Awaiting the Storm

Awaiting the Storm

by Fred Reed
by Fred Reed

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Flags. These are always a bad sign. Hardly a politician appears on television who doesn’t stand in front of an American flag, sometimes three American flags. A venomous nationalism now poisons the air, and grows. We are off and rolling.

The trappings of fascism spread. General David Petraeus, commander of the Eastern Front, poses with the President in the White House in combat fatigues. The country is now the Homeland, reminiscent of the Nazi Fatherland and the Soviet Motherland. We hear of American Exceptionalism, the ritual self-idolization beloved of pathological nationalism. Blood and Soil. The American Dream. Ubermenschen. All we need is a short Austrian.

We may get one. The times ripen for a man on a horse. (Or perhaps a woman: Twitler of Alaska looms.) An ignorant population, unread, unfamiliar with the outside world, focuses its anxieties on troubling dark things lurking abroad, the brown hordes from the south, the rising Chinese, inexplicable Moslems who want to kill all Christians. Sooner rather than later such a mob finds solace in an angry unity. From an unhappy lower middle-class spring Brown Shirts. Wait.

Things come together: Falling standards of living across a country in irremediable decline, diminishing expectations, growing anger in search of focus, a sense of a birthright being stolen as preeminence drifts across the Pacific. Here is fertile soil for some strange crop not yet clearly seen.

It will play out against a backdrop of totalitarian watchfulness all too imaginable. A digital world lends itself to tyranny, making it, I think, inescapable. For practical purposes, the capacity to store data is infinite, to network it across the world, to track, to scan, to watch. This is not the place for a disquisition on the technology of surveillance. Just note that the machinery exists for a totalitarian watchfulness beyond Stalin’s wettest dreams. The government wants this, pushes for it daily, and gets it. You can’t spend a dollar, take a flight, or send an e-mail without a federal office watching. It is getting worse and cannot be stopped. Surveillance is too easy.

We will be told, are being told, that to be safe we must submit, that enemies within and without are upon us, that terrorists spawn plots everywhere. Where communists once hid in every closet and the House Un-American Activities Committee, HUAC, hunted them, now we have Islamo-terrorists hunted by Homeland Security.

What matter civil rights when the Moslem is at our throats? The price of liberty is eternal vigilance, and the vigilance ends liberty.

Hysteria darkly flowers. Homeland Security now wants to train us in how to react to a nuclear attack, à la 1950. Scare’m, keep’em scared, tell them you are protecting them, and they will kiss your boots. An Australian publishes embarrassing cable traffic from American embassies, and politicians call for him to be killed by the CIA. The agency is revered as a sort of clandestine Batman and Robin, defending America secretly where evil swirls in the coming night. Kill, kill. On subways we are told to watch each other, to report curious behavior to the authorities. Nothing can stop this.

Constitutionality becomes a fading memory. Random searches in train stations, genital examinations in airports, the decline of habeas corpus, the evasion of the duty of Congress to declare wars, on and on. The government does what it wants. There is no recourse. We are told that it is to make us safe. I haven’t asked to be made safe.

The genius of American politics is to espouse democracy while keeping political power from the people. The trick is to have barely distinguishable candidates for the presidency who carefully avoid mention of substance – the wars, for example, or affirmative action, guns, abortion. These elections, if so they be, allow people to wave placards, roar invective about throwing the rascals out and returning to traditional American etc. The dust settles and things remain as they were.

Governance does not rest with the people. Today, decree replaces legislation, and must, for our safety. If Homeland Security says you must go through a CAT scan, naked, and singing the Star Spangled Banner, then you have to do it. There is no recourse. You can unelect an elected official, but there is no way to get at a bureaucrat. If you do not submit, you go to jail.

Shortly we will hear the death rattle of free expression. No government sees an advantage to itself in a free press, though countries with decent governments feel much less threatened. Our government fears nothing more.

America has a carefully controlled press that appears free because it is not explicitly controlled by the government. But the real power in America rests with the big corporations and their lobbies, with Wall Street, whose personnel move in and out of the formal government at will. All of the traditional media, radio, newspapers, and television, are owned by large corporations. How curious that they do not question large corporations.

The only free press in America is the Internet, and the government does not like it. Washington now moves to “regulate” it. To promote fairness, you see, to prevent piracy, and to maintain national security. Then it will be found necessary to suppress “hate sites.” Just now you are reading a site that has been blocked on many federal installations for promoting hate. There is no recourse.

