TAPI pipeline deal set for December

[Look for any pipeline agreement to build north of original route through southern Afghanistan. The Afghan partition plan promoted by India and US diplomat Burns will make such a route feasible in the near future, if real Taliban infiltration into the North can be stopped in its tracks.]

TAPI pipeline deal set for December

GENEVA, Switzerland, Oct. 19 (UPI) — A deal for a multilateral pipeline from Turkmenistan to India will enter into force in December, the deputy foreign minister of Afghanistan said.

The governments of Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, India and Pakistan are putting the final touches on agreements for a 1,043-mile natural gas pipeline. The pipeline would move natural gas from the Dauletabad field in Turkmenistan, which holds more than 40 trillion cubic feet of gas.

Eklil Ahmad Hakimi, the deputy foreign minister of Afghanistan, said all four sides have signed a memorandum of understanding on the $7 billion gas pipeline.

“And it will be operationalized by their leaders when they meet in December,” he was quoted by the Press Trust of India as saying.

He added that building the pipeline through his country would provide jobs for around 20,000 people.

New Delhi says security issues for the portion of the pipeline to cross Afghanistan and Pakistan were concerns for the Indian government.

The Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan-India pipeline is a Western-backed rival to an Iranian pipeline from the South Pars gas field in the Persian Gulf. A feasibility study for TAPI was financed by the Asian Development Bank in 2005.

The minister gave his comments during a meeting on Asian cooperation in Geneva, Switzerland.

Russian Authorities Claim Capture of Hypnotist/Mastermind of Suicide-Bomber Ring

[Upon first glance, it seems that the Russian secret services have cracked-open the entire destabilization program with this one arrest.  It is impossible to judge the depth of Russian knowledge about the man or the operation from just this news report, but when all the references are read together, a picture emerges of a well-known “Islamist” leader of the Fethullah Gülen movement, which has been outlawed in Russia, who was arrested for distributing literature which communicated secret subliminal linguistic commands to specially programmed militant assets, ordering them to carry-out planned suicide attacks around Moscow and throughout the Caucasus region. The secret services conducted analyses of circulars found hanging on telephone polls and buildings all over Moscow, based on psycho-linguistic examination, which revealed the hypnotic suggestions buried in the text.  The general content of the messages produced a “desire of self-destruction” within the readers.

This investigative gold mine, if correct, adds substance to my own theories about the psychological reconditioning of suicide bombers expressed in a number of my reports, most recently in Deflating the Strategy of Tension.   I offer the theory that American military intelligence destabilization operations deploy psychologically reconditioned militant prisoners and detainees to their area of operations, to serve as secret American assets, usually militant leaders.  The second category of reconditioned militants are those who are programmed to be suicide-bomber motivators.  These teachers of the ultimate sacrifice for “Islam” are trusted men like Mullah Dadullah, who establish suicide-academies in places like S. Waziristan.  

The Russian connections to the “Nurdzhular” organization, if there is such an organization, square with Sibel Edmonds’ reports on the Fethullah Gulen/CIA/Turkish penetration of former Soviet space.  Sibel’s reports focus upon the use of ultra right-wing Turkish “Deep State” actors, the “Gray Wolves,” terrorists, who were used outside Turkey in other struggles, such as the Azerbaijani/Armenian war over Nagorno-Karabakh.

In this report, you read that the arrested militant publisher Aidar Habibullina had served in the Azeri military in Nagorno-Karabakh, placing him in an area where the Turkish Ergenekon (Deep State) military units were deployed.  In this one Muslim activist you find both the elements of Turkish Deep State nationalism and radicalized Nurcular Islamism.   The Turkish ideologists are working to establish “Greater Turkestan,” which recreates the Ottoman Empire, from Europe to Russia, to Turkey, all the way to western China.  This is the “caliphate” feared by Islamaphobes the world over. ]

In Moscow have detained a specialist in the use of hypnosis in the preparation of suicide bombers

Айдар Хабибуллин

Aidar Habibullina

Айдар Хабибуллин

Айдар Хабибуллин

Investigative bodies charged with the detainee in the suburbs intelligence Aidar Habibullina in the case of distributing extremist leaflets, said Monday the Investigative Committee of Russia.

