General Hamid Gul, “The ISI and CIA have no common purpose.”

Interview: General Hamid Gul, Former DG ISI

“The Pakistan military and its agencies are in a state where
they cannot recognise their real enemy”
– General Hamid Gul, former DG ISI


Q: Terrorists are increasingly turning more deadly and hitting targets at will. The PNS Mehran attack speaks of the gravity of the situation. There is an impression that Pakistani forces are incompetent or unwilling to take on the terrorists head-on. What do you think?

A: Pakistan’s armed forces and security agencies are in a deterioration and disorientation phase that can lead to disgruntlement and mistrust in the performance of vital state institutions. The Abbottabad and Mehran attacks are examples of just such a deterioration. Operation Osama and Mehran were meant to fix the Pakistan military and ISI, and set them up for criticism and ridicule — the devisers of this scheme succeeded in their intent. The US has been involved in every attack on Pakistan’s strategic assets, aimed at creating the feeling among Pakistanis that their armed forces and secret agencies are incompetent and cannot protect their country.

Pervez Musharraf is solely responsible for creating this mess in Pakistan by allowing the US to use its bases and other facilities and establish its network through Raymond Davis-like agents to destabilise Pakistan. Musharraf allowed the US to intrigue against Pakistan and push its agenda of de-Islamisation, denuclearisation and de-linking China from Pakistan. The Pakistan military and its agencies are in a state where they cannot recognise their real enemy. A US-India sponsored group is involved in the Mehran attacks and its sole purpose was to hit the Pakistan navy’s navigation surveillance system and deprive Pakistan of its ability to detect any Abbottabad-like operation in its waters. After having succeeded in their mission, I forsee a big ‘game’ by anti-Pakistan forces. It may be a naval blockade or another Abbottabad-like operation in Karachi or some other part of Pakistan.

Q: Particularly since it came in the wake of another intelligence failure, i.e. the Osama mission, Mehran seemed to cap the huge embarrassment to our agencies and armed forces. Despite the huge and oft reiterated threat to Pakistan’s strategic assets from assorted terror groups, Pakistans’ security apparatus failed to secure a vitally important facility. How can anyone now feel secure about our nuclear installations?

A: I am convinced the war on terror is meant to destablise Pakistan, destroy it economically and then achieve the objective of giving India the role of regional superpower. Washington successfully managed to instal the rulers of its choice in Islamabad at a stage when Pakistan was at the crossroads. Asif Zardari and company are working for completing the US agenda at Pakistan’s cost. When Asif Zardari pronounces India is not Pakistan’s enemy, he actually furthers the US agenda of changing the Pakistani mindset, because Pakistanis have always believed India is their only enemy and they have never wanted their leaders to accept Indian hegemony.

Q: Some senior officials in Washington are accusing the ISI and the Pakistan military of complicity with ‘the world’s most wanted man.’ They contend sections of the military provided Osama and his family shelter in Pakistan. The military maintains that Pakistani security agencies, including the ISI, were ignorant of OBL’s presence in Pakistan until the US forces’ operation. What do you believe?

A: The US has been working on an anti-ISI agenda for a long time. I can recall many times that Washington has employed dirty tactics to malign Pakistan’s spy agency. However, in the past, such tactics failed because they did not get the support of the Pakistani leadership. But today, danger looms more visibly than ever before because Pakistani rulers themselves are a party to conspiracies hatched against the country. Osama’s surfacing in Abbottabad and killing is a part of the same Pakistan-specific US mission. This entire episode is a mystery and perhaps no one will ever know the truth.

Q: The US and ISI installed the mujahideen in Afghanistan to defeat the Soviet Union in the ’80s, and after winning the war, the US abandoned Pakistan and Afghanistan. It is widely believed that the ISI’s policy of controlling Afghanistan through the Taliban brought terrorism and insurgency to Pakistan. What do you say?

A: Our western border has always been a shield for Pakistan and this fact was established by Pakistan’s early decision to demilitarise the Pak-Afghanistan border in 1948. By defeating the Soviets, the ISI protected Pakistan’s interests in Afghanistan and made our western border safer, but what we miscalculated is the US thinking on Pakistan. Today the US wants Pakistan to shift its military from the eastern border to the western border to provide India relief and allow it to acquire an even greater role in the region. Unfortunately, Pakistan’s rulers are preparing the Pakistani nation so that they accept India’s new role.

