Libya: Another revolution or special op?

Libya: Another revolution or special op?

Say it isn’t so. Don’t tell me that Washington, Israel, The City of London, the Vatican, and their Merry Pranksters are behind this revolution, too. Along with those slick signs, “Enough” and “Hopeless” that the protestors flash with shiny new red and green, pre-revolutionary Libyan flags, all part of a new movie for Western media.

That is, thanks to the Libya Human Rights League, one more group that spontaneously combusted in 2005 at the same time as the NFSL (National Front for the Salvation of Libya), headed by Ibrahim Sahad, former captain in the Libyan army, now appearing in D.C., offering strategic guidance to the revolution, according to the Daily Bell. Go know.

According to Land Destroyer’s Libya: The Rest of the Story, Tony Cartalucci writes, “When Qaddafi’s son, Saif al-Islam, accused foreigners and opposition groups of fomenting unrest within Libya, it appears no truer words have been spoken. It is not surprising BBC and the rest of the corporate owned mediawent through extensive measures to discredit his speech.

“Unbelievable revelations have been discovered regarding the unrest in Libya. The leader of Libya’s opposition group organizing the protests both inside and outside of Libya, is currently in Washington D.C. as he and his organization direct the upheaval and bedlam consuming the North African nation.

“An interview with Ibrahim Sahad of the National Front for the Salvation of Libya (NFSL) on ABC Australia features every talking point covered by the mainstream corporate media from over the past week, all with the White House and Washington Monument looming over him in the background.” Also, Sahad’s interview with the Australian reporter echoes the “Soros/Brzezinski International Crisis Group’s calls for the UN Security Council to convene and discuss intervening in Gaddaffi’s defiance.”

In another interview, Christine Amanpour asks Qaddafi if this is a revolution he’s facing. He does not agree and claims that his people love him, and it’s only some protestors putting LSD in the water who have drummed up all the claims of his “oppression” for the past 41 years. Yet, behind the gold flyer-frame shades, the pencil mustache and his orange-gold African chief garb, Qaddafi still seems to be his own man with a sense he’s been set up for a take-down by his old nemesis, the US. The last time we tried to axe him was on April 15, 1986Operation El Dorado Canyon, which was quite a shindig . . .

“After several days of diplomatic talks with European and Arab partners,President Ronald Reagan ordered a strike on Libya on April 14. Eighteen F-111F strike aircraft of the 48th Tactical Fighter Wing, flying from RAF Lakenheath supported by four EF-111A Ravens of the 20th Tactical Fighter Wing, from RAF Upper Heyford in England, in conjunction with fifteen A-6A-7F/A-18 attack aircraft and EA-6B Prowler Electronic Warfare Aircraft from the aircraft carriers USS SaratogaUSS America and USS Coral Sea on station in the Gulf of Sidra, struck five targets at 02:00 on April 15, with the stated objective that their destruction would send a message and reduce Libya’s ability to support and train terrorists. Reagan warned that ‘if necessary, [they] shall do it again.’” Yet, due to faulty intelligence, Qaddafi was not in his home, but one of his children was killed. So it goes.

Returning to the present, it turns out that Sahad’s NCLO began organizing the February 17th “Day of Rage” as Egypt fell so the mainstream media apparatus could turn the cameras around and put the focus on Libya. “Conveniently, the media needs only to move from Cairo to Egypt’s western border and wait for Sahad’s men on the ground to secure them a base of operations, presumably in Libya’s eastern city of Benghazi. Qaddafi is apparently wise to the role of NGOs and the foreign media, which is why they’re not in the streets of Libya’s cities, where coverage is “admittedly daunting.”

It also turns out that both the corporate owned news and the US State Department’s corporate funded are getting their reportsentirely from Sahad’s NCLO in Washington. They claim to be in “first hand contact” with whatever is happening in Libya. “Other NFSL members, including one in Dubai, are also supplying the media with this ‘first hand’ information. These reports have become the basis for accusations of ‘genocide,’ the convening of the UNSC, economic sanctions, threats directed toward Libyan security forces that attempt to quell protesters, and NATO enforced no-fly zones.”

Could this be part of a US media-series of Arab revolutions? The script seems to support that, carrying on the revolutionary fervor from Tunisia to Egypt and now to Libya. This must be unsettling the digestion of dictators around the world, including other “staunch allies.” Commenting on the defunct Mubarak, Israel’s president said, “We always have had and still have great respect for President Mubarak,” and a few days later added, “I don’t say everything that he did was right, but he did one thing which all of us are thankful to him for. He kept the peace in the Middle East.” Some peace—and at what price—the inhalation of Palestine.

Israel seems to be the enforcer here, the Mossad its muscle, along with MI6 and the CIA, reports the Daily Bell, all coincidentally right in the middle of it all where the mischief erupts and chaos is set loose. It seems to be “a fiefdom of the Rothschilds, with them choosing Jews to work with the way the Mafia likes to work with Italians.” The Rothschild network extends worldwide and the financing they can supply via central banking is as deep as the Red Sea.

