The Empire’s Fingerprints–American-Made Uniforms Seized From IMU Terrorists In Osh

SNB Kyrgyzstan: Pogroms in the south organized Maxim Bakiyev, Uzbek and Taliban


The photo on the left – the head of the State National Security Service of Kyrgyzstan Keneshbek Dushebaev. © AKIpress Photo

The investigation of events in the south of the country’s main intelligence agency in Kyrgyzstan found that in the Osh and Jalal-Abad attacked by members of the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan “and” Islamic Jihad Union. Pay them a son of former President Maxim Bakiyev, who in April this year met the emissaries of the IMU in Dubai. Not otmoyutsya now and reproof Kyrgyz NSS leaders of national cultural centers (meaning the Uzbeks) who “were in a bundle with the terrorists and probakievskimi forces.” It must be assumed to be involved and the U.S., because the house of one of the leaders of local Uzbeks found “an army uniforms of the American production” …

We will ask the politicians, political scientists and experts on Central Asia to comment on this position of the State National Security Service of Kyrgyzstan. While we offer to you to read the full text of today’s press release.

Press release

State National Security Service of the Kyrgyz Republic in the investigation of criminal cases brought under the facts of riots, fighting between ethnic groups, which caused numerous human casualties, extensive material damage to citizens and the economy, and as a result of operational activities set the terms of the destructive forces that directly implicated in the outbreak of the tragedy in the Osh and Jalal-Abad in Kyrgyzstan.

This is – an international terrorist organization “Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan (IMU) and the Union of Islamic Jihad (LED), with the active participation of members of the family-clan regime Bakiyev.

The strategic goal of terrorist organizations, the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan, the Islamic Jihad Union “is to overthrow the constitutional order in Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Kazakhstan to build an Islamist state” caliphate “. With the prospect of transfer of the zone of instability to China and Russia. These organizations maintain direct contacts with the Taliban and al-Qaeda.

In pursuance of their plans “go” and “LED on the territory of Central Asian countries, carried out numerous terrorist, extremist actions have taken place in recent years in Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan. Despite stiff resistance from the intelligence and law enforcement officials, they never abandoning their ambitious plans and strategic plans. Due to various socio-political, socio-economic reasons, Kyrgyzstan in recent years has become a convenient springboard for bearing the regular forays to the “go” and “Sid”, implement the first step in achieving their goals.

It was used most vulnerable issue south of the country – available latent ethnic divisions of the Kyrgyz and Uzbek part of the population, smoldering more than 20 years and does not find its solution in previous years.

After the events of April members of the deposed people clan decided any price to regain lost ground and are matched to their common interests. In April of 2010. initiated by Maxim Bakiyev held its meeting in Dubai, UAE with the emissaries of the IMU.

In early May 2010. in Afghan Badakhshan (IRA) in g.Bahorak, at a meeting of envoys and warlords the Taliban, the IMU, UTO (United Tajik Opposition), with the personal participation Mullo Abdullo and two representatives of the family Bakiyev agreed to assist the forces of the IMU in destabilize the situation in the Kyrgyz Republic. For that purpose, Bakiyev promised compensation of $ 30 million.

Were set tasks:

– Loosening the political, social, economic and social foundations of the state;

– Inciting ethnic and religious conflicts;

– Terrorizing society.

In May 2010 members of the “LED” shaped and illegally transferred from the Islamic Republic of Pakistan in Kyrgyzstan through Tajikistan, a group of 15 advanced fighters of Uzbek nationality, among whom are specialists in mine explosives, sniper training. It is headed by a citizen of Uzbekistan named Ilkhom, a native of Kokand, Uzbek by nationality. Explorer terrorists support the transition of the route, Pakistan-Afghanistan-Tajikistan and on to the CD, is a citizen of Uzbekistan named “Abdullah”, a native of Tashkent, an Uzbek by nationality, the “LED”. Counterfeit documents are members of the group were made in the territory of Kyrgyzstan, we have established a citizen of the CD, a resident of Suzak region of Jalal-Abad region.

It should be noted that the “LED”, secretly operating in the Central Asian region and in Kyrgyzstan, is strengthened by additional two groups for possible involvement in the destabilization of the socio-political situation in Kyrgyzstan. They planned attacks on objects of state institutions, livelihoods and building law enforcement agencies.

Militants in the south of the republic was carried out on the eve of ‘June’ events from across the Afghan Badakhshan Tajik Khorog and Murghab. Facilitating the transition of militants from Tajikistan to Kyrgyzstan had former field commander of the Tajik opposition, contact Janysh Bakiyev – a citizen of Tajikistan, a resident of Badakhshan of Tajikistan, a major warlord and drug lords.

