What Happens If Putin Starts Calling These Flash Mobs What They Are?–US State Dept. Shock Troops

[CIA psywar specialists have fine-tuned their social media political action system, so that they can instantly capitalize on any bad political news.  With State Dept. watchdog groups like Golos patrolling electoral exercises like piranha looking for blood in the water, it is a sure thing that they will find some dead issue to pounce on.  Putin understood that this would happen once he let the West in.  The question now is how will he deal with it, like a democratic head-buster or a real dictator.  There is a fine line that Russian enforcers can walk to emulate the American police state.  Look for long-range acoustical mob control devices to appear at the next planned protests.]

Chanting ‘Russia without Putin,’ flash mobs roil Moscow

Protesters across Russia march against Vladimir Putin’s ruling party following allegations of official vote-rigging in last weekend’s Duma elections.

By Fred Weir,

Opposition demonstrators walk along a main thoroughfare during protests against alleged vote-rigging in Russia’s parliamentary elections in Moscow on Tuesday. Police clashed with demonstrators protesting alleged election fraud in Moscow and at least two other major Russian cities on Tuesday as anger boiled against strongman Prime Minister Vladimir Putin and his ruling United Russia party.

Ivan Sekretarev/AP


Moscow was uncommonly tense Wednesday, with tens of thousands of riot police patrolling the streets and helicopters buzzing overhead, while opposition leaders promised more flash-mob-type demonstrations to protest alleged official vote-rigging in last weekend’s bitterly contested Duma elections.

For more than a decade, Russians appear to have quietly accepted Vladimir Putin’s system of “managed democracy.” The system utilizes a toolbox full of official measures to ensure that only Kremlin-approved parties and candidates get elected, and that the decisive share of votes is always won by the ruling party, UnitedRussia (UR), which has been headed by Mr. Putin for much of its existence.

But on Monday, after official returns showed UR winning almost 50 percent of the votes – down sharply from the 64 percent it won in 2007 polls – up to 10,000 protesters, informed mainly through social media, converged on the downtown Chistye Prudhi metro station. They attempted to march to the Kremlin, shouting slogans like “down with the police state” and “Russia without Putin.” About 300 were detained, and a few such as radical blogger Alexei Navalny and liberal opposition leader Ilya Yashin were subsequently handed 15-day prison sentences for “refusing to follow a lawful police order.”


US-Based Pseudo-Democracy Group Appears To Create the Appearance of Democratic Reform In Uzbekistan

The movement “Birdamlik” hold exclusive promotion to the Day of the Constitution of Uzbekistan


December 7 in honor of the Constitution of Uzbekistan , celebrated on 8 December, the opposition People’s Movement “Birdamlik” (“Unity”) intends to hold a charity raffle in Tashkent, “OR” (an abbreviation of the phrase “ommavy shikoyatlar” – “mass appeal”), reported Birdamlik.info .

The lottery will be held in the capital of Uzbekistan, the famous Alai market, from 11-00 to 13-00 hours. The action can take part of any citizen of Uzbekistan. Those wishing to participate are invited to write on slips of their names, as well as to avoid lining if the lottery will have full namesake, indicate series and passport numbers or simply leave your autograph. “Birdamlik” plans to play 20 prizes “Honadon” for $ 50 U.S. each and a grand prize “Tea” in 1000 dollars.

In addition, organizers of the precarious social action plan to hold a competition for the best knowledge of the Constitution of Uzbekistan. Five participants who can best explain the content and meaning of the Basic Law, will receive $ 100 and a copy of the Constitution of the Republic.

On to the action “GS” and its sources of funding “Fergana” questioned a member of the movement “Birdamlik,” the former journalist TV channel “Yoshlar” (“Youth”) Malohat Eshonkulovu .

