Freedom is born through education, not in battle in the mountains!

Freedom is born through education, not in battle in the mountains!


In Tajikistan, once again heard the gunshots, explosions of bombs, again blood flows. Again kills Tajik Tajik, and our dreams to see lasting peace in the country once again under question. In this difficult situation, I as a citizen of this land do not understand the position of the Tajiks, who by fate remained outside the country or been forced to leave her under pressure, and right now in terms of instability is trying to add fuel to the fire.

First of all, I mean Dodojon Atovulloyev. This talented man, excellent command of the pen, competent politician, some Tajik journalists – my colleagues regard him as their ustodom. I did treat it as neutral, and tell him “hello” on the phone.

I can understand his hatred of the current government, his sharp criticism of the president and his entourage. Local media outlets themselves are often criticized the government, which has a lot of shortcomings and failures. Half of the ministers, in my opinion, generally is immediately removed from their posts for incompetence and corruption. And Atovulloyev, obviously, there’s something personal.

But I can not understand the logic or the human mind, which calls for the unrest, which pumps the situation and fueled tensions in their historical homeland. In a country that has already experienced one civil war, and which still has no clear immunity against it.

If this is such an attempt to give freedom to our closed society, if there is an ideological belief that all should be solved fundamentally, I think it’s wrong, and condemn. I think I have as the editor of the blocked site in the country is no less weighty right to resent our power, but still, I prefer the peace and stability, because our family had already been once refugees, and the family of my wife lost her father then, and we do not want our children to know the same.

I still think that the rhetoric of Mr. Atovulloyev recent years are his personal political ambitions, that simply gush over the edge. This is his minus as a politician, because in reality such a position is essentially throws it back from the current Tajik society. Reading his interview in the same Russian media, listening to new initiatives such as “Vatandor” (made up except himself and not known to this day), and now a leaflet, called “go against the regime” of “freedom, which begins from the mountains, I have the impression that people do not see people’s problems, and sees himself as president of the country, with the certainty that this moment will come today or tomorrow.

Personally, I would not for anything would not give his vote for D. Atovulloyev, because I do not want to deal with such a politician who in a fit of emotion, and for the sake of ambition, forgetting the ethics of political debate, and thus manage to insult his own people. I am part of this nation and what we “poor, weak, indecisive, cowardly” and others were not, we’re here, we work here, we drink our dirty water, we suffer stupidity of our officials, we suffer from our corruption, we fight blockade of our site and we criticize here! We’re all here, from our country!

No matter how smart and talented would not be our Tajik, sitting outside the country, it is unforgivable speak about our nation as “a herd of sheep.” I would have recognized the right of such words and calls for a change of power only person in Tajikistan and really responsible for your words!

If it is a revolutionary at heart you probably know from history that Robespierre or Mahatma Gandhi did not speak to his supporters at a distance, they were in the middle of the crowd of people who try to instill their values. Let Atovulloyev, Karomat Sharipov and other Internet policy will arrive in Dushanbe and gives it its opposition movement!

If you can not, if you fear for your life, it is their right, we can not condemn them for it. But put yourself above those who remain in the country, openly disagreed with the government while it’s not like men, and politically illiterate. In this respect, the same Rahmatullo Zoirov, Kabiri, Sulton Kuvvatov, Rahmatullo Valiev, and others – far more ambitious people. They criticize the authoritarian government Rakhmonov, but remain in Dushanbe, one-on-one with their opponents.

Perhaps Mr. Atovulloyev, believes that it is supported by large masses of people solely on those separate anonymous reviews on the forums site or on the basis of a few compliments to some friends in Moscow, and then – this is a profound error. I’m afraid that if he had a chance to check it out, it would have suffered a great disappointment. It is not necessary for this to play the lives of tens of thousands of his countrymen.

I want to remind all the “opposition” and “revolutionaries” – you fought for freedom in the early 90’s against the Communists and R. Nabiyev, but got war and spread to the world, leaving us, the youths of that time, the bullets and live in poverty. To what freedom you push again?

