Gazprom/Zionist Partnership On Leviathan

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Russians eye Israel’s natural gas

MOSCOW, Nov. 19 (UPI) — Russian gas monopoly Gazprom aims to set up a joint venture with Israel to explore the country’s continental shelf, a top executive said.

Preliminary estimates indicate the Leviathan prospect about 84 miles off the northern coast of Israel holds as much as 16 trillion cubic feet of natural gas.

The potential at Leviathan follows the 2009 discovery of the Tamar gas field off the Israeli coast, which holds around 8 trillion cubic feet of gas.

Stanislav Tsygankov, a foreign relations executive at Gazprom, was quoted by Russia’s state-run news agency RIA Novosti as saying the gas monopoly wants a 50 percent claim in any Israeli deal.

"We are planning to establish a joint venture where Gazprom will participate in the shelf’s development," he said. "We are planning to buy a 50 percent stake."

Lebanon contends that a portion of Leviathan lies within its maritime borders. Hezbollah has told Israel not to touch its resources, spurring threats of retaliation from the Israelis.

FARC Raking-In Profits In Gold

More than $ 1,600 million a year collected by the guerrillas in gold mines under its control

Blow to the FARC mines

By: Maria del Rosario Arrazola
Police discovered how illegal group found an extremely cost-effective scenario for financing their activities.
Investigadores penetran las minas 

Photo: File

Researchers documented in the computer of Mono Jojoy that the guerrillas would have nominees in various departments of the country that manage about 50 thousand hectares.

More than a year ago a group of intelligence officers of the Police managed to penetrate the gold mines that are exploited in El Bagre, Nechí and the Serrania de San Lucas in southern Bolivar. The mission, according to his own testimony, was fraught with obstacles because the dominance of the FARC is almost absolute, “then there was to know ll Egar, prepare for a couple of months to a few agents and officers who are natives of this area of the Magdalena medium and, in fact, knew very well and mining issues was when we realized it was not so simple. ”

Thus began his story to the viewer one of the officers who stated that the FARC, no more no less, were controlling 15 gold mines in Bolivar. A profitable business that adds to the extortion continued to owners of 200 bulldozers stationed in El Bagre and Nechí. The guerrillas ‘shot’ with $ 5 million each just to start operations and another $ 3 million more during the time they stay there. The intelligence official puts round numbers: “We are saying that the FARC receives about $ 1,600 million a year for this concept.”

He adds: “Not to have what amount to exploit their own mines, where they get 24 carat gold, and every ounce on the market can cost U.S. $ 1,240.” The seasoned investigator, who spent nearly a year in the Middle Magdalena and southern Bolivar posing as mining and gold buyer, knew the minutiae of alternative finance center of the FARC, the details of the lucrative business and documents supporting the network of front men who lent their names to legalize the activity in the mines.

Police soon managed to make a radiograph of this scenario, the links of the FARC and hierarchies. Then it became clear that the ‘owner’ of this whole area is the Middle Magdalena Block, whose ultimate boss is alias Pastor Alape, newly promoted to the FARC secretariat to replace Mono Jojoy, and that was the company Gerardo Guevara, led alias El Flaco or Commander Ramiro Chili which had orders to military presence in the region and to intimidate the civilian population and the miners.

Thus, much of the economic slice of mineral production in the south of Bolivar, which was around $ 20,000 million in 2009, was filled into the hands of the guerrillas. That year was particularly good in terms of collection for the FARC, the researchers found the police. To address this phenomenon military leaders designed a pinpoint operation called ‘Hunting’: the military track personnel to enter and leave the area and police were able to infiltrate four ‘mining’ the service of the illegal group and 10 other gold buyers administrators.

One of the officers managed to become almost in the shadow of alias El Flaco Ramiro, to the point of accompanying him on long hours in bars in every town in the area. Police noticed that the guerrilla had two weaknesses, apart from women, “liked to take drink all weekend and buy gold watches. His addiction to alcohol too much and put it last November 5th Police and army units caught him in a bar in the village of La Corona, jurisdiction of El Bagre, and after a short exchange of gunfire, was shot in the right hand mining issue secretariat chief Pastor Alape.

Now, these same intelligence units of the police are after traces of the fronts for the FARC that manage nearly 48,900 hectares of productive land. The staggering figure was found in one of the emails from the computer of Mono Jojoy. In this document it is stated that these lands would be in Meta, Guaviare, Norte de Santander, Caquetá and Putumayo. Also covers several acres in Bolivar. The authorities maintain absolute secrecy about this issue because it could be considered the most important item for the support of the FARC, surpassed only by the huge amounts of drug trafficking and extortion.

