Death of Rabbani was beneficial for the Taliban and Pakistan

Mullojanov: Death Rabbani was beneficial for the standing Taliban Pakistan

Nargis Hamrabaeva

Death Burhonuddina Rabbani – a continuation of the old policy of destruction of the Northern Alliance leaders and to weaken the Northern Alliance as a whole, according to Tajik political analyst Parviz Mullojanov.

“Rabbani, after Ahmadshaha Massoud, who was also killed by the Taliban, was the second largest figure in the Northern Alliance, which potentially could play a unifying role in the future of Afghan society,” – said Mullojanov.

At the same time he found it difficult to name a leader who could take the place of Rabbani and unite all factions of the anti-Taliban coalition.

In his view, the death of Rabbani was beneficial, especially intransigent Taliban and standing behind them to Pakistan. “Specifically, the Pakistani intelligence, which created the Taliban – said the analyst. – Thus, they are preparing for the possibility that the complete or partial withdrawal of American troops and NATO forces in Afghanistan will inevitably break out a new round of power struggle. ”