CIA Mouthpiece–Part II, Syed Builds on CIA Theme, “Al-Qaeda” Has Infested Quetta

[Here we have part II of Asia Times dispensation of latest dangerous CIA myth, that “Al-CIA-da” has established a “watershed” in the area around Chaman.  As with all CIA “Public Diplomacy” psyops such as this, the well-placed agency writer/patsies, like Syed Saleem Shahzad, follow the traditional tactic of citing his last installment as established fact and self-reinforcing proof of his latest claims.  His words gain credibility when unnamed “security officials” give unsubstantiated leaks that are echoed by current news reports–“al-Qaeda” captured in Chaman, coinciding with British press claims of Iran releasing “al-Q” leaders.  This tactic echoes the mind-bending techniques perfected in Oliver North, Wm. Casey and Otto Reich’s Central American “Contra” deception operations.  They have been working on these techniques for a long time–I guess that is why it takes old researchers with long memories like Robert Parry to tie today’s CIA deceptions with yesterday’s CIA deceptions.

The following line gives away his entire deception, expressing truthfully what he and the spooks would like us to believe.]

“An indication of a strong pro-al-Qaeda LJ presence in the region shows a complete anti-thesis of the grand American designs for an endgame,”

[Keep in mind that the covert government has entrapped us in a Hegelian trap, intending to trick the American people and everyone else into embracing contradictory solutions.  Seen in this light, the CIA mouthpiece’s words make it a little easier for us to understand what is going on.  If they want us to believe that “al-Qaeda” has established a beachhead near Quetta, then the opposite of that is the real truth–THERE IS NO ISLAMIST PRESENCE IN QUETTA, except for a few token “Islamists” imported into the area for publicity purposes, such as the alleged IMU terrorists also supposedly captured near Chaman, on the same day as Bugti’s 12-16 vehicle convoy was busted allegedly importing heavy weapons.

The US Army/CIA must be getting desperate to attempt such a lame gambit, even though it probably will give them their objective, allowing military actions to flow from Kandahar  into Balochistan.  The flurry of Iran/al-Qaeda/IMU reports will increase and become blurred with those about Shahzain Bugti.]

CIA Mouthpiece Credits “al Qaida” With “Strategic Corridor” Idea

[For those of you who know the work of Asia Times reporter, Mr. Syed Saleem Shahzad (or his Agency counterpart, Mr. Michael Scheuer  SEE:  CIA Sees Dead People), you already know that he is used to introduce false narratives, the “official version” of planned events.  He previously outlined the “Taliban split” psyop that introduced the official story on the TTP to the world.

Now, Syed is setting us up for the next psyop, by introducing the concept of the “strategic corridor” into the media (SEE: ‘Final Solution’ Frenzy – Part Four: Final Solution for Pakistan), only he is doing his usual job of flipping the truth, making claims that it is “al Qaida” who has plans to occupy the western corner of Balochistan, setting us up by introducing the false plot line, in order to justify pursuit by the American/international coalition.

Balochistan: Al-Qaeda’s watershed in the region

A sudden surge in attacks on Afghanistan-bound (through the Chaman-Kandahar border crossing) North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) supplies, a hallmark of al-Qaeda and its allied groups, especially in the ethnically Baloch regions of Balochistan, forced decision-makers for the first time to rethink the serious penetration of al-Qaeda in the region that had been the domain and ownership of the indigenous Pashtun Taliban.

“This is evidence that the situation is clearly slipping out of control,” a senior security official told Asia Times Online. “There was a hope in the past that Pakistan could intervene and talk through the Taliban who run southwestern Afghanistan without any al-Qaeda influence, but if they have opened a theater in Balochistan, that means the situation is taking a new turn and the war theater will flare up.”

“An indication of a strong pro-al-Qaeda LJ presence in the region shows a complete anti-thesis of the grand American designs for an endgame,” the Pakistani security official said.