How will this play out? America retreats behind its emotional borders, gazes over the ramparts, frightened and hostile. In those outlets of the media than pander to The Heartland, to the manipulable unlettered, the nationalist drumbeat grows apace. That America’s bankruptcy results from America’s economic policies, that the country is everywhere hated because of willfully chosen behavior – this does not occur to people who do not read, who do not so much as know the dates of World War II. They will find someone else to blame. Liberals. Mohammedans. Mexicans.

A danger is that the country will lash out abroad, ever more feebly as the economy declines, at nations that no will longer pay attention to it. Washington says that it “will not tolerate a nuclear Iran,” and Iran ignores the admonition. You cannot not tolerate what you can’t prevent. The Pentagon sends the carriers to steam ferally in circles off North Korea, which ignores them. The consequences of wounded vanity are not trivial in world affairs, as anyone knows who has a familiarity with the Treaty of Versailles. But who does?

It serves nothing to raise alarms, to pen Philippics, to gnash hands and wring teeth. Minor political currents can be diverted by protest, but this one is the torrent subsequent to a broken dam. It will go where it will, as the Thirties went where they would. Hold on tight.

December 20, 2010

Fred Reed is author of Nekkid in Austin: Drop Your Inner Child Down a Well and A Brass Pole in Bangkok: A Thing I Aspire to Be. His latest book is Curmudgeing Through Paradise: Reports from a Fractal Dung Beetle. Visit his blog.

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May We See Your Papers, Comrade?

[Clamping-down on internal movement is a logical step in the regression back into the former Soviet Union.  We fought and won the Cold War for nothing, it seems.]

Russians to face tougher restrictions on moving


The Associated Press
Tuesday, December 21, 2010; 12:21 PM

MOSCOW — Russians may face new restrictions when trying to move from the provinces to Moscow, St. Petersburg or other large cities, Prime Minister Vladimir Putin signaled Tuesday.

Putin portrayed the move as a way to cut down on ethnic violence in the streets, but Kremlin critics say those tensions are being fanned deliberately as a pretext to introduce repressive legislation ahead ofRussia’s 2012 presidential election.

Ethnic tensions have been simmering since the death of a Slavic soccer fan during a fight with southern people from the Caucasus earlier this month. Racist hooligans reacted by conducting violent protests chanting “Russia for Russians!” and other slogans near the Kremlin, and police have arrested thousands of people since then to keep a lid on further unrest.

Putin appealed to soccer fans in Moscow on Tuesday to distance themselves from any ultranationalists and announced the possible measures, ostensibly to combat ethnic violence.

Belarus Joins Neo-Soviet Crackdown In Putin’s Common Economic Space

[The greatest tragedy of the Twentieth Century may prove to be that we did not guarantee that the Soviet beast was not really dead.  In the coming days, it will become even clearer that “Democracy” has absolutely ZERO chance under Vladimir Putin or his sharp-dressed little puppet.  In the Neo-Soviet Union there is no room for unsanctioned or spontaneous protests.  The New Soviet Union has so far been called a “customs union.”]

Belarus Extends Crackdown


MINSK, Belarus—Belarussian President Alexander Lukashenko extended his crackdown on opponents Tuesday, as authorities charged around 600 activists with taking part in an unsanctioned protest and threatened to disband political parties and organizations involved in Sunday’s protest against his landslide re-election.

At least four opposition candidates remained in detention Tuesday as Mr. Lukashenko sought to stamp out any embers of dissent after around 20,000 people hit the streets Sunday to protest a vote Western observers said was deeply flawed.

The activists will be locked up for up to 15 days, and the leaders of the protest face up to 15 years …

Even Our Presidents Are Hostages To the Greater Conspiracy

[The following might be considered to be an amazing admission by the ultra-legitimate MarketWatch, in that it openly discusses some of the brutal, ugly facts of American political and economic life, for which people like myself are often branded as “conspiracy theorists,” whenever we dare to write on the subject.

Politics is hopeless, there is no free market, individualism is targeted for elimination.

Our world is totally controlled by a tiny super-wealthy elite.  Our only hope is REVOLUTION, in some form, hopefully a “mini-revolution,” something short of an armed rebellion.

