Alleged “Wahhabists” Fire-On U.S. embassy in Sarajevo–One was wearing suicide vest.

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Shooting at the U.S. embassy in Sarajevo (Wahha…, posted with vodpod

[At 21 seconds the gunman is shot by a sniper.]

Wahhabis attacked in Sarajevo: One was a dangerous explosives

Although it appeared the information that the man who was shot at 15:45 of the U.S. Embassy in Sarajevo killed, it has not yet been officially confirmed.

How to transfer Bosnian media, a man dressed in camouflage uniform, the building was fired from Kalashnikov with a tram stop, and then fled, but in the end he shot in his right thigh by a sniper shot. According to some reports, it was only slightly injured and taken to a hospital.

This is a 23-year Mevlida Jašarević from Novi Pazar in Serbia a year ago was detained because of suspicious behavior during the arrival of foreign ambassadors in Sarajevo.

Police sources say the Jašarević a total of three attackers, and the other two are under control.

“Revenge of the Americans for crimes against Muslims in Afghanistan and Palestine”

In the shootout and two policemen were injured, while civil servants and diplomats remained unharmed. Both officers got out of life danger.

On the ground was sent to several police patrols, including special forces.Marindvor village, where the embassy is located, blocked, and the villagers started a panic.

The police investigation lasted for hours, but already from the behavior of the attacker to conclude the reason for the attack. In fact, before he was overwhelmed Jašarević to shout “Allah Akbar” (God is great), shouting that this was revenge Americans for crimes against Muslims in Afghanistan and Palestine.

The whole incident could have had much more serious consequences, because the embassy building in downtown Sarajevo, close to several colleges, schools and malls. At a time when Jašarević started shooting for the U.S. Embassy in the vicinity was at least twenty people.

One of the witnesses, Smail Zilic, at the time of the attack emerged from a nearby shopping center, which is only thirty feet from the attacker.

Kosice: This is an attack on the state of Bosnia and Herzegovina

– It’s like in American movies. Passers-by have fled. I was very close to him, I hid behind the car and begged God to not only turn to me and a girl who found her way here. It is within five minutes at least three shots fired towards the embassy. Then he ran the streets and fired another burst.Struck two officers from the insurance, and then settled down and shouted that does not want to kill fellow Muslims, but Americans. He stopped shooting and calmly šetkao the street, a few passers-by begged him to allow them to extract the wounded policemen, they finally allowed, reiterating that he does not want to shoot at fellow Muslims – visibly excited told us Zilic.

Police quickly cordoned off the wider area around the American Embassy, ​​and the attacker after being injured was taken to the hospital. According to unofficial information, the police in Sarajevo arrested several members of the movement, probably because of suspected ties to Jasarevic. The building of the U.S. Embassy was surrounded by high walls and realistically there was little possibility that the attacker hit anyone in the diplomatic complex.

Unofficial information says that Jašarević member of the radical Islamic movement vehabita, and that from Serbia often visited the place Maoca near Brcko, which is valid for the center of the Wahhabi community in BiH.

Bosnian officials have condemned the incident, and the BiH Presidency Chairman Zeljko Komsic said: “This is an attack on the state of BiH.”