Democratic Malaise Draws Ukraine Eastwards

Democratic Malaise Draws Ukraine Eastwards

KIEV, Ukraine — Until recently, Ukraine seemed to be leaning westwards to a more open and democratic style of government, but following the reversal of a reform that curbed presidential powers, there is a sense that the country is being drawn to eastwards.

Kiev’s Mother of the Motherland statue now represents Russia’s influence.
She is made from a massive slab of titanium and stands 62m (200ft) high.

She holds up a sword and a shield emblazoned with the hammer and sickle, and stretches skywards watching over the Ukrainian capital, Kiev.

They call her Mother of the Motherland, built symbolically to defend the Soviet Union from an encroaching Western Europe.

Unlike similar statues in many other former Soviet countries, this statue has not been pulled down. Instead, she has come to represent the new-looming influence of Russia.

“See that?” said an American tourist.

He pointed to the top of the statue, brought his hand rapidly down to the base, then lifted it up again, then down again. “Nowadays they call it Vertical Power.”

“They call it what?” I asked.

“Or Power Vertical,” he answered. “Check it out.”

Caught in a rainstorm, Oleg Rybuchuk, who runs a think tank, arrived late for our meeting.

As soon as we sat down, I asked what was meant by Power Vertical and whether it formed part of the government’s policy.

He laughed. “It means you have the biggest boss and he gives a command and it goes through like blood in arteries and reaches everywhere.”

“Is it good or bad?” I asked. “What’s the opposite – Power Horizontal?”

“Neither is good,” he said quietly, his smile fading. “But the opposite, we call chaos.”

He was referring to the post-Soviet period, particularly the years after mass protests in 2004, hailed as the Orange Revolution, that threw out apparatchik politicians and ushered in reformists who were meant to forge a path towards European Union membership.

It was yet another notch, many analysts thought, on the scoreboard for Western democracy.

But it did not work out like that and earlier this year conservative politicians were voted back into government.

According to critics, they have been bolstering their own power and moving against activists and the media.

In Brussels, that nerve centre of the European Union, there has been much talk that Ukraine might now never become a member, that it is turning its back on the West and taking a lead from the new authoritarian Russia – from where, according to Google, the phrase “Power Vertical” first emerged.

“Ukrainians don’t believe anymore in fairytales,” said Walid Arfush, who was among the Orange Revolution demonstrators.

He became disillusioned, switched sides and is now the deputy head of the government-controlled television station.

“We never had democracy here, only something that looked like democracy that the foreign newspapers wrote about.

“The only thing Ukrainians worry about is how can I pay my bills, how can I afford schooling for my kids.”

Life of poverty

Less than an hour’s drive from Kiev, I came upon a scene that far from resembling an emerging European economy, was more suited to the pages of novel by Leo Tolstoy.

It was a product – as Tolstoy wrote – of the storm-tossed sea of European history.

A young man, in ragged clothes, his face creased with work and the weather, lifted a load of hay onto his back.

Bent double, an almost Biblical figure, he carried it to a barn where his mother was gathering cows in a pen.

His name was Volodymyr Petrovych. He was 10 when the Soviet Union collapsed and today was celebrating his 31st birthday.

The farm used to be a Soviet co-operative, rows of once magnificent whitewashed buildings, now run down and broken, with stray dogs running through the grounds.

Not surprisingly, Volodymyr had not heard of Power Vertical, nor was he much interested.

“The trouble is there’s no difference between politicians,” he grumbled, bundling up another load of hay. “They’re always fighting each other. Politics is politics. But here is real life.”

“Ukraine used to be part of the Soviet Union, you know,” chipped in his mother. “Then our wages went three times further.”

“So, what do you want for your birthday?” I asked Volodymyr.

He stood upright and brushed dirt off his hands. “I need a horse to carry these loads. But we can’t afford one.”

Back in Kiev, I met a deputy prime minister, veteran conservative politician Borys Kolesnikov. I told him about Volodymyr’s need for a horse.

“That’s what we really have to sort out,” he answered. “Wages. This is our biggest challenge.”

“Will you do that with Power Vertical?” I asked.

He chuckled. “Our opponents make an issue of this, but the meaning is very simple. It means that decisions taken by the president are carried out. That’s all.”

“But people say it means curtailing freedoms, turning away from Europe and leaning towards Moscow,” I say.

“No,” he countered, fixing me with an iron gaze. “You tell me about the farmer who needs a horse.

