Pakistan’s Death and Torture Squads



Dr. Zulifiqar Mirza Minister of Interior of Sindh, rightly pointed our that majority of those arrested after recent target killing were belonging to MQM.

He addressed the Traders and Merchants of Karachi as asked their stance on Law and order when they were paying “ Bhatta “, Money for Protection to biggest Party of Karachi that is MQM .

Minister of Interior Dr Zulifiqar Mirza for Sindh , where Karachi is the Biggest city also Questioned the Responsibility of MQM to its citizen’s in regards to Law and order.

While Majority of Target Killers Arrested totaling 26 in number were from MQM Militant Wings arrested red handed.

After this disclosure, which is nothing new to people to Karachi and Pakistan  , MQM i( Mutahida Qaumi Movement ) is the one which made a lot of noise in media , against other Terrorists not belonging to MQM.

But when action was taken it was found to have a major share in law and order Situation, worsening through their Militant wings goons.
Killing of Pashtuns, in Karachi Happened,  after ANP rose to prominence from nowhere in 2007. This Infuriated MQM.

After Mayor of Karachi ignored totally the Pashtun Inhibited areas of Karachi in Development schemes.

Then on 12 May 2007  which is fresh in people’s memory , in order to stop chief justice entering Karachi. MQM on call of General ‘Pervaiz, Musharraf Performed the Pashtun Massacre Live in Front of the Cameras of Aaj TV and Geo in May 2007.

Billion of Rupees worth of Property belonging to Pashtuns were destroyed burned in Karachi .

Multiple Billions worth of Trucks and Tankers that are owned by Pashtun only , were burned too.  No compensation was paid to them to this day.

Destruction of Property belonging to Non-Urdu Speaking People seems to Past time of MQM and Religious Parties like Jammat Islami and JUI etc. who does it on one pretext or another.

Pashtuns became aware of their rights and they wanted somebody to lead them and it was not the MQM as their choice .

May 12 2007, was the day when Massacre happened Live on Camera , otherwise countless happening had happened but were ignored by Media.

This Massacre which Disturbed the International community so much that British consulate sent it staff to witness the firings in Locality of Aaj TV Building By MQM in Guru Mander Intersection Karachi , near Shrine of Quaid-i-Azam ( founder of Pakistan) with Red Diplomatic plates car when AAJ TV came under fire after it reported MQM staff firing live in streets of Karachi.

British were sheltering Altaf Husain as Political Asylum Seeker, for last 2 decades and this could have been Political crises for Britain as it was Harboring a Terrorist.

He was facing cases in Pakistan especially killing of Hakim Muhammad Syed a Social Worker too after he refused to Pay “ Bhatta “ , protection money .

The US media ignored this incident and it was hushed down.

The Chief justice Iftikhar Chaudhry is yet to repay the loan of 100 People who died for him and so does the Sindh High court after being surrounded by goons of MQM, who threatened the judges not to open cases against them. Or take any Suo Moto action on May 2007 Massacre in Karachi by chief justice of Supreme court.

It may, be noted that MQM goon had burned the Lawyers alive in a fire that was caused by them at chief justice visit to Karachi, Punjabi Lawyers who were burnt Alive right in the City Courts areas of Karachi , had a Terrifying effect of on Lawyers community .

A Lawyer, who spoke against MQM, was tortured and burned with Cigarettes and thrown on Streets of Karachi and asked to shut up. After he was picked from Military cantonment area of Karachi called Clifton.

Lawyers became so frightened that not a single case is running against MQM , even after NRO was abolished recently.

MQM has many Murder cases against them in NRO waived off which are still to be re-opened.

The stance of Pakistan Army is also very clear as, is it was ISI who made this in times of Lt-General Hameed Gul being ISI DG in 1980, s , who made this Party to deal with Popularity of PPP in Karachi Urban .

As Pro establishment Jammat Islami and JUI was popular in slums of Karachi only and was failing to Get Popular in Biggest Educated Urban class of Karachi.

Lt-Gen Hameed Gul DG ISI , is the Man who makes the civilian Government as failed Governments . To make them week and bow to American interests and to their Strategic Objectives.

He was involved in sabotaging PPP government thrice (Current one too)  and named as one of Killer of Benazir too.