Q: You have been a staunch supporter of jihad to protect Pakistan’s interest globally, whereas the world community takes Pakistan’s jihadi culture as a threat. Incidents like 9/11 and the Mumbai attacks are being used to prove Pakistan is a rogue state. Do you still believe jihad can benefit the country?

A: My concept of jihad has always been taken in the wrong sense. By jihad I mean protecting the national interest through fighting if other means are exhausted. We need to advocate jihad in its real spirit. How can one be denied his right to fight for what is lawful? It is a right given to individuals and nations in the United Nations charter. As far as 9/11 is concerned, it was a home-made US plan to unleash a war on innocent Muslims to push America’s agenda across the globe. .

Q: Do you subscribe to the view that in the current situation there is a danger that Pakistan’s nuclear assets could fall into Al-Qaeda or Taliban hands and be used to catastrophic ends, or do you think a consensus is being built around the world on the issue, so that that our nukes can be taken out?

A: The US is after Pakistan’s nuclear assets. It is bent on creating a hell-like situation in Pakistan so that it can, in the final round, deprive the county of its nuclear assets. But let me tell you, the US is not going to achieve its ultimate goal. I am pretty convinced that the custodians of Pakistan’s nuclear assets are fully aware of the US conspiracy and will not let it succeed.

Q: In the in-camera briefing to parliament on OBL’s killing, ISI Chief Shuja Pasha stated that some Islamic countries were funding JUI and other religious parties to carry out their respective agendas. Is there any truth to this and did it happen when you were at the helm of the ISI?

A: Yes we had information that some religious parties were getting dollars from an Islamic country. But having said that, the ISI also had information and evidence that some politicians loudly demanding democracy in Pakistan were also being funded by foreign countries. I have many secrets about popular political leaders, which, if disclosed will stun the nation. But my oath not to disclose state secrets prevents me from doing so.

Q: Do you think Pakistan’s military and political leadership are on the same page vis-à-vis Pak-US, Pak-India and Pak-Afghan relations?

A: I do not think so, but I cannot say anything for sure. I have very little knowledge about what the military leadership is thinking. But one thing I can say for sure: Hussain Haqqani, Pakistan’s ambassador in the US, and many others in Islamabad are directly serving CIA interests.

Q: With the dubious agendas of both agencies – clearly not always in consonance with one another – can the ISI and CIA actually work together even for a limited common cause?

A: The ISI and CIA have no common purpose. The CIA is working against Pakistan and the ISI is trying in every possible way to counter this.

Q: It has been tacitly recognised by successive political governments and the public that the ISI operates as a completely independent body answerable to no one, and Pakistan’s foreign policy has long been held hostage by the agency in pursuit of its own agendas, which are often in conflict with the government’s. Do you concede this?

A: It is Pakistan’s great tragedy that the PPP has always aimed at bringing the ISI under its control. Whether it was Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, Benazir Bhutto or now Zardari and his party – every one of them has wanted to use the ISI for its own purposes. The PPP actually has always seemed to believe that if the ISI is not directly responsible to it, it will weaken the government. So the current PPP leaders are once again trying to bring the ISI under civilian rule. Basically the PPP wants to weaken the ISI as an institution and in the process, serve others’ aims.

Q: Do you subscribe to Nawaz Sharif’s demand for a judicial probe into the Abbottabad and Mehran Naval Base incidents?

A: I believe in transparency and the rule of law. I think an independent inquiry into the Abbottabad and Mehran incidents will make everything crystal clear. However, I believe justice (Retd) Rana Baghwandas should have headed the commission to make it credible and acceptable to the international community.

A New Psyop Plot Line, With Multiple Sub-Plots, Allegedly From Waziristan

[Here we find unusual documentation from the spook-affiliated Long War Journal (if it can be confirmed), for the case of a Turkish/Chechen “al-Qaeda” leader who is allegedly executed by Pakistani Taliban, for executing two IMU (Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan) terrorists, over a dispute over “money received from outside of the region.”  According to the website, Today’s Zaman, which is associated with the reportedly CIA-linked Fethullah Gulen movement, Abu Zarr,” who is also known as Serdal Erbasi, was arrested in Turkey in 2010, before allegedly turning-up dead in Waziristan.  This would be an interesting story with multiple sub-plots, if only we knew if it was true–such is the nature of disinformation.]   

The photo, captured during operations in Adana and Ankara, shows al-Qaeda’s Turkey head (2nd from left) at a camp in Afghanistan.

Abu Zarr in a jihadist video of attacks in Afghanistan.

