Bratislava Gunman Killed Roma (Gypsy) Family–He Was In Army

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Bishop of Devinska be legally held weapons

BRATISLAVA. Seven people on Monday became the victim of a gunman opened fire in a part of Bratislava Ves. The man eventually committed suicide. Six shot apparently came from one family, the seventh victim of the attacker is likely to accidentally hit when released to the balcony. Several people were injured, including a three-year-old boy. Sagittarius by police with submachine guns opened fire in the apartment, but later shot in the street after the accidental victims.

Bratislava Regional Directorate informed the police that the perpetrator came from Ves and was 48 years. Contrary to previous information indicated that the machine gun and other firearms be legally held. His motive is not yet known. According attacker was a former soldier. Interior Minister Daniel Lipšic (ODS) indicated that an attacker could work in the armed forces.

The police initially informed of the six victims of the shooting, later in an apartment near the fire found a woman shot yet. “Maybe you went to the balcony when the killer shot at around everywhere,” said Lipšic. Shooter before he killed four women in the home and one man, the sixth person killed at the entrance. According to Lipšic family belonged to the Roma ethnic group.

Among the injured is a policeman and a Czech citizen

Health Minister Ivan Uhliarik (ODS) at a special press conference said that 15 people were injured, thirteen were hospitalized in various hospitals in Bratislava, two of the fire paramedics treated on the spot. Regional Police Directorate in the evening said that 13 people were injured, ten of which three were hospitalized and released from the hospital.

Among the seriously injured, according to University Hospital in Bratislava and a Cech, handled the three-year old boy, but at the request of the parents had already left hospital. Underwent operation and a policeman who intervened when shooting.

The doctors considered the most serious injury to the chest, back, abdomen or head.

author: Eugen Korda

Witness Matthew Urmín shooter photographed from the balcony of his apartment on the street, Paul Horova. Bishop was in middle age, he prešedivelé hair on the head headphones have noise. also shot at police who opätovali his shooting, “informs the Ves editor Richard SME Peťková.

The family knew the killer murdered

The gunfire took place at the Paul Street Shopping Centre near Horova before ten in the morning, the district then called the local radio people that do not rely on their homes. Place of entrance to the shootings and police closed the city. The field was assigned a team of psychologists to help families and relatives of the victims and wounded.

Evening Ves people burn candles in honor of the victims. The field in the local part has been gathered about 200 people.

The press conference from the ranks of media critics speak to address the police, who said the incident and police action under-informed. Residents of the city in a television interview TA3 said they did not know what is exactly happening. Police ohradila to criticism and emphasized that the priority was to save lives.

Lipšic also told reporters that he gave instructions to find the most dangerous criminals in the Slovakia. He added that it is necessary to rearm the police as soon as possible to be able to effectively intervene in residential areas.

One of the murdered was called Joseph dive into apartment buildings have reportedly gone to a son

One of the murdered, the perpetrator shot at the door of apartment buildings in Ves, watering hole named Joseph and lived in the apartment along with other victims. The AP said the victim’s brother Fero shebeen. “He had a wife there and went there for his son, which now can not find,” he told the AP that the entire incident is learned from television.

“He went there by chance and take the boy was here on earth in green overalls,” he said, adding that knows all of today’s murder victim. “We knew the rest of the family. These were the sister-in-law, her mother, daughter and son,” he said.

According to the Fire and Rescue spokeswoman Corps Silvia Jančovičová firefighters treated in cooperation with the rescuers hurt a child. The mother brought him to Bratislava Kramáre. “The conscious and immediate danger to life is out,” said spokeswoman Children’s University Hospital and Clinic Dana Kamenická.

Lipšic wants vytipovať dangerous place

“Our prayers are with the survivors and injured,” said Interior Minister Daniel Lipšic. “I have instructed the police presidium been identified highest-risk areas in Slovakia. We need to focus on places that are centers of crime and there hard and rapidly. This case shows that we need as soon as you join the rearmament of the police,” the head of the Ministry of Interior. Reasons for the offender, why the shots, not by Spišiak yet known and is under investigation.