Malohat Eshonkulova

Malohat Eshonkulova

– Malohat where you have the means to carry out such an act?– The action was financed by the head office of the movement “Birdamlik” which is located in the United States. The funds consist of membership fees and sponsorship.The main office of motion suggested that we hold a charity raffle, dedicated to the Day of Constitution of Uzbekistan. We endorsed the idea and began preparations.

– How many people do you intend to collect?

– At a charity event invited all the heads of regional branches of the movement “Birdamlik” come all our activists. We expect that will come from every region of four activist movement led by the head of the regional office. According to preliminary calculations, the expected participation of more than 60 people. The motion will cover all travel expenses of participants. In addition, an event attended by representatives of the diplomatic corps and all of Uzbek human rights activists.

– What is the main purpose of such an action?

– As you know, in October, we were trying to measure “mass appeal”, but it failed. The reason? I do not want to talk about the legal literacy of our people, the population of sufficient knowledge in this field. But unfortunately, our people are indifferent.Indifferent to the laws and their enforcement. We know that in our country, laws and even the Constitution inoperative. In my opinion, seeing such a situation, people are disillusioned and spit at it. The people retreated. It should not be. People should not give up. The laws do not work, and the Constitution does not apply because of the indifference of the population.

The Constitution of Uzbekistan provides an almost ideal “democratic document.” However, its provisions are often not enforced, while remaining formal declarations. Thus, the basic law of the Republic states that the sole source of authority in the country is the people, and citizens have the right to engage in public life by holding rallies, meetings and demonstrations. In fact, the country atmosphere of hard police suppress any public activity.

Citizens need to continue to demand that the government of the Constitution, if necessary, must rise to his feet, not to give up and not get tired. People – an invincible force, but it should not stop their claims, give up. I think it is necessary to exacerbate political and legal consciousness of people. This is the purpose of our action: to awaken the interest of citizens to the Constitution, to increase the rigor of the people.It’s no secret that people who have never picked up the Constitution, a lot. Therefore we would like to purchase the texts of the Constitution in large quantities. Have gone through all the bookstores in Tashkent, but none of them are on sale it was not. We managed to get only 20 copies in Russian.

The absence of the Constitution of Uzbekistan Opened sales – a very strange phenomenon. As if the authorities are afraid that people will buy it, learn, and to demand their rights.

We’re going on the first page of the Constitution to write: “The country’s constitution – a program of our lives. Read it and let us read to their children. NDU “Birdamlik” recommends “- and to distribute copies of the Basic Law of the protesters.

In addition, we are planning our speakers presentations and lectures on the meaning of the Constitution. At the same time want to hold a charity lottery to do something to help our poor countrymen, who for several weeks did not see the meat in their cauldrons, so they can arrange a holiday at home. Can you say, and not it be better to just give money? No, our people are proud, they have to give, so as not to hurt their feelings.

– Did you get permission from the authorities to conduct a lottery?

– Is to celebrate Constitution Day, you must request permission from the authorities? No, we did not apply to any office of power and did not receive permits. Because it is – a one-time lottery, and, charity.

– Are not you afraid that the authorities can easily accuse you of illegally conducting a lottery?

– When I worked in television, a friend of mine told prosecutor said jokingly: “If necessary, we can find fault and to the stake, and bring it on paper.” This is true. Our laws – like a rubber band, pull the can, where you want. Who is stronger, and he would chip.Therefore, the authorities can be expected any. But I do not see in our actions constitute a crime. We’re giving away a one-off charity raffle in connection with the holiday – Constitution Day. The movement “Birdamlik” has by this material, financial benefits.On the contrary, it will be profitable by the citizens. What to think about the benefit of citizens in Uzbekistan – the crime? Will be distributed to 100-200 copies of the Constitution, and the crime?

We do not want to guess what will happen tomorrow, so we’ll wait. Time will tell.

– Do you plan to distribute dollars or scrip? In the first case, you may be accused of conducting illegal foreign exchange transactions.