He is one man who has benefitted the US and its Interest many times, he wanted to  Take revenge of Vietnam from Russians by Planning and executing the Kandahar Operation by Making them run in Helicopters which never happened as Mujahedeen were bogged down by Afghan Air force under Dr Najeeb .

He has  continued to serve them right till Taliban and now the war on Terror as without Terrorist and Taliban, US will not be able to stay in Af-Pak region and establish its bases in Afghanistan that can be used against Iran China and the Russians.

He provides them the Perfect Excuses and justification a State less Islamic Terrorists .

Neither can the US pursue its goals of, Great Game, and capture of Mineral and Oil Resources of Af-Pak and CAR states worth multi –Trillions of US Dollars which the western Civilization are dreaming of for past 300 Years right under nose of Russians .

The Al-Qaeda and Taliban are in the Interests of US and Mega corporations that want war.

Hameed Gul and ISI promises them just that a formidable enemy in form of Taliban and Al-Qaeda while Russians went out of Game after Gorbachov.
While Simpleton US citizens are being Hood winked for Their hard earned tax Payers Money being squandered on Mega Wars , and corporations  likes of the  Halliburton and Others of same Nature .

They take bulk of their money as Profits when they sell to their Biggest customer the US army and its War Machine.

That is reason Obama Betrayed US Tax Payers , too when  he Promised change while he Turned full 180 degrees around too and went for more war and bloodshed by Boosting troops and became a stooge to mega War corporations.

MQM is a small Player and a helpful contributor in All this Af-Pak drama too.  The, Aaj TV, and Geo –TV , footing clearly showed MQM goons Killing the Pashtun People and yet Pakistan Army  has refused to come Karachi in IS ( Internal Security ) duties recently in Muharam and for Past three years when 3000 Pashtun people died in Target Killings .

The Famous DG rangers Major General Javaid Zia , who took no action against MQM while it had erected containers to block Pro chief justice March by ANP and PPP, on 12 May 2007 has large moustaches , was very chummy with MQM Higher command and was usually reported to be sitting with them in his un-official times at their homes .

He was in most evenings found to be sitting in Privates Parties with Dr Muhammad Ali shah, (MPA, MQM and Owner of AO clinic Karachi ) private Stadium in North Naziabad Block A where they would enjoy themselves to goodies of world along with other MQM leader

There are some case in Sindh High court against, DG Ranger in Karachi Major General javiad Zia of Harassment and were reported in Newspapers too, that he threatened some people who were involved with MQM Leader Babar Ghori Ports minister in financial Transactions to favor the MQM Minister in Musharraf Government.

Instead of this Major General being investigated and Proper action taken against him, he was promoted to Lt-general and was put in lucrative position as QMG, (Quarter Master General), that involved Purchases and supply to Army.

The wife of Lt-General Javiad Zia was seen wearing a Lot of Gold Ornaments according to witnesses up to shoulders, in her hands although he belongs to a very humble back ground before joining the Army while studying in MCJ (Military College Jhelum)

There was case of rangers investing in Mutual Funds under him and stock Market too and loosing money in billions of rupees, just like NLC, (National Logistic cell which deals with Transport of American goods and is governed by the Army officers).

Now he is in very sensitive Post put by no Other than Chief of Army Staff, General Ashfaq Ahmad Kiyani, as Corps commander Quetta in Baluchistan.

This sensitive position while Whole Province of Baluchistan is burning with Hatred against Punjabis and the Army and there is Insurgency running that cannot be controlled by Pakistan Army is very disturbing to Patriotic People of Pakistan.

Baluchistan belongs to Majority Pashtun rather than Baluch who are a Minority in this province, the Pashtuns although are Pro-Pakistani but the Attitude of Army and rangers / FC there can change the situation very rapidly.

The Wiki Leaks says that Baluchistan mayhem is being financed with money and Arms from Afghanistan where there is US led Karzai Govt (Read CIA and USA ) and it stopped the IPI , Iran and Pakistan Piper line of Gas as reported by Wiki Leaks cable.

Through BLA and BRA (Baluchistan Liberation and republican army) , led insurgency protecting US interest not Indian it may noted that the High lighted IPI( Iran Pakistan and India Pipe Line )  would have ended in India as last stop. It means India and with a shorter route of Pipe line and cheaper Gas for India would mean India was better off with IPI Pipe Line.