A Turkish jihadist commander who fought in the Caucasus for 15 years before arriving in the Afghan-Pakistan border areas was executed recently by the Taliban.

Abu Zarr, who is also known as Serdal Erbasi, was executed in the Waziristan tribal region of Pakistan for ordering the deaths of two “foreign fighters,” according to a Turkish jihadist website. Two of his followers, who carried out the deaths of the foreign fighters, were also executed along with Abu Zarr.

The “Sharia court of the Waziristan-Uruzgan region” ordered Abu Zarr’s execution after accusing him of ordering the murders of Samil Dagistanli and Ismail Azeri, two other jihadists from the Caucasus, presumably from the Russian republic of Dagestan, and Azerbaijan. Dagistanli and Azeri were in opposition to Abu Zarr after he split off from the Taifatul Mansura, or the Victorious Sect, due to a dispute over money received from outside of the region. According to the Taliban sharia court, Abu Zarr ordered two of his followers to kill Dagistanli and Azeri.


Abu Zarr, from the jihadist website that announced his execution.

The jihadist website, which is supportive of Abu Zarr, claimed that “plots were hatched full of sedition and disinformation about Abu Zarr who was in disagreement with some groups,” and that he was executed by the Taliban because he was “uncontrollable.”

Abu Zarr is known to have entered the Afghan-Pakistan border area from the Caucasus sometime in late 2008. According to the jihadist website, he “previously took part in the jihad within the borders of Chechnya for 15 years, acted as the leader of a group of Turkish mujahideen, and went to Afghanistan after parting ways with the movement named the ‘Caucasus Emirate.'” The Caucasus Emirate was designated by the US as a terrorist entity, and some of its top leaders have connections to al Qaeda and other jihadist groups in the region.

Abu Zarr was reportedly arrested in January 2010 during a raid in southern Turkey. Turkish officials described him as the leader of al Qaeda’s network in Turkey.

The Victorious Sect is a transnational Turkic jihadist group that operates along the Afghan-Pakistani border and is based in North Waziristan. Abu Zarr was a commander in the Victorious Sect before he formed his splinter faction. He has been featured in their propaganda. In one tape, released on YouTube, Abu Zarr is seen planning and executing mortar attacks in Afghanistan.

The Victorious Sect was established in 2009 by the Islamic Jihad Union, a splinter faction of the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan, to accommodate the increasing influx of European foreign fighters in the region, according to DPA. Scores of German and other European fighters belong to the Victorious Sect. They are often called the German Taliban or the German Taliban Mujahideen.

The Victorious Sect has issued multiple statements from Pakistan’s tribal areas. In June 2010, Abu Yasir al Turki, the spokesman for the the group announced the deaths of two al Qaeda fighters and a Turkish fighter in a US Predator strike in North Waziristan. The Victorious Sect also announced the death of Eric Breininger, a German member of the Islamic Jihad Union who was killed while fighting Pakistani security forces during a clash near Mir Ali in North Waziristan on April 30, 2010.


READER COMMENTS: “Turkish jihadist commander executed by the Taliban in Waziristan: report”

Posted by TarantinoDork at July 2, 2011 9:55 AM ET:

Wasn’t this guy arrested in Turkey last year as the supposed head of Al Qaeda operations in that country? And the Russians started racking up a lot of HVT kills in the wake of his capture?

Winner of the Fu Manchu lookalike contest.

If its the same guy, and (not another faux picture issued by jihadi propagandists.) I’ll venture a guess that he was flipped, and the Turks (or the CIA) were attempting to infiltrate him with a ‘catch & release’ excuse into the upper echelons of Al Qaeda. The jihadists didn’t buy it and capped him a la Colonel Imam.

One-Hour Protest In Kabul Over Pakistani Shelling Issue

[From the AFP photo, this “demonstration” looks rather impressive.  From the story from the Afghan press beneath the first photo, it is obvious that this was more of a non-event politicized to create a false impression.]

Afghan security personnel patrol near men taking part in a demonstration against Pakistan in Kabul on July 2, 2011. PHOTO: AFP

Demonstration against Pakistani Attacks Launches in Kabul


Kabul (BIA) demonstration in reaction to Pakistani attacks on Afghanistan earth was launched today in Kabul and ended after one hour.