– We will not deviate from the laws of our country. In the charity raffle will be drawn cash prizes, the winners will be handed out checks, confirming the winnings. They will also receive a business card with the address of our head office, phone numbers, e-mail. The winners will be able to contact the main office and receive their prizes. The money will be transferred through banks in foreign currency. At the time of the lottery are no foreign exchange transactions will not be.

The international news agency “Fergana”

U.S. embassy opened Internet in Iran – to communicate with the Iranian people

U.S. embassy opened Internet in Iran – to communicate with the Iranian people


December 6th U.S. opened in an Internet-based embassy of the country to Iran , according to RIA Novosti .

At the present time between the two countries have no diplomatic relations. U.S. interests in Iran is Switzerland.

“I am pleased to announce the launch of a virtual U.S. embassy in Tehran. This is a new opportunity to bring together American and Iranian peoples. Because of the lack of diplomatic relations, we lacked the dialogue between our citizens. We hope that now, thanks to new technologies, this website and its associated social networks will become a bridge that can improve communication between us “- said in a written statement, State Department spokesman Victoria Nuland.

According to her, opening the site is the first step the United States, aimed at overcoming attempts to “the Iranian regime omit electron curtain, enter on-line filtering and restrict satellite broadcasting.” “We hope to expand our relationship directly with the Iranian people”, – explained Nuland.

As the BBC B , at the presentation ceremony of the project Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said the United States missed an opportunity to engage in dialogue with the Iranians for more than 30-year absence in Tehran current diplomatic mission.

It is assumed that the online embassy will compile information about human rights in Iran, and Iranian citizens informed about life in the United States.

In the U.S. State Department declared that “virtual representation” will not substitute for official diplomatic mission in Iran, it should become a “bridge” between Washington and Tehran. To obtain U.S. visas for Iranian nationals still need to be treated in the U.S. Embassy in third countries.

The international news agency “Fergana”

US Efforts To Out-train Kyrgyz Scorpions Units Better Than Russian Spetsnaz

[Kyrgyz Special Forces seem to be unimpressed by Western training, according to the report below.  We are witnessing a series of strange events in Central Asia, as both the US and Russia seek to create the first regional Rapid Reaction Force.  Since there is really no existing threat to regional peace, other than the rising specter of the “Spring” revolutions and stray militants from Afghanistan, then governments are obviously preparing to crush dissent.  In the end, the separate governments will choose the military solution which meets their needs–meaning a Rapid Reaction force willing to pound civilian protestors into the ground–literally.  The only really democratic decisions that will be made by the Central Asian dictators is that they will vote UP or DOWN on the make-up of this budding Central Asian Rapid Reaction Force. 

If American forces are willing to do to Central Asian civilians exactly what Saudi forces have been doing to the citizens of Bahrain,

then they might actually get the job of forming that new regional military force.  Otherwise, the Russians offer the only realistic solution.  Every  effort short of this is just blustering into the wind.] 

Kyrgyzstan: Chui is a joint training of U.S. and Kyrgyz special forces (photo)


From November 1 to December 19 in Tokmok Chui is a joint training special forces in Kyrgyzstan and the United States, according to AKIpress .

Training in Tokmok. Photo AKIpress

Training takes place on the basis of special forces military unit “Scorpion”. On the American side it involves twelve special forces soldiers “Alpha 31-34”, led by Captain Anthony Tsinkutisom, including having the experience of participating in combat operations in Iraq and Afghanistan , and from the Kyrgyz side – fifty soldiers from special units “Scorpion,” ” Panther “and” Ilbirs “Department of Defense.

U.S. Army Capt. E. Tsinkutis. Photo AKIpress

The military of both countries share their experiences in combating terrorism and drug trafficking, work out the skills of combat in urban environments, the hostages were released, clearing facilities, medical evacuation, search vehicles and so on.

Training in Tokmok. Photo AKIpress

Americans celebrate diligence and Kyrgyz Special Forces say they were interested in “work” with the best of Kyrgyzstan’s arms. Their Kyrgyz colleagues reported that Americans are a little weaker physically, but pay special attention to accuracy when shooting and trying to “work” head.

