Clinton Pulling the Trigger On Iran

[The very audacity of the United States government, to just boldly call for revolution in Iran, after everybody from Obama on down openly meddled in Egyptian affairs, without any other world power objecting in any way, tells us that the “New World Order” is already here and that we have not yet recognized that fact.  It is little wonder that we have failed so miserably in our efforts to stop the NWO, always at least two steps behind the globalist schemers.  They have already entrenched their overseers in other national governments, while they go after the last hold-outs.  On some issues, it seems, American manipulators can dictate their wishes to the world.

If America wins…

As seen in previous American “colored revolutions,” the original submissiveness to American demands fades after time, leading eventually to counter-colored revolutions, like the recent reversals in Ukraine and Krygyzstan.  With the apparently pro-Moscow tilt of the counter-colored revolutions, we see that anti-American interests are served in the end, meaning that the American colored revolutions produce short-term advantages for the US side, at best.  This tells us that Obama can expect to have a 2-4 year window of opportunity to be gained from the wave of smelly revolutions now sweeping N. Africa and the Middle East.  “IF” everything goes according to the Imperial plan….

America’s big problem is that the revolutions are happening in countries where the people already hate us for empowering the bad guy governments that have tortured and murdered them and their families.  For this God-awful plan to succeed, will require deceiving entire populations, for extended periods of time, after the revolutions, but without pre-revolutionary certainty of control.

This is all a H-U-G-E gamble on the Imperialist’s part.  It is a sure sign of the desperation of the hour.  America is playing for keeps, and this is an “ALL OR NOTHING” kind of bet, just like the rising conflict with Pakistan over the “Raymond Davis” issue.  We have all been focusing too much on the idea of America winning all the marbles–we should have been more concerned with what happens

if America loses?]

Mrs Clinton told reporters that the US administration “very clearly and directly” supports the protesters.

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US Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton: “We support the universal human rights of the Iranian people.”

“What we see happening in Iran today is a testament to the courage of the Iranian people, and an indictment of the hypocrisy of the Iranian regime – a regime which over the last three weeks has constantly hailed what went on in Egypt,” she said.

Mrs Clinton said the US had the same message for the Iranian authorities as it did for those in Egypt, where President Hosni Mubarak was forced to step down after 29 years in power by nationwide mass protests.

“We are against violence and we would call to account the Iranian government that is once again using its security forces and resorting to violence to prevent the free expression of ideas from their own people,” she said.

“We think that there needs to be a commitment to open up the political system in Iran, to hear the voices of the opposition and civil society,” she added.

Earlier on Monday, police placed the opposition leader, Mir Hossein Mousavi, under house arrest and blocked access to his home.

His website said they intended to prevent the former prime minister attending the Tehran rally.

Fellow opposition leader Mehdi Karroubi, a former speaker of parliament and a senior cleric, is also reportedly being held under house arrest.

Both men disputed the re-election of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in June 2009, which triggered protests that drew the largest crowds in Iran since the Islamic Revolution in 1979. The authorities responded by launching a brutal crackdown.

The opposition says more than 80 of its supporters were killed over the following six months, a figure the government disputes. Several have been sentenced to death, and dozens jailed.

Although Iran’s establishment supported the Egyptian and Tunisian protests, describing them as an “Islamic awakening” inspired by the Islamic Revolution, it said the opposition rallies were a “political move”.