Whenever the friends of the Wall St. Journal are saying the same thing–

Then even the bad guys know WHAT COMES NEXT.

Obama is a hostage, but not to the GOP

Paul B. Farrell 11 reasons Reagan, Bush, Clinton also hostages to an enemy within

By Paul B. Farrell, MarketWatch

SAN LUIS OBISPO, Calif. (MarketWatch) — Why did Obama cave? Is he a hostage?

New York Times columnist Frank Rich branded himself a new kind of wikileaker in his column, “All the President’s Captors.” Rich diagnosed Obama using “an article titled ‘Understanding Stockholm Syndrome’ in the online archives of The FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin. It explains that hostage takers are most successful at winning a victim’s loyalty if they temper their brutality with a bogus show of kindness. Soon enough, the hostage will start concentrating on his captors ‘good side’ and develop psychological characteristics to please them, ‘dependency; lack of initiative; and an inability to act, decide or think.’”

Ryan: Tax cut deal not a stimulus

U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan, R, Wis., insists that the deal between Republicans and the White House on the Bush tax cuts is not a second stimulus and that the agreement will promote growth despite adding to the deficit.

There, in a few short sentences is everything you need to know about Obama’s meltdown: From powerful campaigner to a presidential caver, surrendering without a fight. But even if the president is a hostage, who are Obama’s real captors? The GOP? No. Not the GOP. The GOP is also a hostage. So who are the real culprits?

First, we know the FBI bulletin is an accurate psychological diagnosis: Outwardly Obama exhibits the classic signs of a hostage captured by criminals, trapped in a Stockholm syndrome. The prisoner surrenders, does exactly what his captors demand, without a fight. Joins them.

Here the cave is so complete he’s reduced to publicly condemning his own party for being “sanctimonious” hypocrites, while he’s hypocritically “selling” Bush’s totally ineffectual non-job-creating tax cuts for the rich to his Democrat challengers. The irony is historic.

Forget Sen. Mitch McConnell and the GOP. Forget the GOP’s disastrous Reaganomics. Forget the Supreme Court flooding billions into GOP campaign war chests. Forget even the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s billionaire GOP donors. All front men, stooges, bagmen.

Who’s really pulling the strings? The Goldman Conspiracy, the Wall Street Banksters, the guys getting rich taking huge risks again, pushing America ever closer to a new meltdown, bigger than 2000 and 2008 combined. This Conspiracy has absolute power; It runs America. Democracy is dead. Capitalism is dead. Think otherwise? You’re self-delusional.

So on the surface, it may look like a tragically weak President Obama is surrendering to his GOP captors, siding with his captors to bring back the GOP’s disastrous Reaganomics policies, destroying the American economy without a fight. But the truth is, Obama defected to the dark side before he was elected, just as Clinton, Bush and Reagan caved into the same Conspiracy.

Jack Bauer stopped a hostage taking of a president. Obama caved

This is all so predictable: We warned our readers of this takeover early in Obama’s administration: When Obama discarded guys like Paul Volcker, picked insiders like Tim Geithner, Larry Summers and Ben Bernanke with ideological ties to the Goldman Conspiracy and the GOP, we knew Obama was doomed from the get-go.

Yes, we saw it coming: Back in early 2009 we saw parallels of the Goldman Conspiracy’s takeover to an episode of the TV hit series “24.” and its mythical hero Jack Bauer. See ‘Even Jack Bauer couldn’t stop the Goldman Conspiracy

Here’s the plot, originally dramatized when President Obama was new, when he was a savior with a powerful mandate. But lurking in the shadows we saw an ominous dark shadow that is rapidly becoming a reality, as he merges into the Conspiracy:

1. American government is now run by the Goldman Conspiracy

Article in Portfolio: “The Usual Suspects … exposed … the Goldman Sachs ‘conspiracy’ to take over the U.S. financial system.” The financial sector explodes: 19% of U.S. corporate profits in 1986 to over 40% in a decade.

2. Huge conflicts motivating Wall Street’s Trojan Horse

Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson at Goldman for 30 years. His $700 million fortune threatened in 2008 by Goldman’s $20 billion derivatives exposure at AIG; he “saved” AIG. Today, his puppets Geithner, Summers and Bernanke still working inside for Wall Street.

