Taliban In ISI Uniforms?–The Asinine Agency

Taliban kidnapped 11 persons from Adiala Jail in ISI uniform: ISI told Supreme Courts

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Yesterday the legal representative of ISI and MI (Inter Services Intelligence & Military Intelligence) told Supreme Courts that 11 missing persons are in the custody of ISI & MI, he also told courts that Taliban in the uniform of ISI kidnapped those persons earlier acquitted by courts and took them to Waziristan, where our brave army on the earth arrested them with 9 other persons. Moreover those are now under court martial of army trial courts.

If you did not laugh than try to laugh on the statement of our F.A. pass generals, laugh on ISI uniform and insight of Taliban.  What non-sense officials are sitting at GHQ, shame on Pakistan army and its criminality driven mentality. There are so many other absurdities committed by Raja Irshad, the council of army agencies and later admitted in TV program News Beat (Meher Bokhari) on Dec 10, 2010.

The Lahore High Court (LHC) had ordered the release of Dr Niaz Ahmed, Mazharul Haq, Shafiqur Rehman, Muhammad Aamir, Abdul Majid, Abdul Basit, Abdul Saboor, Shafique Ahmed, Said Arab, Gul Roze and Tehseenullah, but those were disappeared soon before release from the Jail.

All of above persons were indicted in four different cases and four different courts found them not guilty. And later all had been acquitted by an anti-terrorism court in April this year in four different cases, such as rocket firing on the Pakistan Aeronautical Complex, Kamra, rocket firing on a plane of former president, a suicide attack on the bus of personnel of an intelligence agency in Rawalpindi, and the suicide attack on the main entrance of the military headquarters.

Allegations against poor prosecutions are baseless because army agencies have the history of accusing citizens with the spectacle of war of terror, mostly innocent and poor persons are victim of sectarian and ethnic abhorrence of Pakistan army, and fake were ill prepared cases were not proved in civil courts. In all fabricated cases courts finally acquitted innocents. Now problem lies with army that it is a mercenary force and US is paying for their salaries, allowances, equipments, transportations, communications, messing and some peoples joke that condoms and Johnny Walker are also claimed by army finance departments in monthly invoice of costs for reimbursements on account of war of terror.

There are above 15000 thousand persons in the custody of army since many years and where about of those are not known, neither anyone is charged, however time to time mutilated dead bodies of citizens are found on road sides. In additions to that above 15000 are missing since many years and that are not included in above figure. And on the name of war on terror 20,000 to 35,000 persons have been killed with the help of heavy artillery, helicopters and air force jets. Almost above 100,000 persons either have been killed, kidnapped and kept under hidden prisons or sold to US for dollars.

Whole power of open vagabonds revolves around “Army Act”, whereas that is not part of constitution, and since yesterday army had the notion that Pakistan army was above constitution or any national law. So, whenever any courts ever summoned to secretary Defence, he refused to appear before the courts. Moreover in current case initially army crudely informed courts that it is above any law in Pakistan. Question is who is responsible for so called Army Act? Answer is dictators and politicians. All the three forces are equally involved in criminal activities and facilitating each other in hiding citizens in secreted prison cells, tortures and extra judicial killings.

Why US war of terror is unpopular in Pakistan and why above 95% population hates US agenda? Because everyone in Pakistan believes that Pakistan army and current Government are puppets of U.S. Exclusively untutored elite, ex Communists, prostitution gangs, alcoholics and thugs are pro-Americans in Pakistan; if anybody has doubt about this judgement then CIA has the capacity and resources to check moral character of their mercenaries, that is the reason so as to those are suspicious in the eyes of public.

Generally war of terror has no morals and principles, and cronies of US in Pakistan are most hated persons throughout country, mostly thugs, corrupt and criminals. US are depending on a few corrupt journalists and media groups or on army media cells, than those must remember that all of individuals have a mission to suck dollars since long and their families are residing in West.

Most trusted mercenaries of U.S. like Musharraf, Benazir, Zardari, Gaillani, Kiyani and Pasha have no credibility in general public. Their corruption and criminalities are loudly telling peoples about facts. Strategies like creation of Lashkars and hiring of Sufi Brelvi’s have also failed. Army did not disburse to private armies as those were promised, Washington was charged but money was reversed into pockets of generals. Brelvi and Sufi Mullahs proved to be corrupt, like greedy and hungry Mullah Tahir Qadri, “Hajj Pirate” Ahmad Saeed Kazmi and 350 million plot’s bribe to Mullah Fazal Karim are a few examples of Brelvi Sufi’s.

For the sake of U.S’s pleasure and to save U.S. air force base at Jacobabad, homes of thousands of peoples were drowned by breaching canals. Round about 3 million peoples were pushed out of homes without any planning from Swat, Malakand, FATA and other areas and those were ruined, their corpses were destroyed, cattle’s were died, homes were demolished or damaged and those are begging for survival.

Pakistan army and air force are single largest mercenaries of U.S. on the earth, from Korean War to current war of terror, no any army is so obedient than Pakistan army in do as you are told U.S. orders, and set siding national interests. 50% part of the country was lost and it is still squeezing. Generals became billionaire but their appetite is unending. 25,000 are working to protect U.S. interests as peace keepers, same army is helping U.S. to kill its own citizens through drones, and every operation is happening for the sake of free dollars. US $ 18 billion have been gone into pockets of corrupt generals.