Sabotage of IPI, promoted the TAPI, (Turkmenistan Afghanistan, Pakistan and India) , Pipeline after Pakistan Army failure to crush the Insurgency in Baluchistan. This Pipe line would also end in Pakistan and India but more expensive Crude oil would come out of it .

Clearly India would have benefitted from IPI rather than TAPI.

As Afghanistan is a Land Locked country (Surrounded by Koh-Solomon range of Mountains thousands of Km long) Afghanistan cannot import anything, without Port of Karachi and the two Passes called Khyber Pass in FATA and Chaman/ Quetta, Kandahar route.

To this day American have failed to find an Alternative route to Karachi Port,  and the Chubhar port in Iran is un-acceptable to them.
The Georgian route was sabotaged after Russian troops intervention.

So in in Implied sense all the weapons used In Af-Pak region are all reaching this area through a single Port of Karachi .

So the BLA and BRA are getting these weapons from Karachi port after they reaches Afghanistan and then are smuggled back to Baluchistan and rest of Pakistan including Back to Karachi .

MQM has got strategic hold on these weapons.

While the Pakistani Authorities cannot Blame USA out of fear of Public reprisals and Anti –Americanism rampant in Pakistan.

They are blaming the Indians, by its Multiple Embassies in Afghanistan Mantra.  Which is half truth, really a Lie.

Lt-General javiad Zia now corps commander Quetta, who can now be a another Musharraf in the Ranks, of Army as he is Pro-MQM and MI-6 and CIA. Even Musharraf, had support of Israel and Mosad , wiki Leaks confirmed it.

General Musharraf was a staunch supported of MQM too even as a colonel in the Past , he  used to Visit 90 HQ of MQM , and his staff car as brigadier was also found according to Intelligence reports by ISI many times in front of 90 MQM HQ in Karachi.

Lt-General Javaid Zia although a Punjabi is staunch supporter of MQM and a Pashtun Hater, for sure as he failed to Protect citizens of Pakistan and created a Massacre in may 2007 ( Witnessed Live on Pakistan TV channels ) ,that nobody is ready to take up in courts as well as Politically.
Pakistan Army too is Part of this Problem too, when it comes to MQM , as many officers of Rangers told me in Person that they would make fake cases against Pashtuns Mainly of Poor Backgrounds to appease the DG rangers Javaid Zia and on requests of MQM.

The refusal to Do Operation against Target Killers in Karachi by Army is testament to this.

Baluch Leaders Openly say that Punjabi Dominated Army is doing Operation against Baluch but fails to do any Operation in Karachi even when requested by ANP (Awami National Party of Pashtuns) and required even by the ruling PPP ( Pakistan People Party ) many times.
The commando like training of MQM Militant wings and their training has raised eye browns by many people as it cannot be done without a Proper Military training them just like the Taliban has this kind of Training too.

Just Like the religious parties Jammat Islami and Jameet Ulema Pakistan, PML-Q and N Variety, MQM is Party of Punjabi Establishment who works for Pakistani Establishment interests and Indirectly for USA . ( Remember it was PML-N , that snatched the contract of TAPI Pipeline from Argentinian Company Bridas and awarded it to Unocal / Union Texas of USA , through influence on Taliban ) .
Altaf Hussein was allowed to Visit and stay in UK with Consent of GHQ.  Most of funds of USA in Excess of 20 Billion US dollars from 2001-2007, went to this Party and PML-Q.

The recent billion of Dollar worth of corridors in Karachi to facilitate NATO containers Passage from Karachi which used to Take full 48 hours to reach just out of Karachi , was shortened to few hours after Lyari and Malir Bypass and Stop Less corridors and Under passes were built inside Karachi leading from Karachi Port to Outside city .

Roads and Infrastructure and Under Passes were made in Karachi with US Dollars that Boosted the Image of MQM which was considered as Party of Slums of Orangi Town and a Terrorist Party by Many Karachites and its support was fledgling.

Mustafa Kamal Karachi youthful Mayor became a celebrity with US Dollars to finance him and Musharraf was behind MQM,  too and so was the GHQ  and the Generals likes of Major General javiad Zia.

While he made the whole Karachi Developed, he conveniently left the Pashtun area’s of Karachi and Labor slums just like that underdeveloped.