3. Wall Street’s Quiet Coup also runs global banking system

Article in Atlantic, “The Quiet Coup.” Simon Johnson, former IMF chief economist, co-author of “13 Bankers,” warns “financial industry has effectively captured our government.” Break Wall Street’s “stranglehold” or we can’t “prevent a true depression.”

4. Wall Street used the meltdown to take over America’s government

Rolling Stone’s Matt Taibbi: “The Big Takeover, how Wall Street insiders are using the bailout to stage a revolution … By creating a crisis that can only be solved by those fluent in a language too complex for ordinary people to understand.” And the Conspiracy is “transforming a democracy into a two-tiered state, one with plugged-in financial bureaucrats above and clueless customers below.”

5. How Wall Street insiders mislead American for personal gain

Before the meltdown, Paulson mislead America: “This is far and away the strongest global economy I’ve seen in my business lifetime.” He lied. Bloomberg reported that in 2006, a month after leaving Goldman, Paulson was at Camp David warning the president of “over-the-counter derivatives as an example of financial innovation that could, under certain circumstances, blow up in Wall Street’s face and affect the whole economy.”

6. Wall Street’s CEOs rule like dictators in a banana republic

Taibbi adds: “Paulson and his cronies turned the federal government into one gigantic half-opaque holding company, one whose balance sheet includes the world’s most appallingly large and risky hedge fund, a controlling interest in a dying insurance giant, huge investments in a group of teetering megabanks,” and many more bad deals, including $5.5 trillion in Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, and $3.3 trillion at the Fed.

7. Banks recycled cheap bailout money, got richer, shafted America

Wall Street was virtually bankrupt when insider Paulson conned a clueless Congress out of $780 billion of taxpayer cash to save his Wall Street buddies His buddies quickly reported “blockbuster” earnings and mega-bonuses, while shafting taxpayers.

8. Wall Street has already set the stage for another, bigger disaster

After the 2008 election at the peak of the banking crisis, John Whitehead, former Reagan deputy secretary of state, former Goldman Sachs chairman and former chairman of the New York Fed, warned America’s recovery would take years, burn trillions, result in massive deficits: “A road to disaster … but I don’t see a solution here” just another depression.

9. Wall Street made an un-American bet on Disaster Capitalism

Buy Goldman stock? Yes, if you’re betting that the GOP’s Reaganomics is coming back, strong, tightening its stranglehold on Washington, taxpayers, the American economy.

10. Now Obama’s turned the Goldman Conspiracy into a superpower

Jack Bauer’s a great mythical hero. We need to believe in heroes who will protect the little guy, the middle class. Barack Obama’s voters expected a hero, a savior like Jack Bauer. Today Obama’s gone from hero to a hostage of the dark side. Still, Bauer remains a symbol of hope for a real revolution, not a temporary populist Tea Party-style reform movement that is also a hostage of the Conspiracy. Hopefully some new hero will emerge, take power back from Wall Street, from the GOP, from Obama, and return it to the people.

11. Warning, all Americans now hostages to the Conspiracy

America is ruled by this Conspiracy, its lobbyists’ cash, its Congress, its billionaire backers. Accept it. Eventually everyone surrenders. Congressional leaders, political parties, even presidents all become hostages: Bush, Clinton, even Reagan, now Obama. All this was so predictable early in Obama’s presidency, which made the episode of “24” so prophetic. Just as Paulson took Congress and Bush hostage, in “24” Jack Bauer was fighting a terrorist dictator attacking the White House and taking a president hostage. A dramatic signal of things to come, the Conspiracy holding Obama hostage.

Forget America’s external enemies, China, Iran and al Qaeda. We have enemies within who need no help in destroying American. Indeed, if as predicted China becomes the sole global superpower by 2040, three times America’s GDP, it will happen because we self-destruct, because as a nation we cave, because we surrender to the Goldman Conspiracy, we let them continue on their megalomaniacal path to a mega-meltdown.

Hopefully we will get a soft wake-up call, a divine intervention, black swan, maybe a mini-revolution overthrowing the Conspiracy holding America hostage. Unfortunately the real wake-up call is likely come too late, catch our leaders by surprise, before they can react. Then we’ll get the Great Depression II, a pandemic consuming all world economies, triggering mass class rebellions against the rich, much like revolutions that overthrew past empires.