“At present, the result is charged Habibullina and Eduardo Gabdrakhmanova of art. 222 of the Criminal Code (illegal possession of ammunition), Art. 282 (incitement to hatred or hostility). At the request of the investigation of the preventive punishment in the form of detention,” – told Interfax spokesman Vladimir Markin MRS.

Earlier, First Deputy Speaker of the Federation Council, a member of the National Anti-Terrorist Committee (NAC), Alexander Torshin said that in late September, security officials managed to arrest the leader of the international extremist organization Nurdzhular [a russification of “Nurcular”, Turkish for “Nursi followers”] Aydar Khabibullina who recruited suicide bombers in the Moscow region.

Torshin told in an interview with Interfax, in detention Khabibullina when it was discovered the special literature and notebooks where the hand of 200 pages were recorded hypnosis techniques and programming people. “The man knows how to persuade, and certainly has a direct bearing on preparation of suicide bombers in the North Caucasus, – he stressed.

According to him, “the detention – a success for our intelligence services.””Since we are talking about a man very famous in the Muslim world. He is a preacher, not without talent, headed by publishing” The Garden “and has the status of Haji, had an undeniable influence,” – said Torshin.

According to him, the arrest Khabibullina stamped soil of the ideological environment of terrorist underground in the North Caucasus. “There is every reason to say that he worked directly with the bombings, which involve different ways. Someone is the victims’ families, some go for ideological reasons, but the main role in the preparation of suicide bombers is just a psychological treatment. So I think that the investigation into Khabibullina give very interesting results, “- said Torshin.

According to him, Khabibullin comes from Bashkortostan, and now the local Muslim community and human rights activists say arrest Khabibullina illegal and begin a campaign for its protection and liberation. “In this connection must be very delicate and very convincingly to work on this case in order not to provoke mass demonstrations of Muslims. And it is important that members of the NAC expressed their views on this matter” – believes Torshin.

Media: Khabibullin is an expert in the preparation of suicide under the influence of hypnosis

At the same time the media publish details of the detention Khabibullina and the identity of this person. As written on Monday, the newspaper “Komsomolskaya Pravda” , a native of Bashkortostan Aidar Khabibullin is a member of the international terrorist organization Nurdzhuldar “, whose headquarters is located in Turkey. However, most of the time he lives in Russia and is responsible for training terrorists in Eastern Europe and Central Russia. Khabibullin is considered an expert in the preparation of suicide under the influence of hypnosis, the newspaper notes.

Site Life News , citing sources in the police reports that monitor the activities of Khabibullina was conducted from early 2010 – at this time investigators to closely monitor all his contacts and movement. The detention took place in a rented apartment. There were found several dozen grenades RGD, 7 electric detonators and 15 detonating cords.

“In addition to ammunition in the apartment and found a notebook in which hand-painted with nearly 200 pages – a source told the publication. – In these pages, painted a clear technology of how to hypnotize and recruit human, programming him to organize a terrorist act, and especially the destroying itself. ”

Handwriting examination has already established that all of these recordings were made by hand Khabibullina. In addition, a study of texts. The expert’s conclusion showed that the content is aimed at encouraging self-destruction of human desire, the newspaper notes.

“Right now, security officials are trying to determine why Khabibullin appeared in the Moscow region – a source told the publication. – In his bag were found fragments of the map of Moscow region – namely, Balashihinsky, Domodedovo, Lyubertsy and Ramenkoe areas. Green has been allocated Konstantinovo village.” Now find out that it has raised interest Khabibullina in these settlements.

Muslims have created the Committee to Protect Khabibullina

In turn, relatives, colleagues, friends and acquaintances Khabibullina announced their intention to establish a Committee for its protection. As reported by the site “Islam.Ru” initiators of such a committee, “will also include Muslim religious and community leaders, journalists and human rights, all those who disagree with the arrest of Khabibullina and who care about his fate.”

According to the newspaper, the head of the publishing house “The Garden” and the editor of the “Golden Spring” Aydar Khabibullin was arrested Sept. 25 by the Center “E” Investigative Division Balashikha in the apartment where he lived with his family. According to the detainee’s wife Svetlana Ishmuhametovoy, during a search of her apartment, which lasted about seven hours, law enforcement officials “found” extremist literature and a grenade RGD-5.

