Asian Development Bank Upgrades Tajik Primary Highway M41

[(SEE: CAREC Corridor 3 {Dushanbe-Uzbekistan Border} Improvement Project )This highway upgrade, made possible by the Asian Development Bank, is the primary artery through southern Tajikistan.   The route services the Russian 201st motorized division garrison at Dushanbe, as well as the controversial Ayni Air Force Base which may or may not be used by India, or perhaps Russia.  The world’s largest aluminum smelter (and Tajikistan’s largest industry) is the Soviet-era TadAZ plant, located on highway M41, as will be the extremely controversial Roghun Dam Project on the Vakhsh River.]

Reconstruction of second highway to border with Uzbekistan starts in Tajikistan

7 November 2011, 15:14

CA-NEWS (TJ) – The implementation of the project on reconstruction of the highway Dushanbe-Tursunzade to the border with Uzbekistan began in Tajikistan on Monday.

The highway, stretching 61.5 kilometers, passes across several districts to the west of the capital of Tajikistan. The total project cost is $186 million, of which $120 million were allocated by Asian Development Bank (ADB), $39 million – by the Government of Tajikistan and $37 million – by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development.

President of Tajikistan Emomalii Rahmon and Vice President of ADB Shiao Zhao attended the ceremony of start of the implementation of the project.

On the same day the head of Tajikistan and ADB Vice-President held talks, during which it was noted that currently the bank implements projects worth $529 million in energy, transportation and management of public finances spheres in the country.

The parties also exchanged views on the implementation of ADB’s country partnership program for 2012-2014, which calls for allocating $200 million for projects in road construction, energy security, developing the private sector and other sectors, reported the presidential press service.

The prospects of cooperation between Tajikistan and ADB in implementation of infrastructure projects for the construction of railways and the energy sector, aimed at developing Central and South Asia were also discussed at the meeting.

Oklahoma Fracking Zone Suffers Biggest OK Quake, Ever–(Ohioans Take Note)

6 11 2011 [Ohioans, take note.  If our beloved governor’s mega-fracking plan is not stopped we could soon suffer the same fate (SEE:  Geologists eye new well after 7 quakes in NE Ohio ; Ohio bills could delay fracking).] Fracking May Have Caused 50 Earthquakes in Oklahoma Sparks, OK. coordinates–35.6081226, -96.8211333  (see map insert below) Several homes in Oklahoma were damaged after a strong earthquake struck late Saturday near Sparks, Oklahoma. Several homes in Oklahoma were damaged after a strong earthquake struck late Saturday near Sparks, Oklahoma.

Oklahoma quake buckles highway, damages several homes

State record 5.6-magnitude earthquake rocks Oklahoma, surrounding states

SPARKS – The U.S. Geological Survey indicated an Oklahoma state record 5.6-magnitude earthquake at approximately 10:53pm Saturday evening — the strongest ever recorded in Oklahoma. This comes after an early-morning quake was recorded near Shawnee on Saturday morning, with an intensity of 4.6. The quake was centered near the town of Sparks Oklahoma and was felt from Illinois to Tennessee to Arkansas to near the Texas-Mexico border. It was particularly felt far away since the quake was only located about three miles below the earth’s surface. Initial reports had the quake listed as a 5.2 on the Richter scale, but an update soon was released upgrading the quake’s intensity level to a 5.6. We have several conversations in progress at KFOR’s Facebook page, where you can join in the conversation and stay tuned for updates as we get them. If you felt the quake and have images to share of the damage your area sustained, send us that information by emailing

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