The caused the Pashtun who are most disunited force in whole of  Pakistan and Victim of Divide and rule of British since Year 1800 to unite as ANP in Sindh and win 3 Seats in Sindh for first time in history of Pakistan annoying MQM as it wants to  share Karachi with Nobody else , even the PPP or Jammat Islami or JUI .

The area’s  of Most Interest to MQM like where the Un-recorded land belonging to slums of Karachi where Non –Muhajir / Non- Urdu speaking Labor settled in 1960,s ( Mostly Pashtuns from North ) , after Industrialization was promoted by Gen Ayub Khan and Ghulam Farooque another Pashtun founder of PICIC , by the 24 mainly Rich Memom and Pashtun families in those times.

The Love between Major General Javiad Zia and MQM was so much that gifts would be exchanged regularly; DG rangers would send Mango Crates to Babar Ghori and Dr Muhammad Ali shah AO clinic regularly after Shabaz rangers would send it from Interior Sindh mango Orchids.
While his association with a MQM, which is Terrorist organization that is controlled as according to wiki Leaks from UK, and MI-6, through Altaf Husain Protected by UK Government and is under Influence of MI-6 and CIA .

They were rocking the Boat of current Government through request of UK and US government s are reported in Wiki Leaks too US government Cables.

First was case of Kerry Lugar Bill and now the Reformed GST laws currently of fixed 15% (Although People are already paying them at rate of 21% ) .

Mainly the MQM and other Pro-establishment makes more noises when Zardari becomes closer to China and Iran and away from USA.
It may be noted the Protection of NATO supplied from Karachi port is also ascertained by Babar Ghori the Ports minister of MQM. The closeness and meetings of US Ambassador Ann Peterson with 90 HQ of MQM is known to all.

Thousands of containers were directly released by MQM without custom being done, bypassing it through convinces of MQM and Port Ministry and no record was entered in the computers of customs and Excise of these NATO and ISAF containers. Most of time computer were switching off.

No records of Thousands, of NATO ISAF container exists so far in 2001-2008 Years of such containers of NATO and ISAF , in customs and Excise department of Pakistan as a result.

As it passed directly out of Karachi Port , and not through the Excise and customs of Pakistan, under patronage of Karachi Port Ministry, of Babar Ghori of MQM.

This is on record that Supreme Court and Chief justice of Pakistan has taken a Notice of this container’s disappearances on Suo-Moto cases which mysteriously stopped in the Middle.

When the Port Ministry was not given to MQM and was given to PPP,s , Nabil Gabol , a spate of Target Killings followed in Karachi that forced the PPP to Give the Ministry of Ports back to MQM back after Arm twisting measures were taken when PPP Government came into being in 2008 .

Even in Strategic Meetings with USA, MQM was meeting Pentagon (CIA and Military front) people while PPP was not allowed in. As Karachi Port is the only Port that handles all the ISAF and NATO Military vehicles and the Ammunitions and 95% of each and everything Afghanistan consumes is passing through this port.

Afghanistan is a Land Locked country and it cannot bring heavy weapon without Karachi Port and all the weapons in Karachi and Baluchistan comes from Karachi Port and through MQM minister.

The containers are sealed and they have a satellite system Installed in the Locks of NATO Container and when somebody tries to open them a Signal is sent through Satellites to USA and Pentagon.

As result the NLC and Pakistan Army Personal are not allowed to Open it and no Taxes are paid on these containers apart from Meager rupees for documentation is paid to NLC.

The Roads and infrastructure of Pakistan have been damaged because of these loads and many Bridges have collapsed in Peshawar area and in FATA because of this.  Resulting in Long Lanes of NATO trucks which wait for Hours to cross over.
This is Point where they are Hit by Rocket Launchers and resulting in their Burning of Containers and Oil tankers by Terrorists. As roads are in shambles left deliberatively by Pakistani Establishment.

According to Wiki Leaks 300 Million US dollars was just allotted for Roads of Peshawar and FATA and not a single cent was spent there .
Another 300 Million dollars were earmarked for  Medical Evacuation and Hospitals for Frontier Corps the Pashtun forces that are fighting Taliban and are 150,000 strong , but still do not have a single Hospital but Loans beds in CMH ( combined  Military hospital in Peshawar ) –according to wiki Leaks .