In these lands, according to the first information available to investigators and the prosecution, the FARC have their own crops, livestock commercialized on a large scale and take advantage of this front to launder money in bulk. And authorities have documented the tentacles of the guerrillas in the mining market, how they managed to mimic their illegal funds and give it a blow to the economy.

  • Maria del Rosario Arrazola | THE SPECTATOR

Pentagon says intel contractors went too far

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Pentagon says intel contractors went too far

(AP) – Oct 28, 2010

WASHINGTON (AP) — A military contractor says he’ll fight Pentagon accusations that his people went too far in gathering intelligence in Afghanistan that ended up being used to target militants.

A high-level Defense Department inquiry concluded that defense contractor Michael Furlong, a retired Army officer, ran what amounted to an illegal spying ring of private military contractors.

The 15-page classified report into the matter, obtained by The Associated Press, says Furlong’s human intelligence collection program, known as "Information Operations Capstone," amounted to a "violation of executive orders" and Defense Department policy.

Drafted by Michael Decker, the Pentagon’s assistant secretary for intelligence oversight, and initialed by Defense Secretary Robert Gates, the inquiry calls for further investigation by the Air Force Office of Special Investigations.

In an interview, Furlong denied the accusations and said he never was questioned by the investigators nor has the Pentagon shared the report with him so he can answer the charges. He currently is on administrative leave, pending final review of the case.

The dispute over the Capstone operation centers on the military’s struggle over the past two years to ramp up intelligence gathering to support counterinsurgency. The strategy includes elements of nation-building, which requires more social, civil and economic data, as well as the tactical intelligence needed for targeting.

The outgoing head of military intelligence operations in Afghanistan, Maj. Gen. Michael Flynn, wrote a controversial public critique of intelligence-gathering in the war zone earlier this year. Flynn criticized the military intelligence gathering structure as too focused on hunting al-Qaida, to the exclusion of building a multilayered picture of Afghan civil society.

The program criticized by the Pentagon inquiry was set up to provide just that sort of non-targeting intelligence.

Furlong says that the contractors — retired CIA officers and special operations veterans, in addition to local Afghans — were tracking social and civil society for the U.S.-led NATO war effort and that if and when they sometimes came across militant plots, they passed that information on to the relevant authorities as outlined in their contract.

Former officials who worked under the program say the contractors also refused to ask any follow-up questions of their sources when military authorities asked them to pursue leads from their initial reports, to keep their contract intelligence collection separate from military capture-and-kill activities.

The former officials who worked under the program spoke on condition of anonymity because the $22 million operation, which ended May 30, is now part of the legal dispute.

But the inquiry concluded that Furlong’s program was carrying out "unauthorized" human intelligence operations by what it termed "nongovernment personnel under the guise of gathering and reporting ‘Force Protection Atmospherics.’"

The inquiry also accuses Furlong of "deliberately misleading" the military leadership on the "legal basis" for the program.

The inquiry further recommends that the Pentagon clarify what is legal, and what’s not, when it comes to human intelligence and information operations, a recommendation initialed by Gates as "approved."

Since it was shut down in May, the Furlong program has been replaced by an enhanced structure of intelligence collection, along the lines of Flynn’s blueprint. Flynn, who has been tapped for a top job working for the director of national intelligence, added new layers of collection and analysis, including a staff with field operatives who travel and function like media reporters.

Furlong says his team operated in much the same way.

The Capstone contract was run by Lockheed Martin and staffed by subcontractors including Strategic Influence Alternatives and International Media Ventures, a communications company based in St. Petersburg, Fla., with Czech ownership.

There are two more Pentagon investigations under way into the matter, including one by the Defense Department inspector general, in addition to the Air Force investigation.

Afghanistan handover issue hangs over NATO summit

[The American psywar is the only war which matters.  This brings the realization that we don’t really need to “win” our wars to obtain our hidden objectives; we only need to redefine the concept of “war” in the minds of the international audience, so that they will accept our operations peacefully.  As the “end of combat operations in Iraq” demonstrates, we can continue our wars without committing troops in such large numbers, even when we claim to be withdrawing.  Just as we empowered the Iraqi Defense Forces, we will train the Afghan Army to carry-on our war, under our generals’s direction, long after a majority of the troops have been relocated to the next Asian war.  The really sad part of it is that the American psywar operators have perfected their art (of subduing resistance to their plans with a lethal combination of bribes, treats and promises) to such a degree that they can confidently make any outrageous move and the people of the world will let them get away with it, just as the American people always let them get away with anything they want.]

