Netanyahu Bribes Romania and Bulgaria Against Palestinian State

Benjamin Netanyahu “bought” the votes of Romania and Bulgaria against the Palestinian State very cheaply. The price of the vote of these two states against the recognition of a Palestinian State in the UN amounts to granting a number of work permits for cheap Bulgarian and Romanian workers in Israel.

Israeli TV Channel 2 revealed today July 12 2011 in the evening that the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu “made a deal” with Romania and Bulgaria to vote against the recognition of Palestinian State in exchange for permits to their nationals to work (as garbage collectors and construction workers) in Israel.

Netanyahu conducted a tour in the Balkans and Eastern Europe last week in order to persuade these states to not vote at the United Nations for recognition of Palestinian State next September .

Channel 2 said that Netanyahu “managed to convince the leaders of Romania and Bulgaria not to vote in favor of a Palestinian State in exchange for permits to their nationals to work in Israel”.

The Channel added that the “deal” was made by Netanyahu when he was in his plane, accompanied by Israeli Finance Minister Yuval Steinitz and Housing Minister Ariel Attias. According to Channel 2, Netanyahu has vowed to grant thousand work permits for citizens of the two countries despite the fact that the Israeli government had decided earlier not to issue permits to foreign workers.


It is yet to be seen what this short-sighted move will bring to all involved, Israel at large and the workers who decide to take the offer, if not trouble. During a conversation with an israeli acquaintance a long time ago, this person told me that the experience with the foreign workers from eastern Europe was “people who don’t want work and don’t know how to work, and 10 of them don’t do the work of even one Palestinian”. This about fits the experience of Europa with especially the two mentioned countries. The main export of both Romania and Bulgaria to the rest of the EU appears to be criminal gangs, and where the people from these countries find work, for example by underpricing local construction enterprises, the work is lousy at best.

My acquaintance also said during that conversation that most of these people were eventually forced by their lack of competitive and legal options into running drugs or prostitution, if they did not return to their countries of origin – a seldom mentioned fact is that foreigners, even jews, are worth nothing and given nothing in israeli society. And the question must be asked, what jobs are any foreigners going to take in a situation when there are not even enough jobs for israelis. Why else would the government have previously decided that no jobs would be given to foreigners? The possible fallout from this stupid as disgusting decision in the internal israeli political arena will be interesting to see. Cheap often comes with a hefty price tag.

The name Netanyahu, by the way, has a meaning in Arabic. “Netanyahu” is composed of two words. “Netan” (or “niten” – ) means STINKY in Arabic. “Yahu” (or “Ya Hu” – ) means HE IS. The complete name means: HE STINKS. And I indeed think that he STINKS.