The Muslim community and human rights activists believe unlawful arrest Aydar Khabibullina. Literature Publishing House Garden promotes exclusively moderate path of Islam, so the news that during the search were confiscated leaflets of an extremist nature, and a grenade was shocking for them, the article says.

October 1, Ufa, held a picket in defense Aydar Khabibullina. At the protest gathered leaders and representatives of Muslim organizations of Bashkortostan, Tatarstan, Chelyabinsk, Sverdlovsk, Orenburg regions. Earlier in the protection Khabibullina made by the head of the Rostov region RDUM Flür Arslanov, deputy chairman of the Penza region EDUM Abdurauf Zabirov, chairman of the Committee for the Protection of the rights of Muslims and the Committee on Science and Education DUMACHR Ilkhom Merazhov, the magazine writes.

According to him, Aidar Khabibullin – a former colonel of medical service of internal troops, combatants, has a concussion. After transfer to the reserve has to comply with religious norms. Adheres to the Sufi movement of Islam.

In Moscow detained “Dear God”

In Moscow detained “Dear God”

Investigators suspect that the 48-year-old native of Bashkortostan doing zombie suicide bombings across Russia and Europe
Investigators suspect that the 48-year-old native of Bashkortostan doing zombie suicide bombings across Russia and Europe
Photo: Classmates. py

They spread the religious and extremist literature in mosques in the capital region and stored grenades

Alexander Boyko – 10/18/2010

Just a month ago, the Center for Combating Extremism Internal Affairs of Moscow region and FSB of the Moscow region were detained members of the religious extremist organization “Nurdzhular” 57-year-old Edward Gabdrakhmanov and 48-year-old Aidar Khabibullin.

Investigators suspect that the 48-year-old native of Bashkortostan doing zombie suicide bombings across Russia and Europe.
The detention was due to ordinary passersby.

– The first of September is one of vigilant residents Balashikha noticed that an unknown at the railway station Saltykovka glues on the posts fliers with strange contents, – said our source in law enforcement. – The top in large type was written something like “In the name Alakha Merciful”, and then a strange text. Passerby brought the leaflets to the police station.

Experts have found them strange, and transferred to specialists in the FSB. When the experts had examined the psycho-linguistic examination revealed that the text contains leaflets hostile attacks of one religious group against another and is an extremist.

На основании психо-лингвистической экспертиз Балашихинский городской суд вынес решение об аресте Айдара Хабибуллина.
Based on psycho-linguistic examination of Balashikha City Court decided to arrest Aydar Khabibullina.
Photo: Classmates. py

Operatives managed to find and detain the distribution of leaflets. They found 57-year-old local resident Edward Gabdrakhmanov. He said that the texts of leaflets prepares someone Aidar Khabibullin, a resident of the city near Moscow Railway.

In a rented apartment in Gabdrakhmanova was found grenades F-1, while Khabibullina assault grenade RGD-5. He has also been found seven more electric detonators for explosives.

In addition to grenades RGD, in the flat at Khabibullina materials were found to recruit and psychological treatment of suicide written on his hands. With a detainee has been topographic maps of the capital region.

About the most Khabibulin know not a lot. Born in the village of Upper Keagy Kiginskogo district of Bashkortostan. In 1979 he graduated from high school and enrolled at the local State Medical Institute. After a military medical faculty in Samara in 1987 – 1989 he served in the internal troops of the USSR in Erevan. From 1989 to 1992 he moved to Yerevan in other military units Internal Forces operative appointment. Traveled during the Karabakh conflict on the Armenian-Azerbaijani border, in Stepanakert.

In recent years, particularly Aidar Khabibullin no one is hiding.

Judging by the site in the “Classmates” Khabibullin (Rev. Turk. “Beloved of Allah”) regularly visited Saudi Arabia, performed the hajj. In Moscow, he even created a publishing group “Garden”, and opened her office at the Angarsk street. From there, he and distributed extremist literature (removal of the Hibibullina literature recognized expertise dangerous) of all mosques in Moscow and the region. The official website of “garden” mobile phones are trustees and leaders of mosques, which contacted Khabibullin.

