Davis was providing security for a CIA team-tracking militants: Report

[This report would seem to confirm that the “diplomat” was one of the Taliban hunters in Pakistan, who were Blackwater/XE, and that Davis and friends were providing protection to the Blackwater Predator teams.  Another report from Dawn, that Davis had one or more of the microchip tracking units in his possession, adds further evidence that the spy was in the business of hunting humans.  The murders in Lahore had to be tied to the assassination program, as well.  Davis may simply have been trying to eliminate ISI agents dogging him, as he left for another unauthorized trip to Peshawar or Wana, or it could have been something far more sinister, something we haven’t a clue about yet.]

Davis was providing security for a CIA team-tracking militants: Report

Karachi, Feb 22 (ANI): US national Raymond Davis, who has been accused of murdering two Pakistani citizens, was assigned to protect a CIA team tracking militants in Pakistan, according to a British newspaper.

On January 27, Davis was familiarising himself with a “sensitive area” of Lahore when he shot dead two Pakistanis.

The Guardian said in its report quoted US officials as confirming that CIA agent Raymond Davis had worked for the private security contractor Xe, formerly known as Blackwater.

The officials also disclosed that Davis had been providing security for a CIA team-tracking militants, Dawn reports.

Davis was attached to the CIA’s Global Response Staff, whose duties include protecting case officers when they meet with sources, the report said.

The US media outlets said they had been aware of Davis’ status but kept it under wraps at the request of US government officials who said they feared for his safety if involvement with the CIA was to come out.

US officials further claimed that Davis was at risk in the Lahore prison. (ANI)