WARNING–Explicit Details of Degrading Sexual Attack on Lara Logan in Egypt

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If the Egyptian mobs harbor enough anti-American hostility to do the following to S. African reporter Lara Logan,

because they thought that she was an American and a Jew,

then there is very little chance that an American-picked “unity govt,” acceptable to the masses, can be put together.  This is brutal testimony that Egyptians think that they have overthrown the Americans, as well as Mubarrak.

Prepare to be disgusted…this woman is extremely lucky to be alive.]

MEDIA-CENSORED SHOCKING DETAILS of the Muslim sexual attack on Lara Logan in Egypt

They attacked her because she is a non-Muslim woman (considered “white meat” to Muslims) and mistakenly thought her to be a Jew. But attacks like this on Muslim women are not uncommon in the Muslim world either, as BNI readers know.

Wizbang(H/T Maria)CBS international reporter Lara Logan is a well known public figure. And CBS and other media have accepted that she was brutally assaulted. However, Youtube and some Arab Websites are offering some further claimed shocking details not reported by the U.S. media and even some video about the extreme brutality of the attack on CBS reporter Lara Logan . Reportedly, some videos did show a crowd of about 200 or more men surround and separate Lara Logan from her security, and the crowd shouted “Jew, Jew!”, and “American bitch!”. Lara Logan is not Jewish or American, she’s a South African native.

Reportedly some of physical and sexual assault activity was caught on camera phones as well. One video purportedly involved some boy fondling the breasts of the reporter. However, another purported video that was described by a controversial YouTube video claims that a bearded man ripped the top off the reporter and began slapping her face and breasts. He then pinned her to the ground, and by this time she stopped resisting, apparently accepting the fact that she was overpowered. The bearded man then removed her pants and masturbated in front of her before raping her. He also reportedly clawed at her breasts with his hands. The YouTube video claims that at least six men raped her vaginally, and a number of men also raped her anally as well. She was reportedly masturbated on and urinated on by some men as well according to the YouTube video claims which was supposed to be pieced together from information and videos posted on Arab Websites and other sources.

It was claimed by various reports that the sexual assault and beatings might have lasted anywhere from 20-30 minutes on the short side, and as long as about 3 hours on the other hand. It was also claimed that her left breast might have been bitten or might even had the left nipple bitten off as well. One report claims that somewhere from 6 to about 50 men might have sexually assaulted or beat the attractive reporter.

One one hand, Lara Logan deserves her privacy. On the other hand being a major public figure, this international crime story is a very important one. It is also important to understand how anti-Americanism seemed to play a major role in the extreme level of brutality here. Reportedly, the reporter was left bloody, with semen and urine on her as the crowd shouted anti-American slogans. This reporter deserves far better respect than these claims of the brutality suggest. This mob violence against an attractive reporter who risks her life by reporting from the world’s hot spots only illustrates the type of danger that reporters potentially face when they report the news.

The assault on Lara Logan illustrates just how much order has recently broken down in the MidEast region which is now far more dangerous for Westerners. Further, some dangerous heads of Al Qaeda have been released from prison in places like Libya as rioting crowds demanded that political prisoners are released. When reporter Lara Logan heals from her injuries, she will no doubt bravely go right back to reporting on all the perils of this region.

Vicious, vile, so-called conservative blogger, DEBBIE SCHLUSSEL who attacks other anti-Islam bloggers like Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer, as well as many other conservatives thinks Lara Logan deserved this attack.

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  1. Watch the original YouTube “source” for this WizBangPop report … it’s just some kid slurring out a ridiculous rape porn fantasy into his webcam. Bukkake, 40 men anal rape, double anal-vaginal penetration … sorry, but I call bullshit. And no sources, except for claims of mentions on Arabic websites. Kid looks like he can barely read Shakespeare, let alone another language.

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