– Detention Aydar Khabibullina took place about a month ago – said the representative UPC Russia for the Moscow Region Yulia Zhukova. – With respect to the detainee criminal case under article “illegal possession of explosives” and “inciting hatred or hostility, and humiliation of human dignity.” Based on psycho-linguistic examination of Balashikha City Court decided to arrest Aydar Khabibullina.

A number of Russian Muslim organizations have previously reported the detention of terrorist supporters and spoke in his defense.

– September 25, head of publishing “The Garden” and the editor of the “Golden Spring” Aydar Khabibullin was detained in the Center “E” Investigative Division near Moscow city Balashikha in the apartment of his wife, where he lived with his family, – informs the Internet edition “Islamnyus. – The wife of the detainee, Svetlana Ishmuhametova stated that the police presented a resolution to the search, which indicated that the director of the publishing house distributing leaflets. According to her, during the search, law enforcement officials found extremist literature, and RGD-5 hand grenade. ”


Detained specialist training suicide bombers

Detained specialist training suicide bombers

Known extremists were caught in Moscow
Known extremists were caught in Moscow
Photo: demiart.ru

Known extremists were caught in Moscow

Viktor Sokirko – 10/18/2010

The leader of the banned religious extremist organizations Aidar Khabibullin is considered an expert in the preparation of suicide under the influence of hypnosis. A native of Bashkortostan is a member of the international terrorist organization Nurdzhular “, whose headquarters is located in Turkey. However, most of the time he lives in Russia. He is one of the leaders of the organization and is responsible for training terrorists in Eastern Europe and Central Russia.

Khabibullina detained at the end of last week in suburban
City Rail staff of the Center for Combating Extremism Internal Affairs
Suburbs and Federal Security Service of the Moscow region. However, to comment on this story security did not hurry – while not denying the fact of detention, emphasize that Khabibullina role in the terrorist world is not so great.

Следствие подозревает, что 48-летний уроженец Башкортостана занимался зомбированием террористов -смертников по всей России и Европе.
Investigators suspect that the 48-year-old native of Bashkortostan doing zombie suicide bombings across Russia and Europe.
Photo: Classmates. py

Watching him was conducted from early 2010. Operatives monitored all contacts and movement Khabibullina. The detention took place in a rented apartment. There were
found dozens of grenades, electrodetonators and detonating cords. Found in the apartment and notebooks, written by hand, which set out the technique of how to hypnotize and recruit human, programming him to organize a terrorist act, and above all to destroy itself.Tests showed that the records are made by hand Khabibullina. Expert opinion has shown that their content is aimed at encouraging a human desire of self-destruction.

Security officials are trying to determine why Khabibullin appeared in the Moscow region. He found fragments of maps Balashihinsky, Domodedovo, Lyubertsy and Ramenkoe areas. Green was allocated to the village Konstantinovo.Sledstvie discovers that it has raised interest Khabibullina in these settlements.

About the most Khabibulin know not a lot. Born in the village of Upper Keagy Kiginskogo district of Bashkort

The parliament was attacked by militants in Chechnya. Reported killed

The parliament was attacked by militants in Chechnya. Reported killed

Во вторник утром на территории парламента Чеченской Республики, расположенном в Ленинском районе города Грозного, началась стрельба

At the parliament of Chechnya, located in the Leninsky district of Grozny, on Tuesday attacked by militants. According to preliminary data, about nine in the morning, four gunmen broke into a complex of government buildings. As reported by the Interfax a source in the Interior Ministry, during a special operation to eliminate militants killed two policemen.According to ITAR-TASS, in an attack by four policemen were killed and ten were wounded.According to preliminary data, the injured also received the Chief of Staff of the Parliament claims Bayhaqi.

Earlier, a law enforcement source of the North Caucasus Federal District reported that three guards were killed Chechen parliament, and one was wounded. According to medics, killing at least three people, 13 were hospitalized with wounds of varying severity. Some time after the attack, all the militants were eliminated. At the scene left the sappers, as attackers could set booby-traps.