“Real freedom comes when there is freedom of the economy, so this Power Vertical is not Russia or Europe or democracy or anything. It’s just making things work.”

Source: BBC News


The case of the Arctic Sea is blurred

El 'Arctic Sea'

The case of the Arctic Sea is blurred

The journalist who reported the disappearance of the ship flees Russia threatened – Growing the hypothesis that the Mossad seized the ship carrying arms to Iran because

RODRIGO FERNÁNDEZ – Moscow – 04/09/2009

The history of Russian ship Arctic Sea has become increasingly bizarre. Mikhail Voitenko journalist, editor of a magazine in the maritime sector, has left Russia en route to Turkey for having received, according to the complaint, death threats. Voitenko was the one who revealed the mysterious disappearance of the vessel in the waters of the Atlantic-was ‘lost’ from 24 July to 16 August, and one of the first journalists who said the ship, officially carrying a wood worth 3 million euros in Finland to Algeria, carrying weapons.

“While Russia is out I feel safe. At least they can not take back and lock” Voitenko told the BBC by telephone from Istanbul. The newsletter editor of maritime Sovfrakht explained that people who are involved in the murky issue of ship are angry with him because he has spoken publicly of the issue of smuggling. Believes that the threats against him came from the Russian secret service.

The view that the Arctic Sea carrying weapons has been reinforced in recent days as speculation has gathered momentum that the kidnapping was the work of common pirates but an operation of the Israeli secret service, Mossad. It has been reported that the Israelis stormed the ship to prevent the shipment of arms came to Iran.

The first person who pointed to the possibility of arms trafficking in this case was the novelist and journalist Yulia Latynina, an article published in the fortnightly magazine Novy Gazeta. Said on that occasion: “Let the Arctic Sea had weapons or nuclear material, which is produced in Russia and for our peaceful allies such as Syria or Iran in this case, the more likely the ship interceptor is Israel, and the history of kidnapping Pirates of the ‘Pacific freighter’ reminds us of the Israeli bombardment of ‘a couple of abandoned buildings’ in the Syrian desert about two years ago. ”

Recently, Admiral Tarmo Kouts, rapporteur of the European Union on piracy and former commander of the armed forces of Estonia, also believes that the Arctic Sea“was intercepted by agents working for Israel.”

The strange thing is that Russia seems to be against the disclosure of this release. At least Komosomólskaya Pravda, a popular newspaper and not do anything that might irritate the Kremlin, last week published an interview with an alleged captain, attached to the General Staff of the Army and alleged participant in the search of the Arctic Sea, in which showed that this ship was carrying arms and possibly the pirates were at the service of Mossad. When the reporter asked if the ship was carrying, in addition to wood, drugs or weapons, the anonymous captain replied that “the version of the drug was discarded from the beginning of the investigation.” “Are there guns?” The reporter is interested. “Yes, arms,” replied the sailor.

Komsomólsakya Pravda means that could be sophisticated S-300 missile launchers, but the captain explains that it would be impossible to hide on the freighter. Now “could be missile S-300 launchers, bombs ‘smart’ or other missiles, such as X-55” noted the official. What is the captain did not explain what it would launch a missile Iran has not.Or is that the mullahs already possess the sophisticated weaponry?

Two days ago, Yediot Aharonot, the most widely distributed newspaper in Israel, gave front-page news that “pirates sent by Mossad seized on the high seas of the Arctic Sea. ” In support of this release speak, as his supporters, the visit of President Shimon Peres held in Sochi with his counterpart Dmitri Medvedev immediately after the Arctic Seawas found and boarded by Russian naval vessels.

The captain interviewed by Komsomolskaya Pravda says that Russia has asked NATO and the European countries not to intervene in the matter of the Arctic Sea. But no one can explain why Europe allegedly covered up a weapons smuggling for a country like Iran, against which no international sanctions. Because what is clear is that Europe has stepped aside and left everything in the hands of the Russians.

The true story of Arctic Sea case

La verdadera historia del caso Arctic Sea 1250517869759barcodn

First read this link: The Case of the Arctic Sea is blurred – The Country – Author Rodrigo Fernández – 04/09/2009

To understand the troubled history of the case Arctic Sea, would first have to understand the blatant manipulation of the country on this case. El País, is the most reactionary media in Spain.Those who think that is half of the left, should think about it a lot. Is half the extreme right, the right most ancient and despised in the country. The average Llosa, Bilderberg, the mini genocidal racist state of Israel.