From this cadre of banking and investment familias, the poison of mercantilist central banking spreads, with small groups controlling the globe. Their Merry Pranksters are intelligence operatives who seem already to have launched a global attack on developing countries, each to fall, no two at once, so that the cameras are not distracted and maximum coverage is given to each.

The US is the main muscle for the City of London (a country unto itself like the Vatican). The thoughtful touch of the pre-revolutionary Libyan flags gives that away, plus the ongoing theorizing about whether or not we should get involved. We are involved already. And likely so are intelligence agents and Western mercenaries on the ground in Libya, putting together scenarios for the rebels’ military campaigns. The planning for this revolution was probably laid well in advance, Western-style, as other revolutions take place or are fomented.

This seems to be part of the “Great Plan” that has existed in D.C./Tel Aviv for more than a decade to control “Iraq, then Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and finishing off Iran,” that is, in the words of no less than General Wesley Clark in an interview with Democracy Now on March 2, 2007.

Most probably, Sahad and his buddies make up a leadership in waiting who will swoop down on Libya on cue. Qaddafi though has been a tougher nut to crack than Muburak or Ben Ali. They saved the toughest for last on the world stage, though his days seem to be numbered. That is, unless the US misses their mark again. The rebels themselves are average Libyan citizens—as are the many deserters from the army.

The Independent reported that Qaddafi recently bolstered his troops and African mercenaries with tens of billions in cash within Libya, according to The New Times. The EU had tried cut off the regime’s cash pipeline by freezing a number of large investments including the Libyan Investment Authority worth about $70 billion, with stakes in businesses across Europe. The US had also tried to freeze billions of dollars.

But, there is another army on the ground now and it will be backed with Western resources. It will be, sad to say, hailed by Western mainstream media, as one more miracle rising up of oppressed people. Whether or not the West can hold on to the control of these uprisings or whether they will turn into Islamic Republics is another question. But do the producers and director care? They still will control them. If not, their unruliness will strengthen Western authoritarianism at home and heat up the issues of domestic oppression.

Land Destroyer concludes, “Again we are told the protests are spontaneous, inspired by the Tunisian and Egyptian uprisings. Again we are told it is the youth yearning for freedom and ‘democracy.’ But when we look behind the curtain, we see yet another old man from Washington pulling the levers, blowing the smoke, and flashing the lights.” Could it be the “Wizard of Oz” again?

LD adds, “If you are religious, pray for the people in the streets of Libya, many of whom may be merely swept up in this cruel hoax. The US and their stooges will only be disheartened if their plot doesn’t succeed. The rivers of blood that will flow to ensure that it does never entered into their calculations.” The capper . . .

“When your US State Department sponsored ‘liberation’ comes to you, you will hope others elsewhere will stand in solidarity with the truth, not the emotions of an engineered hoax. You will hope others take it upon themselves to speak the truth amongst the deafening din of corporate media propaganda. So spread the word, wake your neighbors up, and most importantly, boycott the corporations whose greed drives this agenda and whose members are planning and carrying it out.”

One wonders if that reference applies to the current skullduggery going on in Madison, Wisconsin. On the night of March 9, Governor Scott Walker (who sees his himself as Reagan II) convened the Senate, without the 14 Democratic senators, to push through his bill to strip Wisconsin’s municipal workers of their right to collective bargaining and silence the voice of organized labor. The plan is to fire them all, reminiscent of Reagan firing 11,345 air-controllers on August 5, 1981. The Wisconsin “firing event” took place as thousands of protestors shouted “shame” over and over again into the historic night.

Check to replay the details of this home-grown, ongoing conflict. Hopefully, Wisconsin’s brave Americans have not been set up for a take-down to enforce the power of the muscle-brained, corporate fascist, Koch Brothers et al, better known as Republicans.

It would seem that the radical right, with its ‘personage’ funding has taken a major if illegal step to set the US back 50 years in collective bargaining. The Democratic response is to first challenge the legality of Walker’s move, and second to plan for a recall of all of the Republican legislators, including Governor Walker. My heart goes out to the people of Wisconsin in their struggle for democracy.

Lastly, the second strike against the whole of the American people has been the sharp rise in gas prices from $2.69 in July 2010 to over four dollars a gallon as of March 10, 2011, which affects all phases of our society. This can’t be blamed on Libya because only 2% of our oil comes from it, for which other oil nations have taken up the slack. But this is speculation, with a significant rise in oil bets for higher prices noted by the Commodities Futures Trading Commission.

There are rules that can be enforced against this speculation if our Democratic President Obama would ask the CFTC to put them in play and warned speculators not to continue. But, so far, silence from our non-contentious leader while America’s pocketbook gets a kick in the pants, threatening our so-called ‘mild recovery,’ and leading us further into Third World status.

Jerry Mazza is a freelance writer, life-long resident of New York City. An EBook version of his book of poems “State Of Shock,” on 9/11 and its after effects is now available at and He has also written hundreds of articles on politics and government as Associate Editor of Intrepid Report (formerly Online Journal. Reach him at