All so predictable: Even Warren Buffett knows a revolution is coming, admitted as much a few years ago: “There’s class warfare, all right, but it’s my class, the rich class, that’s making war, and we’re winning.” Warning: His world is reaching a incendiary flash point: Revolutions are coming, much sooner than you think.

U.S. Special Forces Prepare Invasion of Pakistan

U.S. Military Seeks to Expand Raids in Pakistan


WASHINGTON — Senior American military commanders inAfghanistan are pushing for an expanded campaign of Special Operations ground raids across the border into Pakistan’s tribal areas, a risky strategy reflecting the growing frustration with Pakistan’s efforts to root out militants there.

The proposal, described by American officials in Washington and Afghanistan, would escalate military activities inside Pakistan, where the movement of American forces has been largely prohibited because of fears of provoking a backlash.

The plan has not yet been approved, but military and political leaders say a renewed sense of urgency has taken hold, as the deadline approaches for the Obama administration to begin withdrawing its forces from Afghanistan. Even with the risks, military commanders say that using American Special Operations troops could bring an intelligence windfall, if militants were captured, brought back across the border into Afghanistan and interrogated.

The Americans are known to have made no more than a handful of forays across the border into Pakistan, in operations that have infuriated Pakistani officials. Now, American military officers appear confident that a shift in policy could allow for more routine incursions.

America’s clandestine war in Pakistan has for the most part been carried out by armeddrones operated by the C.I.A.

Additionally, in recent years, Afghan militias backed by the C.I.A. have carried out a number of secret missions into Pakistan’s tribal areas. These operations in Pakistan by Afghan operatives, known as Counterterrorism Pursuit Teams, have been previously reported as solely intelligence-gathering operations. But interviews in recent weeks revealed that on at least one occasion, the Afghans went on the offensive and destroyed a militant weapons cache.

The decision to expand American military activity in Pakistan, which would almost certainly have to be approved by President Obama himself, would amount to the opening of a new front in the nine-year-old war, which has grown increasingly unpopular among Americans. It would run the risk of angering a Pakistani government that has been an uneasy ally in the war in Afghanistan, particularly if it leads to civilian casualties or highly public confrontations.

Still, one senior American officer said, “We’ve never been as close as we are now to getting the go-ahead to go across.”

The officials who described the proposal and the intelligence operations declined to be identified by name discussing classified information.

Ground operations in Pakistan remain controversial in Washington, and there may be a debate over the proposal. One senior administration official said he was not in favor of cross-border operations — which he said have been generally “counterproductive” — unless they were directed against top leaders of Al Qaeda. He expressed concern that political fallout in Pakistan could negate any tactical gains.

Still, as evidence mounts that Pakistani troops are unlikely to stage a major offensive into the militant stronghold of North Waziristan, where Al Qaeda’s top leaders are thought to be taking shelter, United States commanders have renewed their push for approval to send American commando teams into Pakistan.

In announcing the results of a review of the strategy in Afghanistan, Obama administration officials said they were considering expanded American operations to deal with threats inside Pakistan. They offered no specifics.

In interviews in Washington and Kabul, American officials said that officers were drawing up plans to begin ground operations to capture or kill leaders from the Taliban and the Haqqani network. American officers say they are particularly eager to capture, as opposed to kill, militant leaders, who they say can offer intelligence to guide future operations.

Even before finalizing any plans to increase raids across the border, the Obama administration has already stepped up its air assaults in the tribal areas with an unprecedented number of C.I.A. drone strikes this year. Since September, the spy agency has carried out more than 50 drone attacks in North Waziristan and elsewhere — compared with 60 strikes in the preceding eight months.

In interviews, the officials offered a more detailed description of two operations since 2008 in which Afghans working under the direction of the C.I.A. — a militia called the Paktika Defense Force — crossed the border into Pakistan. They also offered a richer account of the activities of these militia groups throughout the country.

According to an Afghan political leader, one of the raids was initiated to capture a Taliban commander working inside Pakistan. When the Afghan troops reached the compound, they did not find the Taliban commander, but the Pakistani militants opened fire on them, the Afghan said.

An American official disputed this account, saying that the C.I.A. militias are not sent over the border to capture militant leaders, but merely to gather intelligence.

In a second raid, the Paktika militia attacked and destroyed a Taliban ammunition depot and returned to base, officials said. Both of the C.I.A.-backed raids were aimed at compounds only a few miles inside Pakistani territory.