Read, please first article of the country, and post the true story of Arctic Sea For example, in the first line of the country, tells us that “The journalist Mikhail Voitenko (Estulin note: the guy who supposedly has taken information to light), editor of a magazine in the maritime sector, has left Russia en route to Turkey for having received, according to the complaint, death threats. “Well, that ye may know Voitenko, a journalistic prostitute Juan court Luis Cebrian has left Russia because of threats, but because this is part of the frontal attack against Russian interests.He did not bring anything, nor fears for his life. Simply, you get paid for this rubbish and, subsequently leaving Russia (currently located in Bangkok).

La verdadera historia del caso Arctic Sea 420missingshipvoyage 420x0

The undeclared war against Russia is taking on many fronts. Arctic Sea, it is simply a piece of this war.


Arctic Sea operation was carried out by the extremist leadership of the Ukrainian military intelligence (GUR) with the help of American neocons and Vice President Joseph Biden, the enemy of Russia. The aim of this operation is to end the monumental efforts of President Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton and Russian President Medvedev and Prime Minister Putin to normalize bilateral relations between the two nuclear superpowers.


Arctic Sea was not carrying any weapons. However, its cargo included five tons of Afghan heroin.

La verdadera historia del caso Arctic Sea 1250171622068

This shipment was purchased from Mr. Makhmadsaid Ubaiduloev, President of the Upper Chamber of the Supreme Assembly of Tajikistan by the agents of a criminal group of Russian military intelligence (GRU). The criminals were planning to deliver the goods in the Bay of Biscay to a ship owned by a group of Basques linked to ETA.

The extremist leaders of Ukraine’s military intelligence had been aware of this operation and reported it to competitors of the first group of criminals GRU – another group within the Russian GRU dedicated to drug crime and the smuggling of weapons that can intercept this shipment of heroin. Ukrainian leaders also shared this information with their counterparts in the U.S. and British intelligence services.

Ukrainians plan was to use the drug in the Arctic Sea incautelada for a political show. The public exposure of the drug traffickers of Russian GRU and his accomplices had been a setback for Russia’s international reputation. This was prevented by the strong and concerted action of the Russian Navy. But Russian authorities have found themselves in a difficult and demanding. The case of the Arctic Sea is a dramatic confirmation of the enormous extent of corruption and crime in the Russian army, of some members of the secret services and government that threatens the survival of the Russian state in equal measure to its external enemies.

Daniel Estulin

Canadian government’s top-secret plan to detain thousands of citizens with Communist links

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Enemies of the State: Synopsis

It seems hard to imagine today that a Canadian government would approve a plan to round up thousands of law-abiding Canadians and lock them away simply because they were perceived to be a threat to Canadian democracy.

Conceived in the early days of the Cold War, the top-secret plan called “Profunc” was to be enacted if Canadian national security was threatened. The fear was stoked by the outbreak of the Korean War, which looked as if it might become the precursor to WW3.

In Canada, the head of the RCMP drew up a plan to lock up “Prominent Functionaries,” including known communists and other people deemed to be subversives. The plan is breathtaking in its scale and detail. It listed those who were to be arrested, where they would be interned and how they were to be treated. Families of targeted people were not spared: many wives and children were to be locked away as well.

Incredibly, The Profunc blueprint remained in place until the 1980s. Only today are some people learning for the first time that they and their families were deemed Enemies of the State. The names of those people will astonish most Canadians.

“Enemies of the State’ also explores the targeting of possible ‘subversives’ today and asks what kinds of lists might exist that the Canadian public doesn’t know about.

US pressure behind Pak “freeing” secret peace talks Taliban chief Mullah Baradar?

US pressure behind Pak “freeing” secret peace talks Taliban chief Mullah Baradar?

Islamabad, Oct 16(ANI): Taliban’s top military commander Mullah Baradar, who was arrested earlier this year in Karachi, and was involved in secret negotiations with the Afghan government over a possible peace deal, has reportedly been “freed” by the Pakistani authorities.

Talking to the Daily Times, a Taliban leader did not confirm or deny the report about Baradar’s release, but commented that “Baradar was never arrested in the first place”.

Another source claimed that “the folks in Washington DC had given the nod for the release of Baradar”, and that the Americans and the British were aware of the situation.