Afghanistan handover issue hangs over NATO summit

Place: Lisbon | Agency: PTI

President Barack Obama and the leaders of NATO’s 27 other member nations open a two-day summit today aimed at finding ways to keep the Cold War alliance relevant in the 21st century with revamped roles including ballistic missile defense, anti-piracy patrols and counter-terrorism.

But the meeting is being overshadowed by the escalating war in Afghanistan, where the alliance is struggling to contain Taliban militants.

NATO officials say they expect unanimous support from the allies for Obama’s plans for a new, expanded missile defense system in Europe that would be based on an existing shield meant to defend military units from attack. The US already has a missile defense system based mainly in North America, and it is planning one for its European allies.

But Obama will face tough questions from US allies on his exit strategy in Afghanistan. He will also meet with leaders of the European Union tomorrow to defend his preference for stimulus spending at a time when many European nations are enacting economic austerity measures.

Tomorrow, the leaders are expected to endorse a plan by Gen David Petraeus, the top US and NATO commander in Afghanistan, to start handing over responsibility for security in some areas of Afghanistan to government forces in 2011. The plan is to end the alliance’s combat role by 2014 if conditions on the ground allow, but to retain significant forces in the country after that to train and advise the Afghan army and police.

“It will be a very important moment,” Adm Giampaolo di Paola, NATO’s top military official, told The AP today. “The start of transition is also testimony that the alliance is succeeding in Afghanistan.”

The alliance has 140,000 troops in Afghanistan, two-thirds of them Americans. The government’s security forces are being built up to just over 300,000 members. Their Taliban opponents are estimated to number up to 30,000 men.

NATO’s newly expanded anti-missile shield would cost euro 200 million ($273 million) over the next 10 years, said NATO secretary-general Anders Fogh Rasmussen, who also wants Russia to cooperate in the project. Despite claims by protesters that debt-plagued Europe can’t afford it amid austerity cuts, alliance officials insisted the project is worth it.

“We think it’s a good thing to have a missile defense system which is NATO-based,” Britain’s defence secretary Liam Fox told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme.


Large Central Espionage Complex Puts Washington In Mexico City

The large central espionage Washington

Jorge Carrasco A. and J. Jesus Esquivel

From the Fox administration, Mexico and the United States agreed to collaborate on strategic intelligence.After several years of negotiations today, with the permission of President Calderon and despite the reluctance of the Army and Navy, and operate openly and freely in Mexico nine institutions agents of espionage in the neighboring country. Under the cover of a misleading name (Bi-National Intelligence Office), the great center of Washington’s espionage work since last August in a building on the Paseo de la Reforma, Mexico City, near the U.S. embassy.

MEXICO CITY, Nov. 14 (Process) .- With the government of Felipe Calderón, the United States did what they always aspired to: Set in Mexico City a center of espionage. It was the rise of drug trafficking in the country that opened the door to all U.S. intelligence agencies, predominantly military, operating from the Federal District without having to cover for his staff and diplomats.

The establishment of the Office of Binational Intelligence (OBI) was authorized by Calderon, after negotiations with Washington, who began his predecessor, Vicente Fox Quesada. In meetings attended by the director of the Center for Investigation and National Security (CISEN), Guillermo Valdés Castellanos, without taking into account the objections of the military.

Through the OBI, Calderón and ushered to U.S. intelligence agents to investigate without problems for organized crime syndicates and drug trafficking. They can also watch the same government agencies, including the Secretariat of National Defense and the Navy, as well as diplomatic missions in Mexico.

The facilities at the headquarters of the agents of the Pentagon, Central Intelligence Agency (CIA, for its acronym in English), the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the Departments of Justice, Internal Security and the Treasury located in the commercial building located at number 265, Paseo de la Reforma Avenue, approximately 250 meters from the U.S. embassy.

In the OBI is the Pentagon that has the most significant presence, as from there operate the Military Intelligence Agency (DIA), the National Reconnaissance Office (NRO) and the National Security Agency (NSA).It follows the Department of Justice, also with three agencies: the FBI, the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) and Bureau of Alcohol, Snuff, Firearms and Explosives (ATF).

With two services is the Department of Homeland Security: Coast Guard Intelligence (CGI) and the Bureau of Customs and Immigration Enforcement (ICE), while the Treasury Department has officers of the Bureau of Intelligence on Terrorism and Financial Affairs (TFI) .