The FC in Baluchistan and FATA are only troops of Pakistan,  not to Have adequate Medical facilities which Pakistan army enjoys.
Many Army officers in Private had told me that they are not sure what is inside these containers and suspicion are ripe that they contain the weapon ending in BLA and BRA hands.  This matter has been reported in Newspaper’s in Pakistan widely.

This Matter is of Grave concern to Patriotic people of Pakistan who wonder which way the Matter will Lead to with these Kind of Alliance between the Pakistan   Army and Such Parties like pro-establishment MQM.

The Pakistani Press is another coward in all this Matter and MQM is regularly involved in shutting down of TV channels which are in Majority based in Karachi and they use distribution channels that are based in Karachi city and whenever something is not of taste of MQM and GHQ or Washington, they shut off the Privately owned TV channels by No Other the mafia Like MQM.

Newspaper belonging to Jang –Geo , Group were Burned in Bulk and in one instance whole Sindh and Karachi could not read a single Newspaper of jang that said something bad about MQM and it Militant wing burned all the Printed copies of Jang Newspaper and even PIA Airlines had no newspaper that day.

It is widely believed the Media   in Pakistan pays “Bhatta”, and security money to MQM too.  This is what Zulifiqar Mirza the Interior Minister of Sindh said too in his speech to Big wigs and Trader of Sindh recently.

That what can government do when Traders are willingly paying to MQM who has most of Target Killers .

The MQM is involved in Censure ship that might be controlled from UK and USA , through Altaf Hussein too , as some people suspect .
Recently when Dr. Imran Farooq’ the Partner of Altaf Hussian’ Leader of MQM was Murdered, it killer were never exposed by UK Police. The Legendry Scotland yard is looking like idiot dude now.

It was rumored that Imran Farooq’ was separating from MQM and had left MQM for last 2 Years and was making another Party called BQM.
As BQM (A Bihari Qaumi Movement as MQM has majority of Biharis People in Orangi Town)  and this would have made MQM a week Party without DR, Imran Farooq’ and the Biharis and this resulted in his murder.

Recently MQM complained to President Zardari that Dr Zulifiqar Mirza should be either shut up or removed. Which the President Zardari listened too but we have to see the out come of this.

While Brave Zulifiqar Mirza repeated his statement again , the next day as that what he had said was true and he repeated it .

IT is up to MQM to keep Karachi in Calm or continue its spate of target Killings and than blame it on others.  Portraying itself as Victim ,falsely.
According to Wiki Leaks , Privately President Zardari wondered and Pondered aloud to Ann Paterson the US ambassador that he is still not sure what MQM is up to and why it engages in Violence in Karachi while it keeps it Militant wing active in Target Killing Pashtuns in Karachi.

The same Pashtuns, who are perceived, as Part of Taliban, in Afghanistan too by UK and USA are being targeted by MQM.

While conveniently, forgetting the whole south Punjab where the Madrasah and Taliban centers are situated .

Maybe British want to take revenge of their crushing defeats of 1838 and 1878 first and second Afghan wars, through MQM in Karachi.
Federal Minister Rehman Malik complained to USA through US Ambassador that MQM was rocking boat of Civilian Government on Behest of UK as MQM Leaders had confided to him.

Rehman Malik had asked UK and US to Stop doing it through MQM as reported in Wiki Leaks.

It seems that US and UK has a Lot of Pressure groups and Fake Political Parties that want to keep Pakistan as week country under clutches of Military establishment modeled on Egypt as fake democracy.

Without Proper democracy neither Pakistan nor Neither the US or world can be a safe place as it seems.
The direct cause of Terrorism seems to stem now from Britain and USA it seems now and Terrorism seems to be benefiting Military Mega Corporation of US now, but not People of US and Pakistan.

Pakistani Army inducts Pashtun’s and irregulars as Pakistani writ in Balochistan vanishes

Pakistani Army inducts Pashtun’s and irregulars as Pakistani writ in Balochistan vanishes

By Frontier India

Baloch armed guerillas forces seem to have now increased their attacks on Pakistani Army, which according to baloch are occupying forces. In response, the Pakistani Army’s Punjabi generals and civil bureaucrats have now adopted a counter strategy of abduction- kill and dump of soft targets. This is to prevent the energetic part of Baloch society, the youths from joining the Baloch national movement. And being more sinister, the teachers, students and Journalists are also its prime targets to deprive Baloch society of its literati.

It has been observed that Baloch resistant forces are targeting Pakistani army and its installations.