It is to be noted that Afghan President Hamid Karzai was extremely angry over Baradar’s arrest, as he saw it as a deliberate attempt to dent the peace talks between Kabul and Taliban.

Meanwhile, talking about the scenario, a western diplomat said: “This could be the biggest risk we are taking to seal a deal in Afghanistan, but I am not too optimistic about it.”

Baradar, who is second only to its supreme leader Mullah Omar, was arrested along with several other militant figures in February, as they were establishing a new Taliban command and training centre in Karachi.

Before his capture, Baradar was overseeing the group’s operations across its primary area of activity in southern and western Afghanistan. (ANI)

US/Russian Cover-Up of Victor Bout and Sales of Advanced Missiles

Today we posted in my exclusive interview with Dimitri Khalezov from Bangkok. The interview explains absolutely everything related to Bout.

We talked about Granite, of 11-S, the DEA, atomic weapons, the unfortunate part of the Russian government treacherous. In short, few media access to such information. And, no half-Spanish, of course never dare to publish something.

I ask you please help to distribute the interview to all your contacts. Now comes in English. We are already working to publish tomorrow or Spanish.

Daniel Estulin

Entrevista exclusiva a Dimitri Khalezov desde Bangkok Dimitri Khalezov interview 2


(You can also download it here for distribution)

Dimitri is a Former Soviet Khalezov commissioned officer of the “military unit 46179, Otherwise Known as” the Special Control Service “of the 12th Chief Directorate of the Defense Ministry of the Soviet Union. I Agree To have this exclusive interview and it is our pleasure to Be Able to offer readers of Another quality first. Dimitri is a crucial piece of the puzzle in the case of Victor Bout. It is safe to say That Had It Not Been for Dimitri’s dedication to helping Mr. Bout, incorruptibility and historical brilliance, Victor, Might Have Found Himself very well today behind bars in Some high-profile American prison. Dimitri is the first man to see Mr. Bout’s arrest after his world famous in Bangkok and I is the Man Who Has Given More Headaches to the United States Government Than Anyone else in the world. Furthermore, Dimitri Khalezov is the first person in the world to Have Uncovered the true Reasons for the United States Government’s dogged pursuit of Victor Bout. Mr. Bout’s arrest is Directly linked to 9 / 11, and Mr. Khalezov, Because of His unique vantage point as a member of the Former Soviet “atomic” and later “nuclear” I Knew That intelligence says about the in-built So-Called “Demolitions nuclear emergency scheme” of the Twin Towers as long back as early 1980’s, while serving in the Soviet Special Control Service.

How did you get Involved in the case?

Both Victor Bout and I Are Russian. We are Both Former Soviet military officers. Moreover, Actually we eat from the Saami village. I think, These Are good enough reason to try and help him with historical case, considering That Victor WAS Arrested in Bangkok and I Happened to Have Been living in Bangkok at the time of His arrest. Furthermore, i have Extensive experience with the Thai legal system, Especially When You Consider That the United States Government has tried to Have Me Arrested and extradited to America too in connection with 9 / 11. It Happened back in 2003. So, i have enough motivation to try to help Victor.

In March 2008, Victor Bout WAS Osama bin Laden’s equal as far as notoriety on the world’s stage.How did you manage to see Victor Bout on the very first day of His detention in Bangkok?

Under the Thai Criminal Procedure Any person under arrest has his or her undeniable right to Be visited by friends while under arrest. Victor Bout, Despit Being the so-Called “Merchant of Death” and the So-Called “Lord of War” Was Not Excluded from the Provisions of the Thai Criminal Procedure Code. Simply I Came to the police station and WHERE He Was Detained Request to visit my friend. They Had to let me see him as much as it Might Have Them Paine. In FACT, the police jump up out of Their way to help. Both of us They Seated on a sofa in the corridor and let us chat nicely. Usually They only allow visitors to talk to Detained persons detention-through bars of a cage, But for Victor and me They made an exception to this rule.

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Russia: up for renewal

Russia: up for renewal

This month, IFandP takes a look at Russia’s power sector, which is currently in a state of transition. Privatisation has unlocked significant wealth, but in an uncertain investment climate, can the country succeed in replacing its legacy of Soviet-era equipment before it’s too late?

Russia’s power sector has an impressive challenge: handling the renewal of Soviet-era infrastructure, while adjusting to a radically-different structure and at the same time delivering power across vast distances.  (read HERE)