Dozens Dead, Hundreds Wounded In Deadly Yemen Crackdown on Dissent

source [ed. note–multiple photos of gunshot victims, most too gory even for this site.]

Medical Association appealed to workers in the medical sector quickly go to the field of change and the protesters appealed to the army ..Dozens dead and hundreds wounded

Particular – NewsYemen:

And directed the Medical Association of Yemeni appeal to all workers to go to the field of speed change where they are receiving hundreds of wounded who were killed in a confrontation between the protesters and the president’s supporters after Friday prayers.
He appealed to the protestors across Mansthm change in the arena of the military to do their patriotic duty to protect the protesters.
NewsYemen reporter can not count the number of people killed, in addition to hundreds of wounded.
The statistical NewsYemen previous candidate for the death toll confirmed killed nearly 20 people, including children.
Continues to ambulances to transport the dead private hospitals, after doctors were unable to.
The sniper fired from the top of houses next to the Iranian Hospital.
NewsYemen and watched over for the injured and dead, the
casualties were concentrated on the head and chest.