The Paktika Defense Force is one of six C.I.A.-trained Afghan militias that serve as a special operations force against insurgents throughout Afghanistan. The other militias operate around the cities of Kandahar, Kabul and Jalalabad as well as in the rural provinces of Khost and Kunar.

One American service member, speaking on the condition of anonymity, said the C.I.A.-backed militia near Khost had recently deployed in the mountains along the Pakistan border, where it would spend the winter trying to intercept Taliban fighters. So far, the C.I.A.-backed force has proven effective, he said.

“The rockets we endured for the past seven months suddenly dried up,” the service member said.

In the past, the American military has had only limited success in its few cross-border operations. In October, an American military helicopter accidently killed a group of Pakistani soldiers during a flight over the border in pursuit of militants. The episode infuriated Pakistan’s government, which temporarily shut down American military supply routes into Pakistan. Several fuel trucks sitting at the border were destroyed by insurgents, and American officials publicly apologized.

Two years earlier, in September 2008, American commandos carried out a raid in Pakistan’s tribal areas and killed several people suspected of being insurgents. The episode led to outrage among Pakistan’s leaders — and warnings not to try again.

Mark Mazzetti reported from Washington, and Dexter Filkins from Kabul, Afghanistan. Eric Schmitt contributed reporting from Washington.

Gul and Erdogan Opened War military service!

Gul and Erdogan Opened War military service!

About 200 Turkish officers, the Istanbul 10thHigh Criminal Court appear before a judge.


About 200 Turkish officers, the Istanbul 10th High Criminal Court appear before a judge.Three-quarters of active duty officers among the defendants and the former Air Force Commander, retired Admiral Ozden Example retired Gen. Halil Ibrahim also has storm. Republic of Turkey for the first time such a wide range of high-ranking Turkish soldiers is a political case that comes across because of a civil court. Charge different penalties of up to 20 years in prison for crimes ispatlanırsa officers. The indictment prepared by prosecutors consists of a thousand pages. Trial hearings open in the next few months if the soldiers of the Turkish community in terms of information will remain subject to a period of high tension can be sure.Because, as foreseen, during hearings on Turkey’s recent political history of the language will be brought sensational events. Lawsuit filed against the soldiers as phony show a great interest in assessing the opposition in this case is not getting that much doubt. They also need to add this: Turkey, the only state in Europe that perform a similar case. This history demonstrates, Stalin, the USSR carried out a similar type of cases is identity. In such a situation, the provision requires a certain scenario, though, because what is in question, the Turkish troops since 1960, starting four coup to remove the political prestige of abuse.

From the time of Kemal Ataturk, the founder of the Republic of Turkey’s secular foundations of the state to protect the Turkish troops engaged, but also implemented the policy of state capitalism. Moreover, the West, their ideological and practical principles of Westernization in the East was looking through the eyes of carriers. However, major changes occurred in Turkey during the eighth President Turgut Ozal. Ozal in the early ’80s with the prime minister, to push into the market economy began to practice. At that time, the whole world, “the Turkish economic miracle” was talking about. However, a certain distrust of the generals against Özal that nurture its suspected Islamist. However, the main reasons were different: the generals, the so-called Turkish businessmen and intellectuals formed a new political class in a rapidly
saw formed.

Today, Gul-Erdogan government holds those who see it as the duo continue to implement their ideas Ozal is not a coincidence. Similarly, poisoned and his wife Semra Ozal Ozal in 1993, insisted that a special parliamentary investigation in making sensational claims in the Turkish media, especially the emergence of these days is far from being a coincidence. Ozal’s plans to solve the Kurdish problem, Kurdish mother of the publicity gained at the truth condition. In parallel here is obvious: These days, Erdogan also effectively dealing with the Kurdish question.Thus, some circles in Ankara, the official’s actions against the soldiers behind the moment in question is a serious historical background. The plot itself-is-such a system in terms of plot you reach the very serious indeed reflect the existence of contradictions.

But the situation can change on the eve of general elections scheduled for the summer months. Therefore, current conditions, Gul-Erdogan duo, no matter what needs to undermine the opposition front as possible, especially the accounts that are common in the spotlights Erdogan’s candidacy for president this time in the future. Holding power in binary, backed by the EU’s response to the implementation of liberal economic reforms with the opposition, clearly some of the soldiers of the country’s secular foundations of the state of a possible collapse of Islamization and the Turks to use the trump card to scare continues. The goal of these tactics, however, at this stage to another: the Nation partisan divide that figure to create political conditions necessary to be president.