If U.S. administration is fool than we cannot help, however if there is one percent desire of friendship on national level between two countries than U.S. must stop breeding corrupt generals and politicians unilaterally. Pakistan army has long experience in making fool to Americans and tactfully putting hand into pockets for dollars, why U.S. is protecting looted wealth of Pakistan being kept at overseas? Or hidden in Western banks and billions properties on their soil by Zardari and mafia.

Abolish “Army act” immediately:

Chief Justice of Pakistan we are proud of you that finally our honest judges have exposed criminals and it is time to move forward to trample head of the snake once for all. MI is nothing to do with civilians and ISI is enjoying undue advantage of national security, whether it is not criminality to use MI against civilians.

Corrupt ruling elite has extended tenures of Kiyani, Shuja Pasha and other generals that is mafia and Kiyani has imposed known political minded generals on the key posts. It is now known as “Jhelum-Gujar Khan syndicate” ruling on GHQ, boy friends of Kiyani, roommates, golf mates, class mates and Ghakkars have been posted on top posts of army, usually unfit to work as generals. Usually relatives of Kiyani are sucking Pakistan as appointed on top posts, such as DG, MI Gen. Kiyani, Raja Pervez Ashraf Minister of Power, Farzana Raja Minister of Benazir Loot Program, Babar Awan Minister of Law and if you draw a circle of 100 KM, pointing from Gujar Khan, than 70% corpse commanders and leading generals are either childhood or boyhood friends of Kiyani.

Athar Ali, secretary defence says that he is also boy friend of Kiyani since boyhood. It is a mafia and don’t have wisdom to think about human rights, citizen rights, national security or constitutional powers of generals, it is might is right brigade, chiefly cowards, hypocrites and cruel.

Ethnic and sectarian problem:

Current top creed at GHQ is mentally limited to TC mafia (flatterers) who have superseded the professional soldiers of Pakistan army by obeying illegal orders of Mush and Kiyani type superiors. The extensions have been given to exclusively flatterer mafia. Peoples still remember Gen. Waheed Arshad, current GOC and other DG, ISPR’s, none have been retired and have superseded professional soldiers or appointed on civilian posts.

It was Corpse Commander Mangla who bowed his head in the feet of Ms. Pattersen at Swat, he was reappointed next day to his retirement. Gen. Tariq ex DG FC and Gen. Aslam ex Corpse Commander Peshawar have been exposed by Wiki Leaks. Former is promoted as Corpse Commander Mangla and later was granted extension. There are dozens of examples how Mush and Kiyani have ruined Pak army and top post are being filled with the political generals.

Since Athar Ali, secretary defence is patron of armed wing of “Mahdi Army”, and Zardari is heading political wing of “Mahdi Army”, so Gen. Kiyani in real terms is believer and implementer of “Shia Crescent”. Their connections with Northern Alliance are well known and their exclusive efforts revolves around elimination of Pakhtoon of Pakistan, and any sect that is hurdle in Shia Crescent is liable of elimination. Last week Gaillani has signed a secret accord with Ustad Mohaqiq at Kabul and rise of sectarian killings in the Hungo, Para Chinar, and Kurram agency areas shows that foreign terrorists are crossing in to Pakistan daringly to help army’s proxy warriors branded as Lashkars.

According to doctrine of ISI, MI and FIA, the Pushtoon, Deobandi, Ahle Hadis, Salfi and Wahabi’s are exclusively under tyranny of agencies, majority of missing persons, convicted in falls terrorism charges, bullet riddled bodies dumped on road sides and propaganda of Lashkar e Jhangvi has same significance. Not only Pak army that is working as tool of corrupt politicians but Shaitan Malik, Minister of Interior and Zulfiqar Mirza, Min of Interior Sindh have openly created criminal gangs that are involved in sectarian killings. Since last 7-8 months with a new strategy Shaitan Malik with the help of Gen. Athar Abbas lead media within hours of occurrence of any incidence of terrorism announces the names of Lashkar e Jhangvi, Jindullah or blame any seminary connected to above sectarian groups.

We don’t know is it desires of CIA or agencies are making fool to U.S. administration for making money. There is no doubt that War of Terror has no moral grounds and it is a matter of personal ego problem for U.S. politicians.

Same as it is also an ego problem of Pak army generals to kidnap peoples, torture them or kill them secretly. Does ISI have any uniform? No ISI person commits crime in army uniform, those are cowards and their operations against civilians are being conducted like thieves. ISI has no moral courage to produce those kidnapped persons in any civil court of law.

It is first time in the history that Supreme Courts have used anti-constipation pills against ISI and as a result those have committed kidnapping of 20 persons. It is a myth that ISI is working for national security, its targets are political motivated and openly against local poor and helpless peoples. Wiki Leaks has disclosed that Gen. Kiyani was begging for back channel talks with India. Shuja Pasha was spying for MOSAD and for the security of Israel. Political and army elite have sold air force bases to NATO, where from drones are flying and killing citizens. We pray that Chief Justice may use another dose so 15000 missing persons may reach back to their love ones, and may be forced to produce 15000-30000 peoples under detention since two years as well.

Nation must patiently think to kick all extension holder generals and cronies of Musharraf out of Pak army immediately. Our struggle against dictatorship has been lost because we never thought that our friends in PPP would change the sides and a new kind of dictatorship would emerge from the ashes of previous dictator. ISI and MI is a criminal gang against poor peoples of Pakistan and our politicians must think patiently to bring them under state laws. PPP is their victim since long and PML N is also victim of vicious activities, media has observed barbarity of ISI, then what are you thinking how to control criminality of agencies?

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