Yet the state sponsored terrorist organizations, Lashker e Jangvie, a much closed affiliate of Talban, lashaker e Taeyaba and Al-Qaida from Jumiet e Ulmae Islam side, is said to be involved in the target killing of teachers, journalists and political workers in Balochistan at the behest of Pakistani state agencies Pakistani army.

Baloch Musaleh Defie Tanzeem, a pocket organization of Pakistani political establishment, has been allegedly tasked with the responsibility of particularly targeting those Baloch Journalists and political workers, who are outspoken of Pakistani state policies regarding the Baloch national question in the historical perspective.

Gen Salim Nawaz, a Punjabi ex corps commander of Frontier Corps (FC) in Balochistan, who, under the command of Gen Musharraf had carried out the genocide of Baloch youths and martyred Nawab Akber Bugti, has been replaced by a Pashtun general from Khaiber Pashtunkhowa province , Gen Ubaidullah Khan khatak, to head Frontier Corps. Baloch say that the new mercenary general Now he has taken the charge of Baloch genocide “as a Pashtun” under the command of Punjabi Gen Ashfaq Kayani.

It was the Khuzdar Cantonment where the Gen Ubaidullah Khan khatak made its first visit when he was appointed as the corps commander of FC in Balochistan. He allegedly met Mengal and Zehri sardars and then he went to Chaman as a guest of Mahmmod Achakzai, where on record he announced the induction of Pashtuns in Pak army from Pashtun dominated areas of Balochistan, he also said that “as Khuzdaar and Quetta districts are with us, other remaining districts cannot make any trouble for us.” It is noteworthy to mention here that the land on which the Khuzdar Cantonment is established belong to Zehri and Mengal brothers. It is more than 20 thousand acres land leased to Punjabi military by Mengal and Zehri brothers.

But Archen Baloch of the Baloch resistance says that they have ripped through the order of the tribal societies. Powerful tribes have been reduced into fraternity groups by resistance movement. The recent attacks on two high profile government officials by Baloch resistance forces show that Baloch society is fully controlled by Sarmachars (the freedom fighters). Even though the CM and Governor are chieftains of their respective tribes, they are unable to seek their revenge on Baloch resistance movement as it has broken all barrier of tribalism. Baloch Sarmachars, the freedom fighters, have now totally changed the landscape of resistance.

Pakistani state writ in Baluchistan’s social life is totally eroded, except the military cantonments and garrisons, which houses only Punjabi military personnel and with Pushton mercenary armed men. They are totally alienated from Baloch society, they have been rendered as estrange objects in Balochistan by Baloch nationalist forces.

Pakistani army personnel without heavy columns of armed vehicles cannot enter into Baluchistan’s cities and towns. The constant resistance of 10 years has worn the morale of Pakistan army across Balochistan. Balochs say that the Pakistani Army is demoralized.

Apart from Armed resistance, in general society, people have now refused to pay utility bill, which is costing Pakistan billions of rupees.

Without the presence of helicopters and tanks it is utterly an impossible task for Punjabi dominated army to make sure that Baloch natural gas is flowing into Punjab’s cities and factories from already depleted Gas fields of Balochistan.

Baloch students have refused to be taught Pakistan Study text books in schools, colleges and universities. Reciting Pakistani national anthem in all education institutions and schools in Balochistan is a sin. Pakistani flag can be seen hoisted only on its cantonments and military camps. In place of Pakistani flag, azad Balochistan flag is flying on all schools, colleges, shops and homes across Balochistan.

All provincial and national assembly members from Balochistan have now bought homes in Islamabad and want to leave Balochistan forever, because, they are isolated from Baloch society of general public. They are now called pariah in Baloch society for reasons that they have done nothing for Baloch national struggle for freedom. Instead they are believed to be the collaborators of enemy.

Civil courts in Balochistan are deserted, as Baloch have abandoned the hope that their day to day social grievances would be redressed Pakistani courts. Balochs say that all courts in Balochistan are now engaged only with false cases framed against Baloch youths by occupying Punjabi military establishment as a measure of preventing them from the participation of freedom struggle.

As per the Baloch resistance, Pakistani military is putting all blame of Baloch insurgency on India, Afghanistan and Russia; and particularly India is its prime target of the entire blame.

