Columbia Shows Dead FARC Leader

Photo revealed the body of Mono Jojoy

The body of the FARC guerrilla was transferred from Catam Legal Medicine. Meanwhile, analyzed 15 computers and 60 USB in the camp.

El cadáver del 'Mono Jojoy'

Photo courtesy Ministry of Defense of Colombia

Following the ‘Operation Sodom “ which was shot in the alias Mono Jojoy, were found at the site of the bombing of La Macarena 15 computers and 60 USB with information that will be analyzed by the authorities.

This was revealed this Thursday night the president Juan Manuel Santos Calderon in New York, over dinner in his honor hosted by Americas Society, Council of the Americas and Colombian-American Association.

Noting that now the Colombian state is present at every inch of national territory, the Head of State stressed the work done by the now former President Alvaro Uribe Velez in his eight years in office.

He said the Democratic Security, Colombia advanced to the Democratic Prosperity.“There’s an incredible change in Colombia. Can not imagine the enthusiasm of the people.The future will be much better. We go to a better country. Colombian people dream of a better future, “said the President.

Santos reiterated that the purpose of government is to achieve social gains not seen in Colombia, which is that investment in the country, which allows for growth and can draw many people from poverty.

“We plan to get many social achievements that have never been seen in Colombia. We want investment, because otherwise we have no growth and we can not get people out of poverty. How do we achieve? Combining growth and social policy focus, “explained the matter.

He said that “expectations are very high because the circumstances will permit. Our responsibility is to give people that hope. “ Noting that it is necessary that the international community to change their perception of Colombia, President Santos said that the initiative of U.S. Ambassadors, as Carolina Barco and Luis Alberto Moreno, to bring Congress Americans to our country, “has had a big impact.”

Similarly, arrived in Bogota the body of ‘Mono Jojoy, visibly affected by the operation against them, especially on her forehead. The remains will be analyzed in Legal Medicine, the capital of the Republic.