Spain Hiring 150,000 Skilled and Unskilled Foreign Workers

Spain’s Prime Minister Zapatero arrives to address parliament in Madrid

Spain's PM Zapatero gestures during a news conference in Madrid
On Wednesday, October 20, 2010, the government of the Kingdom of Spain, under Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, made a major cabinet reshuffle, following the period of economic crisis Spain faced between years 2008 and 2010. This reshuffle made a positive effect on the country’s immigration policy with an aim to boost the economy of the country during the next two years. Since January 1, 2010, to May 30, 2011, the Spanish Government has been recruiting a Hundred Thousand (100,000) unskilled and Fifty Thousand (50,000) skilled professional, all non-European Union residents (foreigners). The category A is for unskilled persons who are willing to work in the agricultural sector (fruit and vegetable picking), in the environment and cleaning sector, and child-carers/old people carers in Spain. After working for the government for a period of two years, with monthly salaries of one thousand (1000) Euros and free accommodation, you will become entitled to change jobs for personal or professional reasons, then you can apply to become a permanent resident of Spain, as long as you had a good conduct during the two year working contract with the government. The category B is for skilled professionals with a minimum of vocational certificate degree and above, who are willing to fill some open job positions and work for the government of Spain for a period of two years. The occupations (Category B) to be filled in include the following: Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (Mechanical), Automotive Electrician, Baker, Binder and Finisher, Print Finisher, Boat Builder and Repairer, Bricklayer, Cabinetmaker, Carpenter, Computer and IT technician, Cook, Electrician, Fitter, Furniture Finisher, General Plumber, Hairdresser, Painter and Decorator, Motor Mechanic, Refrigeration and Air-conditioning Mechanic, Pressure Welder, Vehicle Painter, Welder, Vehicle Painter, Surveyor, Registered Nurse, Radiologist, Child Care Coordinator, Dental Technician, Children’s teacher. The monthly salaries are fixed at one thousand seven hundred (1,700) Euros, irrespective of your qualification. There will be free accommodation, and at the end of the two years contract, you will become entitled to change jobs for personal or other reasons. Then you can apply to become a permanent resident of Spain, as long as you had a good conduct during the two year working contract with the government. How The Recruitment Works This job publication was originally made in Spanish language – based more on attracting prospective employees from Latin American Spanish speaking countries – but, out of my goodwill, I took it upon myself to translate it fully into English language for the the benefit of people from other countries. This recruitment information is meant to reach those with privilege for acquisition of news, hence the employment process will be carried out by nominated immigration law firms in Madrid, the nation’s capital. The processes of employment are as follows: (1) You write to the nominated law firm, indicating your interest in working for the government for two years. (2) They may contact and interview you. If successful, they forward your particulars to the ministry of labour for approval. (3) If approved, a job is assigned to you and a copy of your employment letter and an Employment Pass will be forwarded to you. (4) The Employment Pass will allow you to travel to Spain without the need for interview with the embassy. (5)If you require travel assistance (ticket), you indicate to the norminated law firm after receiving your acceptance letter, and a one way ticket would be provided.The ticket fare would be deducted from your salary for a period of two years ( 30 Euros/month) NOTE: (a) No working experience or educational background is required for the Category A jobs. But being educated would help you integrate faster into the system. No language requirement. For Categaory B jobs, no working experience is required, only educational background. But having working experience will be an added advantage. No Spanish language requirement for both job categories. Age limit, 18 to 50 years. Employment is free of charge, on first come, first served based. And for security reasons, a group of people of same family linage and extension will be given higher consideration. If you wish to migrate to European soil and start a new life, this is your best chance. Contact One of the nominated law firms for Details. ABOGADOS ELIAS PHONE: : +34 632 136 151 EMAIL: ADDRESS: Calle de Atocha 112, Pta 9, 28012 Madrid, España. Wishing you a good Luck Anjeh Gupta International Development Phd Student in Madrid, Spain
Spain’s PM Zapatero gestures during a news conference in Madrid