According to a source in the morning, when the deputies in their cars, drove to the Parliament, followed drove the car with the terrorists. Four gunmen broke through to the parliament building, gunfire.According to a source, an automatic fire in the parliament lasted for several minutes and then subsided.

In place of the incident, Interior Ministry special forces arrived, a unit of riot police, security staff of President of Chechnya. All civilian personnel were evacuated, the area is blocked. According to some reports, the bandits broke into the parliament, first blocked in one of the premises, after which liquidated. It was reported that the militants could seize hostages, but the Interior Ministry and FSB in Chechnya categorically denied this, noting that none of the civilians are not harmed.

Kadyrov told attack details

At the scene came the head of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov, who led special operations to destroy insurgents. Interior Minister Rashid Nurgaliyev, who arrived in Grozny, held an emergency meeting with Kadyrov in connection with the incident. According to Nurgaliyev journalists, the actions of the Chechen law enforcement officials who liberated the parliament building were professionally and competently.

The head of Chechnya by telephone and discussed the raid with Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin. It was, inter alia, assistance to victims and bereaved families. According to Kadyrov killed two police officers and the caretaker parliament.

According to the head of Chechnya, a special operation to eliminate militants and release were on the territory of parliament deputies and technical workers was carried out only for 15-20 minutes. As a result of the operation all the militants killed, said Ramzan Kadyrov.

Told the Chechen leader, on Tuesday morning at approximately 8:45, three armed militants killed two police officers from among the protection of the building, as well as the caretaker parliament. Special operation was carried out six officers and six OMSN OMON. “All the deputies are still alive, removed from the territory of the Parliament and are safe,” – said Kadyrov.

Meanwhile, the CSP reported that militants had four. As stated by the Interfax agency spokesman, Vladimir Markin, Tuesday morning at the parliament building of the Chechen Republic penetrated by four armed and barricaded persons. In providing the resistance, all four militants were killed during the raid.

According to Markin, investigative team of the Main Investigation Department of the UPC on the North Caucasus and Southern federal districts went to the scene. “Investigators have already begun to produce original investigative actions,” – said Markin.

Recall that the last major clash with militants occurred in Chechnya in late August. Then a group of terrorists headed by Hussein Gakaev attacked Tsentoroy – tribal village of Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov. According to unofficial reports, the attackers were up to sixty people.

During the battle in Tsentoroy killed six law enforcement officers, 17 policemen and seven civilians were injured varying severity. Were killed 12 militants. As reported in the regional management UPC Russia, destroyed by Tsentoroem rebels were suicide bombers and bore the brunt of controlled explosive devices.However, only seven of the 12 dead terrorists were able to bring a bomb into action after injuries.

Shortly before the attack on Tsentoroi Chechen rebels, saying the release of the “Emirate Kavakaz” and refusal to obey, Doku Umarov, announced the election of its new leader Hussein Gakaev. Ramzan Kadyrov has accused of involvement in the attack separatist leader Akhmed Zakayev, a fugitive in the UK, and told him vendetta.

Gunmen attack Chechen parliament in Grozny

Gunmen attack Chechen parliament in Grozny


The parliament in the restive Russian republic of Chechnya has come under attack with at least six dead.

The parliament in the capital, Grozny, was attacked by gunmen, leaving at least three personnel dead.

Reports suggest three attackers were killed, with two reportedly blowing themselves up.

Interfax quotes President Ramzan Kadyrov as saying the operation against the militants is over and all militants involved there have been killed.

He said deputies inside the building at the time were alive and had been taken to safety.

Other Russian news agencies say at least 10 people were injured in the violence.

Renewed violence

According to some sources the shooting broke out around the office of the parliamentary speaker, though he was reportedly unharmed.

Russia’s Interior Minister Rashid Nurgaliyev is visiting Chechnya and is thought to be in an emergency meeting with Mr Kadyrov, who is strongly backed by the Kremlin.

Moscow is struggling to contain a growing Islamist insurgency in the North Caucasus, a strip of poor, ethnically mixed provinces along Russia’s southern border.

The Kremlin had declared victory in its battle with Chechen separatists, but analysts say continuing shootings and bombings over recent months show Moscow has failed to stamp out the insurgency.