Alexander Pikayev Death Now Murder Investigation–

[Does the murder of two Russian diplomats and the intrigues unfolding in Britain, does this translate into some kind of international spy–vs–spy war?  Whatever it is, it looks like Russia–vs–England.]

Alexander Pikayev Death Now Murder Investigation

Pikayev had strong Iran ties but was no double-agent’ – friend of late Russian expert

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06 July 2010 19:03

In an exclusive interview with, Nikolay Petrov, Alexander Pikayev’s colleague from the prestigious Carnegie Institute in Moscow, said that Pikayev had no personal enemies and that he does not believe his colleague was capable of being a double agent.

“I do exclude that Alexander was capable of doing any adventurous moves, he was no newcomer as he was working in the field for more than 15 years, that’s why I think that it’s hardly possible that he had personal enemies connected to his field of study” he said when contacted at his office in Moscow.

“I will not buy the version that Alexander was any kind of double agent… I don’t believe the claim that he was giving information to different sources” he adds.

Petrov stressed that his friend had what he describes as “a very balanced approach, and when dealing with such a fragile topics for so many years, a person should know what to say and how to say it”.

NIkolay Petrov however, did confirm that Pikayev could understand hidden details by looking at visible things, due to his deep knowledge of the subject. Petrov recalls speaking to Pikayev in Moscow, 3 weeks before his early demise in Malta, about Pikayev’s attending of an important nuclear energy conference in Tehran last May.

“He was never saying something that you could hear from anybody else”

The Scholar-in-Residence at the Society and Regions Program, at the Carnegie Moscow Centre went on to tell this e-newspaper about what the Nuclear Arms expert was like as a person and his own personal working relationship with him.

They had been collaborating on various initiatives with the Institute, one of them being a working group about “New Approaches to Russian Security”.

He admitted to being taken by surprise as we explained that the case is being treated as a homicide by the Maltese investigators.

Petrov said that Pikayev was a very nice person highlighting the fact that while he could be shrewd in his analysis he managed to make anyone interested in his subject, even if this could be quite technical and specific.

“He was never saying something that you could hear from anybody else”, claimed Petrov when speaking about his late friend.

Laptop with sensitive information in police possession

Petrov’s denial of dirty games from Pikayev’s side shifts the focus on the deep knowledge and possible sensitive information that Pikayev had about Iran’s nuclear programme.

One is reminded of the laptop containing sensitive information regarding nuclear weapons which was found switched on in the St. Paul’s Bay apartments where Pikayev was found dead. The police is still in possession of this laptop computer for further analysis.

Iran’s nuclear programme has been one of the major points of contention in recent international relations with Israel and the US actively seeking to control Tehran’s ambitions.