The Last Victory of Muammar Gaddafi

The Last Victory of Muammar Gaddafi

On March 6, 2010 it became clear that the Libyan regime has defeated the internal uprising and suspended the chaotization of the Arab world. A routine clandestine mission by a British diplomat protected by 8 SAS officers to the eastern base of Libyan opposition ended up with their detention and ‘interrogation’ by the rebel leaders. The Sunday Times report about it in reality signified the ‘white flag’ hoisted by the organizers of the 2010-2011 Middle East and North Africa protests. 

From the very beginning the chain of events in Libya has taken an unexpected turn for global elites. Muammar Gaddafi refused to abandon Tripoli and together with his family and clan members was keeping permanent contact with the Libyans through national TV and regular public appearances. During his impressive speech on February 22, 2011 he managed to restore public support and encouraged Libyans to resist the revolution.
Since then the international mainstream media have been stuck in spreading unprecedented lies about events in Libya. We’ve heard about ‘foreign mercenaries killing civilians’, ‘air strikes on demonstrators’, ‘bombardments of the rebel positions’, ‘large-scale anti-Gaddafi protests in Tripoli’, ‘thousands of Libyan refugees’ and so many other announcements that, as it turned out, had nothing to do with the reality.

The Libyan insider sources e.g. of the St. Petersburg Center for Modern Middle East are depictingquite different picture. There were no real protests in Tripoli and its surroundings. Few street fighter groups of marginalized youth operating in Az-Zawiya (western suburb of Tripoli) and the centre (arson of the People’s Hall at night February 21 was seemingly their most notorious act) were promptly neutralized by the city police. The ‘air strikes’ of the Libyan Air Force were actually targeting ammunition depots nearby Benghazi when the threat that it would be captured by the eastern separatists was still high.

The issue of ‘foreign mercenaries protecting Gaddafi’ is apparently the most interesting one. It is crystal clear that any mercenary fights for money. So in the conflict where the interests of international oil mafia were involved the mercenaries are the least reliable force. They would betray Gaddafi first. So Gaddafi being a smart man is perfectly aware of it. He could not hire them himself. But let’s presume that their presence in Libya is a proven fact. Could they be ‘kindly’ proposed to Gaddafi by his neighbor African ‘sympathizers’? Yes, why not. What was their mission? They had to be ordered by their REAL masters to be as ruthless and fierce against local ‘protesters’ as possible to escalate the conflict. No wonder that after first clashes with their participation and announcements in the world media the mercenaries ‘disappeared’. We will certainly get to know some astonishing details about military operations by the Libyan army against ‘allied’ mercenaries in late February very soon. When watching CNN reports about large-scale ‘civil war’ in Libya we should understand that it means that the governmental forces are trying to localize and defeat these ‘allies’.

Now, why such a risky scenario? Because Gaddafi regime is the most stable in the Middle East. Take note that all ‘Arab dictators’ who came to power with the US backing in 1980s were easily defeated in January-February this year and promptly ‘fell in comae’. They did not have moral authority to fight for power as they once won it illegitimately. What is the key component of this illegitimacy? When aspiring for power they entered secret alliance with a foreign nation who provided them with comprehensive support. Since then they are not sovereign leaders. This is why they can’t defeat the revolution. They can’t tell the truth to their people and international community as start telling the truth means to tell ALL the truth. And ALL the truth includes the circumstances of their raise to power… But there is a solution for such ‘deadlock’ situation. If a political leader recognizes HIMSELF that he was or still is in disgraceful clandestine relations with a foreign power, he will never be condemned but FORGIVEN and supported by his people. After that the loyalty and professionalism of his bodyguards will guarantee his future political career going to its mayhem. The alternatives are Saddam’s gallows or Mubarak’s and Ben Ali’s deathbeds.

Ok, back to ‘Middle East popular revolutions’. We see that for its success the ‘enraged people masses’ are desperately needed. So somebody needs to enrage them. How was it done in Iran in June 2009? Unknown snipers were killing bystanders in Teheran during street protests (details are in the middle of our article ‘What will the Bilderbergers decide on Iran’).

