A Zionist Double-Cross May Be In the Cards

Will Israel Pay the Price for Obama’s Mideast “Reset”?

If there was just one thing that everyone agreed on when discussing the Arab Spring that has convulsed the Middle East this year, it was that they uprisings had nothing whatever to do with Israel or its conflict with the Palestinians. Everyone, that is, except President Barack Obama.

According to the New York Times, the president has been considering whether to give a major address in which he would present a “unified theory” of the Middle East linking the Arab revolts to the stalled Israeli-Palestinian peace process.

The good news coming in the Times article is that, contrary to other reports, Obama is not apparently planning to present a new American Middle East peace plan. The Hamas-Fatah unity pact that could transform the “moderate” Palestinian Authority into a terrorist coalition may have convinced even the credulous Obama that the Palestinians are not really interested in making peace. So the officials insist that the big speech that Obama is planning will concentrate more on what is going on in the Arab world than on a final solution to the Arab-Israeli conflict.

There is an opening here for Obama to sound a clarion call for democracy and transparency throughout the Arab and Islamic world, especially in light of the killing of Osama bin Laden. But Obama is reportedly conflicted about whether to sound an idealistic tone or a more “realistic” one. That has been reflected in the inconsistent and inept manner he has adopted throughout the period of the Arab spring. But since his instinct is to think of America’s role in the world in negative rather than positive terms, he just isn’t comfortable advocating a freedom agenda. The president is still looking for a way out of this conundrum. But the people he is said to be listening to, according to theTimes—CNN’s Fareed Zakaria and the Times’s own Thomas Friedman—are both lightweight thinkers who are always ready to peddle the latest conventional wisdom, whatever it might be.

The main thing the Times feature conveys is the studied confusion that afflicts the president and paralyzes his decision-making on foreign policy. With such advisers, it may well be that in spite of his avoidance of a specific Middle East peace plan, that the president may seek to sell his “reset” of America’s relations with the Arab world by further distancing the United States from Israel, even though that would not address any internal Arab problem. If so, he will be squandering the political capital he thinks he acquired via the bin Laden death and spending it pointlessly.

2 thoughts on “A Zionist Double-Cross May Be In the Cards

  1. It would be great, really, truly great if Obama laid the genocidal blame where it belonged – on israel, but he won’t. Rothschild through Rockefeller pwn his ass so he will never speak up against the murderous khazarian ashekenazim who have a ring through his nose.

    Sorry, ain’t gonna happen.

    P.S. 9/11 was an inside job by Rothschild through Mossad and US secret service, and bin Laden died of renal failure in December 2001 in Tora Bora as reported in multiple daily papers in Pakistan.

  2. This is big, discovery of the Hall of Records near! Probably should be a post in itself.

    Cayce predicts the hall of records will be found in in the Giza complex. They could be close. Hermes is the founder of Egypt and said to have come from the stars when man first entered the physical form on earth.

    “But photographs don’t lie. Collins says, “Those at Giza are natural, and penetrate the bedrock for many hundreds of metres, perhaps following the course of local geological faulting.”

    Although Dr Hawass suggests there is no mystery surrounding the “catacomb”, Collins suspects that the caves extend beneath the Second Pyramid, where ancient tradition puts the legendary Tomb of Hermes [right], Egypt’s legendary founder. This is significant because Hermes is known as the Great Wisdom Bringer and Collins suspects that the chambers could possibly reveal something left behind by Hermes — something like the legendary Hall of Records.”



    If you view the whole geomatrix film again they mention there is something the Egyptian authorities do not want you to see. Most likely signs of their ancient Atlantean religion.

    Note Collins located the entrance by reasoning it must be where the cygnus star should have been but wasn’t up top, but underground. Thanks to Chucky for sending link to the star. Absolutely incredible, the position of the star gave away the entrance to Hermes tomb.

    “I guess we will just have to wait and see. Hall of records…I have heard that the Ancient Egyptians were descendants of the Atlanteans, this is not the first time I hear of this…Dr. Hawass has many reasons to hide any such discovery…he is most probably acting on command, not his ultimate decision to hide any such discovery. Remember one very important fact, Egypt is an Islamic nation, this type of discovery would cause more unrest than already exists. Remember, Egypt just experienced its first ever peoples revolution, and is still going through micro revolutions throughout the region…a discovery of this magnitude would cause unimaginable results…”

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    I mean is it just me here or would anybody else be interesting in Hermes the founder of Egypt, the wisdom bringer who came when man first entered physical form on Atlantis?

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