In order to destabilize the situation in the Kyrgyz Republic, in late April this year, members of the “LED”, located in Kyrgyzstan through Tajikistan were ferried 250,000 U.S. dollars.

It was established during the civil conflict on ethnic grounds in the territory of Osh and Jalal-Abad regions, active participation in armed conflict to take a person owning a professional small arms and a good sniper’s past, sabotage and terrorist training. At the same time their actions were accompanied by competent point fire, sabotage and tactical forays into g.Zhalalabad, Suzak and Bazarkorgon areas, after which they quickly and skillfully concealed from the place of fire and manifest themselves already at other sites. The activity of these groups are especially in areas where previously observed activities of members and supporters of secret cells of international terrorist organizations, including “Islamic Jihad Union” (so-called “Narimanov group in Kara Suu district of Osh region and Bazarkorgon” group in the Jalalabad area). Mostly in areas densely populated by the Uzbek part of the population and especially in the evening, under the slogans of “holy war against infidels.”

According to reports received GSNB data, in June in the South Waziristan PRI held a meeting of leaders and field commanders of the international terrorist organization “Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan. The main theme of this meeting was the question of further action IMU in Central Asian region in connection with recent events in southern Kyrgyzstan.

Participants in the meeting on the basis of reports prepared on developments in the CD, it was concluded that currently in the Osh and Jalal-Abad regions favorable climate for increased destructive activity and its spread throughout the region. According to them, in the south of Kyrgyzstan, a considerable number of citizens who are unhappy with the actions of EP CD, the authorities of Uzbekistan and Russia. In this connection, the main emphasis will be placed on the relatives of the victims of “June” events, regardless of ethnicity. To carry out planned activities, leaders of “go” given the necessary funds, and also noted the possibility of additional funding. Operating in tandem with Bakiyev to work towards creating a system of socio-political crisis in the country, to discredit the Interim Government, and the failure of the referendum in the wake of political chaos regain power.

To support the actions of terrorists, Bakiyev were given appropriate instructions to their supporters. In particular, during the tragic events in the conflict zone have been proactive on the part of former ministers, officials from the nearest environment Bakiyev. At the present time, are operative investigative activities to clarify their role. Particular note is the role of some leaders of the national cultural centers. As we know, some of them at one time put forward political demands for the introduction of an additional official language, deciding on the formation of national autonomy, 30 percent of mandatory quotas in state power structures. In the implementation of their political demands, they were in a bundle with the terrorists and probakievskimi forces, as evidenced by the testimony of witnesses, eyewitnesses, physical evidence seized during the investigation. There are unwitnessed data transfer one of the leaders of a monetary sum of $ 100 thousand dollars in Osh for organizing riots.

The results of the tragedy in the southern republic (as at 22 June):

Deaths – 214;

Bypassing health facilities, in the morgue horrible – 133 corpses;

Seek medical care – 2137 persons;

Hospitalized – 992 people;

Have received outpatient treatment – 1,139 people.


– 453 private homes and mansions;

– 166 shops and outlets;

– 6 markets;

– 6 units of various government agencies;

– More than 100 catering, private businesses and other buildings.

The results of GSNB CD for the period from 10 to 23 June 2010:

– On the facts of mass disorders in the south of the republic instituted and investigated 8 criminal cases;

– In criminal cases detained as suspects in 24;

– Detained 19 active organizers and participants of the riots;

– The investigation of criminal cases of data found and seized 11 armed grenades, 53 improvised explosive devices, 58 automatic, 1 large-tank guns, a barrel-attached grenade launcher with 13 live shots, more than 3000 rounds;

– Released 61 hostages (Kyrgyz and Uzbeks);

– Averted 10 cases of looting in preparation.

Management GSNB Kyrgyz in the Osh region on June 23 this year in with. Kashkar – Kyshtak Kara-Suu district in a special operation on a residence of relatives of the former deputy LCD KR, Vice President RUNKTS Abdrasulova Inomzhon detected and seized: grenade F-1 and RGD-5 with no markings – 8 pieces, military supplies destined for residence in field, camouflaged in the form of quantity – 10 pcs. All observed army uniforms of American manufacturing. Also removed the equipment plays and plugs phone calls, money in the form of Kyrgyz metallic coin, wrapped in polyethylene, which are used as submunitions with IEDs (improvised explosive devices).

According to experts, this kind of equipment used ranger.

GSNB CD continues the implementation of operational activities for the full establishment of all the circumstances of what happened.

Department of Public Relations and Media GSNB Kyrgyz Republic, June 24, 2010