Vodpod videos no longer available.

How was it done in Egypt in January 2011? Again, unknown snipers were firing at the crowd from the roof of Interior Ministry building in Cairo. Please note that in both cases everything was done to persuade the audience that the perpetrators were governmental forces. But where is the proof? Is there any logic for security services in killing demonstrators and provoking them to commit violent acts? On the contrary, their mission is to disperse the crowd peacefully, to identify and arrest the ‘hot heads’ among protestors and to avoid victims! So who was firing from the roof of Interior Ministry on Egyptians? We still do not know. But those who did the same in Tunisia during the public unrest were captured and shown on RT. Please watch the following video:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Do you believe that these vague men with Swedish and British passports were really hunting boars on the streets of the Tunis city?

Now we can make a few conclusions.

First, there was nothing spontaneous in the wave of 2011 North Africa and Middle East revolutions. The popular unrests in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Bahrain, etc were carefully prepared, organized, financed and supported through international media. Quite surprisingly, Al-Jazeera played a critically important role in fueling the conflicts within Arabic societies spreading disinformation and blocking truthful and sober voices.

Second, for those who masterminded these uprisings, it was generally a failure. No doubt that the idea was to organize chaos and civil wars in the Arabic world, provoke embarrassment among the national elites, give way for radical anti-progressive opposition to come to power in the key countries of the region. Then they expected that in due time the degrading social standards and governmental mismanagement catalyzed by rough propaganda in international media would create conditions to impose external control over these Islamic states. Libya with its rich natural reserves was the most desired prize. But with Muammar Gaddafi still in power enjoying regained public support and getting rid of ‘withered’ arm among his top officials, the global political chess players are suffering heavy zugzwang while the ghost of Pres. Bush Jr. is looming again off the Libyan coast. Apparently the elites do not have other option but uncover the cannons of the US super-carriers. They are cornered and pressured by crushing dollar pyramid.

Third and most important, these events have disclosed a hidden link between ‘Islamic radicals’ and global elites. Muammar Gaddafi fighting pro-Al-Qaeda Islamists and at the same time solemnly replacing Ben Laden as incarnation of ‘absolute Evil’ in mainstream media was a notable shift. Radical populists are to be a new generation of Arab leaders. They would not bring prosperity or merely social justice to their societies. Their mission is to tightly top the boiling pot of the Muslim world by pseudo-Islamic regulations and rhetoric. Once the pot is exploded, the energy of millions young uneducated fanatics spreading worldwide would pave the way for malicious Gran Pacifier. The seeds of this mysterious symbiosis were planted by British intelligence back in XIX century. For example if we track the story of Muslim Brotherhood’s founder Hassan Al-Banna, we will see that British ‘controller general’ in Egypt since 1878 Evelyn Baring, offspring of an old British bankers dynasty, was the person who nominated Sheikh Muhammad Abduh as Grand Mufti of Egypt. We should not underestimate the importance of his position. Gran Mufti of Egypt of that time was a top spiritual authority in Muslim world. Why Sheikh Abduh, a known salafist, was chosen by the British resident? Because the scenario of the false guidance of the Islamic world by global elites had already been written. They wanted Muslims as cannon fodder to impose their rule. They needed to corrupt Islamic faith, replace it with pseudo-Islamic surrogate. This is why Evelyn Baring wrote about salafists: ‘They are the natural allies of the European reformer’ [Goodgame, Peter. The Muslim Brotherhood: The Globalists’ Secret Weapon]. By that time Sheikh Adbuh became a murshid(teacher) for Muhammed al-Banna, the father of Hassan…

Thus we are entering very interesting, perhaps decisive times. Muammar Gaddafi has won his last battle despite eluding vigor and insolent pressure from everywhere. Will there be any new Gaddafis born by Muslim mothers to resist the new world order? We hope and pray for that.


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