“NATO expansion creates divisions”

“NATO expansion creates divisions”

Source: Dnevnik
NOVI SAD — Russian Ambassador to Serbia Aleksandr Konuzin has stated that there is no reason for NATO’s further expansion because it will create new divisions.

Aleksandr Konuzin (FoNet, file)
Aleksandr Konuzin (FoNet, file)

“Expansion policy of NATO, which represents not only a political but also a military alliance, creates new lines of division and it’s a question of security for us,” he told Novi Sad-based daily Dnevnik.

The Russian ambassador repeated that this was the reason why Russian President Dmitry Medvedev had proposed construction of a new security system.

He stressed that such system would enable equal security for everybody, both for the NATO countries and those that chose to be neutral, such as Serbia.

Konuzin said that it was up to Belgrade, not Moscow, to determine who it would cooperate with.

“Serbia obviously sees some advantages in taking part in the Partnership for Peace program,” he pointed out.