27 killed in Mexican pipeline explosion

27 killed in Mexican pipeline explosion

At least 27 people were killed as a pipeline exploded in central Mexico when thieves were trying to steal oil.

At least 22 people were killed as a pipeline exploded in central Mexico when thieves were trying to steal oil.

Rescuers stand in front of a wall of flames in the San Martin Texmelucan town after the pipeline exploded Photo: EPA
10:13PM GMT 19 Dec 2010

Authorities estimated that the explosion and resulting spill affected a three-mile radius radius, injuring at least 32 people and scorching more than 100 homes.

The principal explosion, followed by four additional minor blasts, forced hundreds to flee the city of San Martin Texmelucan, 55 miles east ofMexico City.

“We saw rivers of fire in the streets,” Valentin Meneses, interior secretary for the state of Puebla, where San Martin is located, told Milenio Television.

Television images showed a scorched ghost town of houses, businesses and trees blackened by the huge explosion and a black crude-like substance covering the streets.

Meneses said the explosion, which happened before dawn Sunday, was apparently provoked by thieves trying to steal crude oil.

“They lost control because of the high pressure with which the fuel exits the pipeline,” he said, adding that the oil began to flow down the city’s streets and into a nearby river.

The state-owned oil company Petroleos Mexicanos, or Pemex, said in a statement that it had shut down the pipeline. Government authorities said the fire was under control by midday, but the area was without electricity or water.

Civil protection authorities, firefighters and military officers are investigating and trying to ensure there are no more explosions. No one has been detained.

Pemex has struggled with chronic theft, losing as much as 10 percent of all of its product.

Criminals tap remote pipelines, sometimes building pipelines of their own, to siphon off hundreds of millions of dollars worth of oil each year, Pemex has said.


Belarusians Try To Storm Government Headquarters in Election Protest

Belarusians Try To Storm Government Headquarters in Election Protest


Photo: AP

Opposition protesters shout slogans as they rally in downtown Minsk, Belarus, Sunday, Dec. 19, 2010.

Thousands of Belarusians protesting what opposition says was a rigged presidential election smashed windows and doors of government headquarters in central Minsk Sunday night.

The protesters tried to storm the building, which also houses the parliament, but were met by riot police ready to act.

Around 30,000 Belarusians defied President Alexander Lukashenko and marched in central Minsk Sunday.

Police used noise grenades to try and drive away an initial group of protesters. They also beat and seriously injured opposition candidate Vladimir Neklyayev, who was taken to a hospital unconscious.

Police flooded Independence Square in central Minsk with water in Arctic-like temperatures, hoping to turn it into an unsafe ice rink.

But that did not stop thousands from massing, chanting pro-democracy slogans and waving European Union flags.

While casting his vote earlier Sunday, Mr. Lukashenko denounced the opposition and said there would be no one on the square that night.

Early exit polls show him winning at least 72 percent of the vote over nine rivals, which would give him a fourth five-year term.

But the opposition says authorities urged voters to cast their ballots before election day, which it says opens the door to massive fraud.

Former U.S. President George W. Bush called Mr. Lukashenko “Europe’s last dictator” for suppressing free speech, human rights and rigging past elections.

The European Union also maintains sanctions against some Belarusian officials.

Mr. Lukashenko has recently been feuding with long-time ally Russia over gas and oil prices and has spoken of closer ties to the West.

But European Union foreign ministers have said they are concerned with a lack of progress towards democracy and human rights in Belarus.

Belarus riot police disperse crowds with batons

MINSK | Sun Dec 19, 2010 4:42pm EST

(Reuters) – Belarussian riot police Sunday waded into crowds of demonstrators protesting over the certain re-election of President Alexander Lukashenko, beating people with batons, a Reuters reporter at the scene said.

People fled in all directions as police moved in to disperse several thousands who had massed in Minsk’s Independence Square, alleging that Lukashenko, in power since 1994, had rigged his re-election.

Reuters reporter Lidia Kelly said she saw several people knocked to the ground in the police action, including an elderly woman.

Police pursued individuals into an underpass and down the main avenue leading away from the square.

Earlier, Vladimir Neklyayev, a 64-year-old poet and one of the main opposition candidates who ran against Lukashenko, was taken to hospital with a head injury after police broke up a small march he was leading.

(Reporting by Lidia Kelly; Writing by Richard Balmforth; Editing by Mark Trevelyan)