Ibn al-Khattab, Saudi Terrorist Leading Turks In Chechnya

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Ibn al-Khattab 


The Arab Mujahideen in Chechnya (Arabic: المجاهدين العرب في الشيشان‎) (Russian: Арабские моджахеды в Чечне) is an international unit of IslamistMujahideen fighting in Chechnya and other parts of the North Caucasus.

It was created by Ibn al-Khattab in 1995 during the First Chechen War, where it fought successfully against the Russian Federation in favor of Chechnya’s independence as the Chechen Republic of Ichkeria. Since the outbreak of the Second Chechen War it had important part in further Chechen resistance.

The unit has been known by several names throughout its existence. Examples include the Mujahideen in Chechnya, the Islamic Regiment, theIslamic Battalion, the Arabs in Chechnya and the Ansaar in Chechnya. The term ‘Arab Mujahideen’ is often used by one of the rebels’ official media outlets, Kavkaz Center.

Although the core of the unit has always consisted of Arab volunteers, a large number of its members are in fact non-Arab (most notably Turkish)



Khattab was falsely reported dead when Guantanamo captive Omar Mohammed Ali Al Rammah faced the allegations that he witnessed Khattab being killed in an Ambush in Duisi, a village in the Pankisi Gorge ofGeorgia on 28 April 2002."[13][14]

Khattab later survived a heavy-calibre bullet wound to the stomach and a landmine explosion. He was killed during the night of March 19-20, 2002, when a Dagestani messenger hired by the Russian FSB gave Khattab a poisoned letter. Chechen sources said that the letter was coated with "a fast-acting nerve agent, possibly sarin or a derivative".[15] The messenger, a Dagestani double agent known as Ibragim, was reportedly tracked down and killed a month later in Azerbaijan on Shamil Basayev‘s orders.[16] Ibn Al-Khattab was succeeded by Emir Abu al-Walid.