‘Not a Pax Americana enforced on the world”–JFK (updated)

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Happy Fourth of July, my fellow Americans!  The sad truth is, we have very little to be happy about today.  Whether you are on the right or left, you understand that the America which you thought you knew (in the innocence of your youth) is no more, or never was.  We are left with an illusion, a shell of our former grandeur, not knowing for sure, just who and what we are as a Nation.

The power we once had to alter the course of history itself has been squandered on a plan for world conquest and personal gain for the powerful elite who rule through the power of illusion.  The war to conquer the minds of man has become the primary battlefield, relegating the force of arms to a secondary role of serving the greater “psy-war.”  Battles waged in distant arenas provide the necessary psychological stimuli needed to reshape the thoughts and to control the behavior of the homeland.  The shaky mental condition of most Americans (the primary targeted population) is common to all who are part of “the grid” under the constant barrage of “news” in some form, which reflects the faltering state of the global war and its attendant economic consequences.

The key to conflict/population management, through the application of trauma-based conditioning, is to keep the wars small and static, so as to avoid forcing the population/patient into a breaking point, a tipping point, where the patient “snaps” and takes uncontrolled actions.  Those actions could be in the form of an uncontrolled surge of patriotism, or that of a violent reaction against government.  The programmer must avoid pushing the targeted populations outside the trap of the closed loop internal arguments, thus preventing these uncontrolled reactions from occuring.

We live under the constant threat of global war in one form or another, being led by the controlling powers into believing that this is the goal of the plan.  Global war may not be the plan, but it is a contingency of the plan, in case one of the great games gets out of control.  Belief that the elitist controllers want to destroy the world that they are scheming so hard to control, is a circular logic trap.  Escape from the trap requires that we point-out the errors in logic which lead to that wrong conclusion.

The proof of intent is not in the words these killers say, but in their actions.  Evidence of prolonging our wars, just to keep them going, is circumstantial evidence that limiting wars is the goal.  Proof that Iran has not been attacked, (even when preparations for that attack were at their highest under Bush and Cheney) is proof that a massive war against Iran is not the plan, but it is a contingency, in case other plans for destabilization fail.  Global war is not imminent, but it could happen by mistake, as the great powers scheme to merge the dictatorships under one unified command.

This tells me, that the best way to fight the controlling elite may be to create breaks within the circular logic traps, allowing people to begin to think on their own.  Eyes set in a forward gaze, looking for the controlled path, set by misleading cues provided by the programmers, must be diverted into looking within.  We must frame our arguments and appeals in ways that our words  act like mirrors, reflecting the image of that person’s future, if they stay on their current path.  They must be made to see the image of what they are to become, if they continue to follow their current beliefs, beliefs that were instilled within them by others.  Letting them see what they will get if they actually get what they think they want, is the best way to turn their focus inward.  Seeking is finding.

This July Fourth will long be remembered by our posterity, or by the survivors of what is to come, as our last Independence Day.  A year from now, our fate as the first free Nation shall be sealed, either the great international merger will have become a fait accompli, or the great world revolution will have begun.  Either way, the American people will have become citizens of the new world, whatever that new world is to be.  We will either have become entrapped in the same slavery as everybody else, joined in chains to the rest of the exploited world, or hand-in-hand with them, together as partners in a global awakening movement.

As for me, I will join hands with the rest of the world, but I will not join them in their shackles.  I am one of the uncontrollables–wild cards running outside the system (as much as possible), generating all the uncontrollable reactions that we can.  There are many other free radicals such as myself, serving as islands of inspiration,  firing-off our own peaceful “truth bombs” into the belly of the Beast, doing whatever we can to shake things up.  In the America of 2010, that is the best that real American patriots can hope for, serving the Spirit of 76, while defending both country and Constitution as best we can, from the planned final assault on freedom.

“Freedom” is not am American concept, neither is it a shining light upon a hill, but is instead, a burning flame within the heart of every human who has a conscience.  Keeping it alive and burning in these troubled times may be the best thing that we can do, but I believe that we have it within us to do so much more.  Neither our great forefathers, nor the God of Peace that many of them sought to serve would approve of what we have become.  We who have been blessed by birth to be born in a land where the promise is so great, cannot sit idly on our hands, lazily watching the completion of the abomination.  It is time to act.  The time has come to set things straight.  We must move en masse toward the door labeled “Peace.”

The following inspirational writings reflect my own feelings about True Peace and the proper path which leads to that cherished goal, as well as the human obstacles to that Peace.  The promise of Peace is the Promise of God–Seek the Path and all things shall be opened to you.  The enemies of peace will become powerless in the face of the outraged, righteous masses.  We have the Keys to Peace within us–all we have to do is to reach for them.

Peace is not one man’s burden, nor that of any organized group.

Peace, World Peace, shall come on the day that the human race looks within and finds God smiling back at them.

Resistance is a never-ending vigilance, waiting to fill the void of despair with limitless hope.   Whenever the conscience calls, actions must follow.  The words of our last true leader, JFK, still ring-out to us, echoing down the corridors of time, beckoning to all of us to take the actions necessary to help establish True Peace on the face of the Earth within our time.

–Peter Chamberlin

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What kind of peace do I mean?
What kind of peace do we seek?
Not a Pax Americana enforced on the world
by American weapons of war.
Not the peace of the grave or the security of the slave.
I am talking about genuine peace,
the kind of peace that makes life on earth worth living,
the kind that enables men and nations to grow
and to hope and to build a better life for their children —
not merely peace for Americans
but peace for all men and women —
not merely peace in our time but peace for all time.

~ President John F. Kennedy at American University, 10 June 1963


There is no master race.
There is no greatest nation.
There is no one true religion.
There is no inherently perfect philosophy.
There is no always right political party,
morally supreme economic system,
or one and only way to heaven.

Erase these ideas from your memory.
Eliminate them from your experience.
Eradicate them from your culture.
For these are thoughts of division and separation,
and you have killed each other over these thoughts.
Only the truth I give you here will save you:
Carry this message far and wide, across oceans
and over continents, around the corner and around the world.

~Neale Donald Walsch, Friendship with God, p. 359

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