In addition, the OBI opened two satellite offices: one in Ciudad Juarez and one in Tijuana, where U.S. agents commanding “task forces” against drug trafficking, supported by Mexican personnel.

Extract from the main report is published in the 1776 edition of Proceso magazine, already in circulation.




by Jonathan Azaziah

Prior to the fascist, destructive, genocidal US-UK-Israeli occupation of Iraq, Sunni and Shia, Muslims and Christians, Arabs and Kurds lived together in a harmonious atmosphere of brotherhood and unity that paralleled that of occupied Palestine before the Zionist occupation in 1948. It is egregious. Disgusting. Despicable. Ignorant. Absurd. And erroneous on every factual basis to assert that the aforementioned ethnic and religious groups are now massacring each other, when in reality, they are being massacred by the murderous occupation armies.

Dividing Iraq via partition and driving it into a hell of ethnic cleansing was a Zionist plot that was originally designed in 1982 by Israeli foreign policy advisor Oded Yinon (1). The policies for destabilizing Iraq were reestablished in the ‘Clean Break’ papers written for mass murderer Benjamin Netanyahu by Zionist spy Richard Perle and several Zionist war criminals including Douglas Feith, David Wurmser, Meyrav Wurmser and Robert Loewenberg (2). Agents of the international terrorist group known as Mossad have been operating in Iraq as early as the 1950s, when the Zionist entity engaged in a false flag campaign of terror against the Iraqi-Jewish community (3). It has always been the absolute goal of the illegitimate usurping entity to destroy Iraq as a nation, so it can bring its ‘Greater Israel’ dream to fruition, settling its colonial extremists on the banks of the ancient Tigris and Euphrates rivers.

The bloody travesty of humanity that occurred on October 31st, 2010 which left 58 Iraqis dead in the Sayedat al-Najat Cathedral in Baghdad (4) was not the work of Al-Qaeda. The gunmen didn’t belong to Islamic State of Iraq. The homicidal shooters weren’t even Iraqi. The best way to honor the victims of senseless violence is to expose the truth of the attack. And the truth is, this massacre has Zionist fingerprints all over its blood-drenched structure.

SITE Intelligence: Mouthpiece of Mossad

As the events that led up to the massacre unfolded, the Zionist mainstream media reported that an Al-Qaeda offshoot known as Islamic State of Iraq was behind the horrors. The media obtained its reports from an organization known as SITE Intelligence Group (5). SITE is the primary source that the falsehood-spewing Zionist media, Zionist-designed Homeland Security, and even the FBI and CIA obtain their information from regarding Muslim and Arab affairs (6). When Israel is accused of a crime, SITE says otherwise and the media follows SITE’s lead. When SITE says Muslims commit a crime, the media follows SITE’s lead as well. SITE is controlled by Rita Katz, a former soldier in Israel’s Occupation Forces who has close ties to Mossad via her working relationship with Mossad agent Ben Venzke’s Intel Center (7), as well as the FBI (8). Katz, who comes from a deep-rooted Zionist family and whose father was executed in Iraq due to his spy activity for the Zionist regime, has admitted to disseminating false information to the United States government itself about ‘Jihadists,’ Al-Qaeda, and other ‘Islamic extremist’ groups (9).

Rita Katz collaborated with fellow Zionist Jane Harman, by delivering testimony on ‘Islamic terrorists’ using the internet as a weapon, before a congressional committee so the ardently pro-Israel congresswoman could pass Orwellian legislation to monitor anti-Zionist and anti-war activism online (10). Katz violated the privacy of hundreds of Muslim-Americans in their mosques, community centers and other social functions by illegally spying on them on behalf of the US government, and is currently being sued by several organizations (11). The former Israeli soldier is considered to be a protege of Zionist Steve Emerson (12), the notorious xenophobic propagator of Islamophobia, whitewasher of Zionist crimes against Palestinians and Lebanese and creator of the repulsive propaganda film, ‘Jihad In America (13).’ Rita Katz’s SITE organization has even been endorsed by the bloodthirsty killers at Blackwater, now known as XE (14), who are responsible for civilian murders across occupied Iraq, including the infamous massacre at Nisour Square (15).

