltese police are investigating the mysterious death of a Russian citizen, an expert on nuclear weapons. The man, Alexander Pikayev, 48, was found dead in his apartment last Wednesday, in the area of Bugibba with a head wound, and information about his identity have been confirmed only today. His computer was found on.Pikayev was a nuclear weapons expert and a consultant to the Russian parliament. He was also codirector of the Program for Non-Proliferation at the Carnegie Centre in Moscow, and director of the Russian Academy of Sciences for the world economy and international relations. The causes of death have not yet been established, and the police continue with investigations following all the tracks. Were also activated the secret services in Malta.

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