Many experts on the future political developments, largely of Turkish troops would be based on the results of the process of starting the court thinks. Moreover, not only in Turkey, the military epaulet those bearing a broad sense, but also as the opposition, the ruling party, in a veiled way to support them effectively necessary to include a portion of the bureaucrats. Now this is not an official camp, the net movement of a scheme can intuit: Erdogan, the president wants to give up the leadership of the ruling party. Erdogan and Gul-dispersible in this case, the party under the ruins of the duo can embed their own. If the withdrawal of soldiers from the scene, even if these leaders themselves chances to beat their supporters to power, the struggle between parties will lead to a difficult catch.

Therefore, the court process, which started in Istanbul, with intrigue and Sledgehammer are not directly connected with the operation of the various political stories can accompany the process of moving the agenda effectively. Here, the soldiers on trial, the government’s relationship with the Kurds or the “Ankara with Washington to develop a common struggle against terrorism” on many issues, such as efforts to bring some information that may be expressed. Two days before the start of the hearing chairman of the Turkish government to carry out the trial judge to change is not a coincidence. For this reason, Turkey is in anticipation of the political sansasyonlar.

Source: Regnum


Taliban could still seize large parts of Afghanistan, U.S. spies warn Obama

Taliban could still seize large parts of Afghanistan, U.S. spies warn Obama


President Obama’s hopes for progress in Afghanistan were undermined today by a spy agency report that paints a bleak picture of the conflict.

Large swathes of Afghanistan remain in danger of falling to the Taliban and Pakistan is still secretly supporting the insurgency, according to U.S. intelligence experts.

The grim assessment of the nine-year war is in start contrast to the upbeat view of defence chiefs.

U.S. soldiers help a wounded comrade after their armoured vehicle was struck by an IED in Afghanistan in July (file picture). Intelligence chiefs have painted a bleak assessment of the warU.S. soldiers help a wounded comrade after their armoured vehicle was struck by an IED in Afghanistan in July (file picture). Intelligence chiefs have painted a bleak assessment of the war

And it has fuelled a bitter row between the CIA and the military over who has a better idea of what is really going on in the war zone.

The dispute comes on the eve of the unveiling of Mr Obama’s security review for Afghanistan in which he plans to tout the optimistic outlook of his generals.

He will now have to overcome the perception that U.S. forces are banging their heads against a brick wall.

One of the key obstacles to peace is the Pakistani government’s refusal to stop its clandestine support for Taliban fighters who mount attacks on U.S. troops from tribal mountainous areas across the Afghan border, according to the national intelligence estimates assessments complied from more than a dozen spy agencies.

Last week, Defence Secretary Robert Gates suggested the administration’s strategy has helped turn the corner in Afghanistan and Mr Obama is expected to say that his troop surge was working.

An Afghan boy greets a U.S. soldier manning a checkpoint outside Kandahar (file picture)An Afghan boy greets a U.S. soldier manning a checkpoint outside Kandahar (file picture)

Pentagon officials argued last night that the intelligence claims were out of date because they were completed nearly three months ago – before all the extra troops had arrived on the front line.

‘You are missing at least 2 1/2 months of intensive operations with the full complement of surge forces,’ a senior defence official told the Los Angeles Times.

He added that intelligence analysts lack the ‘proximity and perspective that our forces have who are on the ground living this every single day.’

A senior intelligence official hit back, saying: ‘The notion that intelligence officers aren’t on the ground in Afghanistan and on the front lines in the fight against terrorism is preposterous.

‘Our people are working side by side with the United States military and our foreign partners to thwart our common enemies,’ he told the Times.

White House press secretary Robert Gibbs said the strategy will say that ‘there has been some important progress in halting the momentum of the Taliban in Afghanistan.’

He conceded there were still problems with safe havens in Pakistan, but added: we’ve seen greater cooperation over the course of the past 18 months with the Pakistani government.’

Mr Obama sent an additional 30,000 U.S. troops to Afghanistan as part of his plan to replicate the success of the surge in Iraq.

He has pledged that military withdrawals would start next July and hopes to hand over control to the Afghans by 2014.