For many years I was an ardent critic of the late Turkmenbashi, believed that the Turkmens the most unfree people, if allowed to enter the current president of totalitarianism. But now when I see what the outcome of the revolution of freedom in Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan, what “freedom” threatens us from what is happening now in the mountains, I understand – Turkmens are very wise and mature people. They suffered a tyrant, but retained thousands of lives, the economy, their own state. And now I want to tell Mr. Atovulloyev and other external patriots: “Enough!” Enough to push us into the fire of war! “.

We’re not cannon fodder, and we do not want to shoot each other, especially when we have at hand concentrated thousands of armed people, “rebel colonel, and when the Kremlin-father in the open” eats “their ex-partners in the CIS. Why should we change the flea?

To paraphrase a recent revolutionary treatment Atovulloyev the Internet, associated with “freedom, starting from the mountains, I want to appeal to our people like your son:

Salomu alaikum, those who are here in the country and those who remain in the forced migration! You hope for all those who want peace in our country and who wants the state of Tajiks have been stable and long!

You know, there is nothing worse than war, and when killing a Tajik Tajik. Yeah, we bad, we do not have winter light, and we have corrupt government officials, have poor-quality health care and education, some riding in jeeps, and someone with difficulty borrowing money to buy a ticket to Russia – to go on earnings.

But it is our common misfortune. We’re all to blame for this, because not yet recognized that national priorities should be above personal! That corruption can not succeed harsh sentence and rallies, and increase our legal literacy and improving social welfare.

If we do not like our government, we should try to change it, but do it in an evolutionary way, through elections and other legal mechanisms by changing the creation of leaders, through patience, if necessary. It has never shed blood did not allow the development and stability, grab a history textbooks. Nowhere else are people fighting for their right to freedom of belief and religion, not achieve such freedom with arms.

The leading countries of the world have come to the well-being only through peaceful means and through education, through the understanding that “this is our country and its destiny is in our hands.” Are we mankurt listen to all those who mutters something from? Have we hired hands and damaging to listen to commands from the Kremlin, Washington, Tehran and Tashkent? The time has come to realize that we really a nation – the people who are at a high level of intellectual and spiritual development, to live in their own state and act independently.

I will take the few literate words from the last message Atovulloyev, which just does not but agree. : It is a pity that they were served to them under a different context.

“This war is useless. Neither the soldiers and officers, or those who are in the mountains, or those who are now far from home … Do not shoot at each other! Together – we are a force. When we’re together – we do not fuel the war, and people. We – this is freedom! We – this is Tajikistan! “.

– We are one nation! And if Dodojon Atovulloyev part of this nation, in difficult and turbulent times, he will be with her …

P. S. Our site is blocked in Tajikistan, in our editorial offices are tax audit authorities, and some newspapers have refused to print. But still we do not call for protests, we call for peace. In Moscow, our website is open for access and Mr. Atovulloyev be able to know my personal view on his position. I specifically in its text does not refer to him directly because I do not want to give a reason for personal communications online andoffline. Behind him is the right to accept my arguments or categorically reject them, and continue to give interviews in the same format. This is my opinion it was not for him, but for those who read it … Take a look at the footage below, unless someone can dry the ocean of tears of mothers who died of Tajik boys?

Zafar Abdullaev, IA “Avesta”

Video footage of the tragedy in the gorge Komarob. How else can shed the blood of the Tajiks?

It has been over a week after the tragic death of 28 military Department of Defense of Tajikistan, shot in the convoy, follow the road through the gorge Komarob. We can say that this attack was the beginning of large-scale militia clashes government forces, terrorist groups and militants of the former armed opposition in the Rasht area.

As a result, dozens of people killed on both sides, continuing the military-political tension and grief of families of the victims. Nonprofessional video footage from the blast site, one of the representatives of power structures, demonstrates the fact that the machine of government forces was ambushed and fired upon from all sides, and that is why our military was virtually no chance for salvation.

Peace be upon all of Tajiks killed in recent fighting. Can no longer shed a single drop of blood! Need to sit down!


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