Karachi Baloch on the Crossroads

Karachi Baloch on the Crossroads

Salal Balouch , Götebourg

Karachi Baloch on the Crossroads

Karachi, the city of lightness has once again was plunged into darkness where the owner’s of Karachi the Baloch nation face discrimination and subjugation by the Drug mafia and Land mafia organizations whom are working for secret services and who are involved in land grabbing and drug trafficking inside Karachi’s mostly Baloch dominated area of Lyari. Lyari once a peaceful place where the Baloch lived for ages and their daily earning was due to fishing and harboring in the sea of Keamari. But as Karachi once called Kulachi was changed and the economical growth was gaining grounds inside the market of Karachi, Karachi became the port city of Pakistan and thus Karachi was then known to be the City of Lights where once Baloch were the lights of this city.
Karachi Baloch on the Crossroads

Although many years have passed and the population of Karachi crossed to 30 million, the Baloch were left behind and so the town of Lyari was thrown in the depths of Drug dealers, gamblers & gangster which were destined with the people of Lyari. Lyari once peaceful has became a new battle ground where Baloch are standing on the crossroads, they are being target killed, and they are being subjugated by the Drug dealers & Land Grabbers whom are agents of Political parties.

Karachi most Baloch places or societies are very old and they were settled here when Pakistan was not even separated from British India, Lyari, Golimar, Baloch Colony, Kiamasiri are just mere examples of Baloch residing inside Karachi for centuries but as Karachi’s economically boosted, the rise in population was seen but the droll thing is this that most of the population came from the outside like Punjab, N.W.F.P and even from India where tens of thousands of people migrated in the time of Zia-ul-Haq who planned to break the popularity of PPPP by backing up the Muhajir Quami Movement (MQM) whom were given everything they asked, the Government tried to settle up these muhajirs in the muhajir camp area of Karachi. Karachi Baloch on the CrossroadsThese huge migrations of people from other places was done in the name of development and like this so called development scheme the local population of Karachi Baloch & Sindhi were left behind and we can see these kinds of drama going on inside the port city of Balochistan Gwadar, where Baloch are being fooled for the so called packages & provincial autonomy.

The same picture is in Gwadar where the new deep sea project is situated, after the completion and before the making of deep sea port many land mafia dealers tried to subdue the local Baloch to sell their land for they could take advantage of this time and can live a better life, The Gwadar people should see the Baloch of Karachi as an example and should stop this foolishness because they will be in bitter consequences once the outsiders reach the shores of Gwadar and take out the rest of the local Baloch population from the picture once and for all as they have done to the BalochKarachi Baloch on the Crossroads
population inside Karachi.
The new wave of terror and target killing inside Karachi is dangerous for all the Baloch nation and an example for the Baloch to be united or you will fall in the depths of depression and will lose your identity. The most tragic day of 7
th January 2010 brought darkness into the lives of Baloch residing in Hasan Lashkari village of Lyari town where MQM has got holdup because of its supporter residing in the place of Usmanabad which is opposite of Hasan Lashkari Village.

The Baloch people of lashkari village were targeted by MQM thugs when they were resting outside of their houses and came under heavy firing by the MQM Goons, the reason was the killing of a Goon of MQM by unknown assailants who threw away is body in the center of lashkari village and usmanabad and thus the MQM thugs took the revenge on innocent Baloch people of Lashkari village in which eights Baloch people lost their lives and one Baloch woman have also became the target.

The target killing of Baloch people in Hasan lashkari village was not the only tragedy occurred on 7th January 2010 but a Social activist Sangat Nadir Baloch was also systematically targeted by the Drug mafia dealers of Lyari in the town of Golimar where Baloch nation has been fighting the land grabbers of MQM on the case of Gutter Bagicha which has became a issue and through this case many Baloch were target killed by MQM in the disguise of Political Brawl, for instance Zahid Baloch the chairman of BNP(M) Karachi zone, Rahman Baloch the Chairman of Peace Committee, Sangat Nisar Baloch and now Sangat Nadir Baloch who was a close friend of Nisar Baloch, was against the Occupation of Gutter Bagicha & was also struggling to destroy the Drug Mafia which was making it roots in the Baloch society.
Nadir Baloch was the enemy of everyone who were trying to genocide Baloch nation including the people of Drug Mafia dealers in which many Baloch political personalities are involved, Sangat Nadir tried and struggled to stop the trafficking of drugs inside the Baloch society and warned the Drug dealers for consequences. Baloch truly condemn the Baloch Politician who are also responsible for the killing of Sangat Nadir Baloch and the Innocent Baloch people in Hasan Lashkari Village because in the Name of PPPP, the innocent Baloch people of Lashkari village were killed, Baloch denounce the PPPP which have make another committee for such target killings because Baloch nation knows that these committees are like monsoon weather which will never make any changes to the life of the people who have lost their loved ones. Nabeel Gabol the Minister of Port & Shipping and a member of PPPP despite big claims of making Lyari another “Paris” has done nothing about the situation occurred yesterday which gave Baloch nation more corpses to mourn upon.

Lyari honor was looted yesterday, the ministers and the big shots of Lyari like Nabeel Gabol were just spectators of the systematically target killing of Lyari Baloch population. The Baloch now have to help themselves like Sangat Nadir fought against the Drug system in Baloch society every Baloch should encourage this thought and should engage himself in the footstep of Nadir Baloch because the killers of Nadir Baloch are these Drug Dealers who are Baloch by name but are bought by federation for genocide Baloch nation.Karachi Baloch on the Crossroads

“A Tyrant dies his rule is over, but A Martyr dies his rule begins”