Rita Katz is an ultra-Zionist who clearly works as an asset for the Israeli-invented ‘war on terror’ which has claimed millions of lives in occupied Arab and Muslim lands already. Her lies have affected Iraq directly, as she has attempted to sow division through spreading lies about the long-dead CIA asset Osama Bin Laden and the Shia population of the occupied nation (16). She is a noxious propagandist whose words, writings and actions are completely immersed in unequivocal falsity for the benefit of the usurping Tel Aviv regime, and whose SITE organization is an utter fraud and obvious front for Mossad. Only the oblivious, the deaf, dumb and blind would be unable to see through her lies.

Islamic State Of Iraq Doesn’t Exist

Al-Qaeda doesn’t exist. It should be reiterated for emphasis: Al-Qaeda. Does. Not. Exist. Even the atrociously pro-Israel apologist news agency known as BBC has admitted this undeniable fact through a documentary it released, in which CIA agents admit that the ‘terror’ organization is a sheer fabrication (17). The aforementioned Zionist propaganda outfit SITE Intelligence Group has reported Islamic State of Iraq is linked to Al-Qaeda. But if Al-Qaeda doesn’t exist, how can Islamic State of Iraq be linked to it? The answer is simple: Islamic State of Iraq doesn’t exist either. Something that exists can’t be linked to something non-existent; such notions are the peak of illogic and preposterousness. The US military itself, most saliently a Brigadier General, have already declared that the leader of the so-called Islamic State of Iraq, Omar al-Baghdadi, is an invention (18). The officials went on to declare that they needed to give an ‘Iraqi face to a foreign-run terrorist group.’ Typical.

SITE is an Israeli intelligence dummy company. Al-Qaeda and Islamic State of Iraq are Zionist-concocted fallacies. The question remains then: Who carried out the heinous massacre that martyred 58 and injured 78 others at Sayedat al-Najat Cathedral?  (read HERE)


Authorities mount manhunt for escaped Fatah al-Islam prisoner

Authorities mount manhunt for escaped Fatah al-Islam prisoner

Fugitive’s companion hospitalized after fall from Roumieh prison’s 10-meter wall
By Hussein Dakroub

BEIRUT: Lebanese authorities have mounted a massive manhunt for a member of an Al-Qaeda-inspired group who escaped from Beirut’s central prison in Roumieh, security sources said Thursday. Tuesday’s incident was the latest in a series of inmate escape attempts that have rocked the prison east of Beirut.

Mounjed al-Fahham, a Syrian, and Walid Boustani, a Lebanese, who belong to the militant Fatah al-Islam group, tried to escape from the Roumieh prison Tuesday, using blankets and bed sheets tied together to scale over the prison’s wall, the sources said, speaking on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to talk to the media.

Fahham was apprehended by security forces after suffering injuries due to a fall from the wall, apparently because his improvised “rope” was torn. However, Boustani managed to escape, the sources added.

Fahham and Boustani are among the 220 Fatah al-Islam members who have been arrested on charges of involvement in terror attacks in the Palestinian Nahr al-Bared refugee camp and killing Lebanese soldiers in the northern city of Tripoli.

The Lebanese Army crushed Fatah al-Islam militants in 2007 after three months of fighting in and around the Nahr al-Bared camp on the outskirts of Tripoli. A total of 170 Lebanese soldiers, more than 120 militants and more than 200 civilians were killed in the fighting.

Boustani managed to escape by disappearing in the forests near the prison compound. Army commandos and Internal Security Forces (ISF) personnel conducted a manhunt for Boustani, using two army helicopters and sniffer dogs to scan the area, the sources said.

A security source denied Thursday media reports that Boustani had been arrested. Authorities are looking into the possibility that Boustani might have headed north, traversing a main road, the source said.

Fahham was taken to Al-Hayat Hospital, where he underwent surgery for fractures and injuries he suffered from falling from a 10-meter wall, the sources said. They added that police investigators are waiting to question Fahham as soon as his health condition permits.

Interior Minister Ziyad Baroud followed up the incident, ordering immediate investigation into the circumstances of the escape, the state-run National News Agency (NNA) said.

He also ordered the ISF to investigate whether there was dereliction of duty among the prison’s guards.

Following Tuesday’s incident, the ISF took new measures to tighten security inside the prison, including the changing of some inmates’ cells, which prompted protests from other Fatah al-Islam inmates, a security source said. The source added that the protests were normal whenever a transfer of some inmates’ cells takes place, and said the situation was fully under the ISF’s control.

In August 2009, eight Islamists tried to escape from the Roumieh prison. Taha Ahmad Haji Suleiman, a Fatah al-Islam militant, was found in the nearby village of Bsalim a day after his escape. Seven other Fatah al-Islam prisoners also attempted to flee but their escape was thwarted by prison guards.



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