91 people killed–The first thing he did was shoot the cutest girl he saw–Eyewitness to VG

Police confirms: 91 people killed

DRAMATIC: There were dramatic scenes played out before rescue crews when they arrived Utøya Saturday.  Photo: Svein Wilhelmsen Gustav

DRAMATIC: There were dramatic scenes played out before rescue crews when they arrived Utøya Saturday. Photo: Svein Wilhelmsen Gustav

Eyewitness to VG: – The first thing he did was shoot the cutest girl he saw

Hid: Marius Helander Roset (left), Matt Moen Kristiansen and Jostein Helsingeng. The teenagers’ parents have given permission for them talking to VG.Photo: MATTIS SAND SHEET

UTSTRANDA / LONDON (AP) The three boys from Hedmark hid, while the mass killing the man walked around with a machine gun and tried to lure them out from their hiding place.

Marius Helander Roset, Matt Moen Kristiansen and Jostein Helsingeng are among those who escaped death by terrorist attack on Labour Youth League summer camp at Utøya. Roset ran into the woods along with three others when the desperadoes weapon began to shoot. The group of four split up, and Roset hiding under a rock. – The first crazy no one did was to shoot the first cute girl he saw, says Marius Helander Roset to VG Nett. – Could not swim There were several others to the area where Roset was to hide. After 45 minutes there was someone who gave permission to swim. – But I could not. The clothes were so heavy and wet. I swam back to the island and found a two-cave where I was hiding along with others, says Roset to VG. – The shooter was standing right near us and threw rocks into the water to lure us back, he explains further.

(AP) Adrian Pracon survived by playing dead, when he heard the perpetrator to go around him and shouting that he would kill anyone who was Utøya.

“I’ll kill everyone! Everyone must die! “

PLAYED DEATH: Adrian Pracon survived the shooting tragedy at Utøya by playing dead. Here you can see more survivors are taken care of by paramedics. Photo: Svein Wilhelmsen Gustav

– I and two others lay on the ground, and the lead because of the bodies that lay around us, we acted like we were dead, said County Secretary Telemark AUF, Adrian Pracon toCNN by telephone from the hospital. Read also: Police confirms: 91 people killed Pracon was in Labour Youth League summer camp at Utøya, when Anders Behring Breivik (32) began to fire at the camp participants on Friday afternoon. – I was perhaps seven feet away from him when he shouted that he would kill everyone, and everyone would die. He charged at me with a gun, but did not shoot, explains Pracon. Further, said county Registrar that he saw the perpetrator chase panic-stricken youth. – I could feel his breath. I could hear his shoes, he said. The man from Skien can also tell that he was among the last who came away from the carnage on Utøya. – It felt like I could not breathe. I had swallowed a lot of water, after I jumped in the water. I had no time to take off my clothes, and felt that I was heavy my clothes went down while I was swimming, he said. VGTV: Stoltenberg on Saturday morning: – A national tragedy before he had arrived in safety, he began to doubt whether he would survive. – I did not know if I should do it, I was already exhausted.Along with party colleague Bjorn Jarle Roberg-Larsen, he tells of the time after Behring Breivik came to Utøya. – He pulled out a gun, and started shooting at people after a few minutes. People panicked and tried to hide.Some jumped into the water, and tried to swim ashore, said Roberg-Larsen told CNN . Read also: mass murder Suspected called Gro “killer country” – He went, but came back maybe an hour later. He shot nearly everyone, explains Pracon.