“Foreign powers ‘knew’ of Tajik rebellion plans.”–Flashback from Tajik Civil War

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World: South Asia–Foreign powers ‘knew’ of Tajik rebellion plans

Sunday, November 8, 1998

Tajik government soldiers – rebels allegedly helped by foreign powers

Tajik radio has accused the United Nations, the USA, Uzbekistan and other foreign countries of having prior knowledge of an uprising, which erupted in northern Tajikistan last week.In a commentary broadcast on Saturday, the radio described the uprising as an “act of aggression” against the republic. It quoted unnamed experts, who said that the revolt is far from being merely a local phenomenon.

“[The organisers] are from a wide system, very organized and aimed against the territorial integrity of Tajikistan and the unity of its people”, the radio said.

The radio then went on to say that the actions of foreign representatives suggested that they had been aware of a “plan” and were involved in the conflict.

“We recall that the US embassy stopped its activity in Dushanbe a month earlier for fabricated and false reasons, when neither a foreign member of the Taleban nor any resident of Tajikistan threatened the security of this embassy.

“We remember that about two months ago, Switzerland removed its experts and nationals from Tajikistan to a foreign country.

“We recall that the government of Uzbekistan refused to hold cultural days in Dushanbe contrary to an agreement signed by the heads of the two governments.

“And further evidence, we remember that the UN mission recalled its personnel and officials from the town of Khujand to Dushanbe some time before .”

No internal affair

Tajik radio also said that certain unnamed media sources were deliberately portraying the events as an internal Tajik affair, in order to conceal the wider involvement of foreign countries and to provide support for a “third force”, a reference to the rebels led by Colonel Mahmud Khudoyberdiyev.

“If the clashes in northern Tajikistan are seen as a local and domestic event – as they want them to be seen -, they will claim that this was an internal affair of Tajikistan and will say that this country should find a solution with its opposition.

“In this case, according to their view, Tajikistan has no right to ask for help from outside countries as a member of the collective security agreement for the protection of its independence and integrity.”

But the Government has documented “evidence” of foreign hands, the radio said, adding that the plans were drawn up in neighbouring countries – but it mentioned no country in particular.

“The people in Tajikistan realise very well all these nuances and many other political and international aspects of the matter, that is why we are of the opinion that an act of aggression, designed by the enemies of the Tajik people, was carried out against Tajikistan, as a full member of the United Nations, against the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Tajikistan,” Tajik radio said.

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