Online Journal is getting a new name and a new site

Online Journal is getting a new name and a new site

After 12-plus years, Online Journal is getting a new name, Intrepid Report, to better reflect what we do and what we are about, and a new website with features many readers have requested.

We realize rebranding is risky, especially since we don’t have the money to promote it as the big entities do, but we’re trusting our faithful readers will stay with us and we will continue to grow.

Intrepid Reporter will bring you the same fearless, insightful reporting it did as Online Journal. What’s more, our editorial policy of not shying away from the unspeakable will remain and then some.

All the content on Online Journal will be moved to Intrepid Report, so reader will still be able to look up articles.

When the name Online Journal was chosen back in September 1998 there were only a handful of news and commentary sites at the time. Thusly, the name was a fit for saying we publish only online. The only thing we changed in all these years was the website. Now the time has come to make our fierce independence and feistiness unmistakably known. Hence, intrepid — (American Heritage Dictionary) adjective: resolutely courageous; fearless.