Kabul (BIA) demonstration in reaction to Pakistani attacks on Afghanistan earth was launched today in Kabul and ended after one hour. Spokesperson of Kabul security commandment Hashmatullah Stanekzai said to this news agency, 150 residents of Kabul led by Najibullah Kabul head of national association party, started peaceful demonstration from Shahr-i-Naw to embassy of Pakistan. According to him this demonstration was launched in reaction of Pakistani attacks on Afghanistan earth and ended from one hour.

‪‬‏Cloud generators in the Southwest?

Weather ~ How They Do It… (mirror)Has this guy pin-pointed the direct cause of the devastating storms that have been sweeping over the center of the country? We have all noticed the string of storms generating out of nowhere in the area of OK/Northern Texas lately, could these cloud generating systems be the cause? He links to a millitary “decontamination” vehicle, TMC-65, which could probably also work as a cloud generator.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Afhgan Massacre – The Convoy of Death and Northern Alliance

Afhgan Massacre – The Convoy of Death50:13 – 5 years ago In Afghanistan, filmmaker Jamie Doran has uncovered evidence of a massacre: Taliban prisoners of war suffocated in containers, shot in the desert under the watch of American troops. The film has been broadcast on national television in countries all over the world and has been screened by the European parliament. Human rights lawyers are calling for investigation into whether U.S. forces are guilty of war crimes. But no U.S. media outlet has broadcast the film.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Haqqani Network Disowns Pakistani Taliban Commander Saeed

Haqqani network disowns commander Saeed

PESHAWAR: The Haqqani network, a dominant faction of the Afghan Taliban, Friday disowned a Pakistani militant commander, Fazal Saeed Haqqani, and said he is not part of their network.

A spokesman for the Haqqani network called The News from an undisclosed location and rejected a claim made by Fazal Saeed Haqqani that he was affiliated with the Haqqani network.

Fazal Saeed Haqqani was leader of the Hakimullah Mahsud-led Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) in Kurram Agency. A few days ago, he parted ways with Hakimullah and formed his own militant organization, Tehrik-e-Taliban Islami Pakistan (TTIP).

The spokesman for the Haqqani network said that like several other Pakistani militants, Fazal Saeed Haqqani was also once part of their network and fought under the leadership of Sirajuddin Haqqani in Afghanistan against the US-led occupying forces. But, he said, Fazal Saeed and many other Pakistani militants returned home and formed their militant organisations and started fighting against their own government and armed forces.

“We have learnt that Fazal Saeed has told media oragnisations, including the BBC Urdu service, that he is affiliated with the Haqqani network, which is absolutely wrong,” the spokesman explained.

The Haqqani network and its fighters, he said, are engaged in fight against the US-led occupation forces for liberation of their homeland and have nothing not do with the Pakistani militants

Then European Homes, Offices, Families Would Become Legitimate Military Targets

Reporters get government tour of destroyed building at the Bab Al-Aziziya district where leader Moammar Khadafy has his base, in Tripoli earlier this month.

Imed Lamloum/AFP/Getty

Reporters get government tour of destroyed building at the Bab Al-Aziziya district where leader Moammar Khadafy has his base, in Tripoli earlier this month.

Khadafy is warning NATO that his forces can strike the Europe... unless western bombing strikes against his country cease.

Mario Tama/Getty

Khadafy is warning NATO that his forces can strike the Europe… unless western bombing strikes against his country cease.

Looney Libyan dictator Moammar Khadafy threatened airstrikes in Europe against “homes, offices, families” if NATO did not halt the bombing of his regime.

“If we decide to, we are able to move to Europe like locusts, like bees,” said the strongman in a recording played to supporters gathered in Tripoli‘s main square. “We advise you to retreat before you are dealt a disaster.”

“These people (the Libyans) are able to one day take this battle … to Europe, to target your homes, offices, families, which would become legitimate military targets, like you have targeted our homes,” he said.

Thousands turned out to show their support just four days after the International Criminal Court filed warrants for Khadafy, his son and his intelligence chief for crimes against humanity.

The ICC charges that the dictator’s troops fired on civilians in anti-Khadafy protest demonstrations earlier this year. A democratic uprising against the Arab leader has turned into a protracted civil war.

NATO stepped in after the resistance faltered and started bombing government-controlled targets in March.

In his speech to the faithful, the dictator railed against the insurgents, who have taken control of most of eastern Libya and portions of the western mountains in the country, calling them traitors.

Civilians who fled the country into neighboring Tunisia are “working as maids for the Tunisians,” he said.

“What brought you to this stage? The traitors,” said Khadafy.

He called on the crowd to attack the western mountains and seize the weapons delivered by the French government a few days ago.

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