The international news agency “Fergana”

Islam Karimov has something planned

Islam Karimov has something planned


On Monday, December 5, news agencies have disseminated information that the Senate of Uzbekistan adopted the amendments to the constitution of the country, according to which the term of office in this country is reduced from seven to five years. The amendments were initiated by President Islam Karimov. Lenta.ru tried to understand the purpose for which Karimov has decided to shorten his term.

The first thought that comes to mind: in Uzbekistan starting to change the constitution, it is probably connected with the intention of the incumbent to create yourself an environment in which he could run again. So it was more than once.

The first presidential election in Uzbekistan took place in December 1991. Then Islam Karimov was elected for five years, but in March 1995, a referendum to extend his presidential term until 2000. Well after working nine-year term in 2000, Karimov was re-elected for five years, and in 2002, according to the results of the next referendum, presidential term was extended to seven years. Due to legal technicalities second term Karimov continued from January 2000 to December 2007, there is every eight years instead of seven.

Last election, won by Karimov took place in December 2007, that is his current term ends in 2014. However, if changes to the constitution will take effect the next presidential election could theoretically take place as early as next year. And the acting head of state they can go under the pretext that he did not put dosidel seven years and now everything should begin anew.

At the same time, it is no secret that the last election and Karimov at the highest office in the state was seen by his opponents as a direct violation of the Constitution, limiting the stay of any person in the position of president to two terms. Moreover, if the discontent among his fellow citizens have learned to suppress Karimov at the root, the negative reaction from the West Uzbek leader can do nothing.

It is true that in 2007 Tashkent’s foreign policy, which largely depends on the situation in the country, was aimed at closer cooperation with Russia and China. And in these countries manipulation Karimov with the constitution and democratic principles do not attach special significance. Another thing the United States, which after six and a half years after the events in Andijan in Uzbekistan once again positioned as a strategic partner.

According to the chief editor of news agency “Fergana” Daniel Kislov, reducing the presidential term – it’s a step in which Karimov is pushed Washington’s position. “From the ostentatious” easing “of the regime depends on the degree of military and political support that the U.S. will have to Tashkent. In this regard, from prisons and mental hospitals have been released a few journalists and human rights. We can expect that in the near future will be held, and other simulation reforms “, – said Kislov. He believes that Americans, in the first place, it is necessary to justify before the world community for the support of the governor, who in the eyes of many is “no better than Qaddafi.”

Finally, there is a version that Karimov, or – as it is often called the people of Uzbekistan – the Pope, yet really decided to give up the presidency. While in favor of this except that the head of state old age (in January next year he turns 74), the mere possibility that Karimov will leave his post, generates millions of rumors and speculation. Do not deny yourself the pleasure to reflect on this issue and we are.

Karimov has, like its northern neighbor, Nursultan Nazarbayev, no, let’s say, the biological successors – both the president’s got time to his sons, who could hand over power. Although older daughter, and Karimov and Nazarbayev – Gulnara and Dariga – public figures rather, only in the case of Kazakhstan “princess” can talk about any political perspective. In contrast to Dariga Nazarbayeva, Gulnara Karimova is never interested in politics, focusing on the “glamor” and the secular parties. Collection of clothes, diamonds, hospitality – is unlikely with such baggage allowed to handle the president’s daughter running the state.

True, there is Karimov’s son – from his first marriage. But with Peter Karimov, about which little is known except that he seems to live in Tashkent, the father relationship is not supported. Consequently, a member of the “family” does not recognize it, so that one can hardly speak about some plans for the Pope against this man.

Against the background of the insolvency of the presidential children to the fore recently published figure of Prime Minister Shaukat Mirzijaeva Uzbekistan, which is due to a rapid career in the civil service more than once been compared to Vladimir Putin.

54-year-old prime minister has Mirziyayev since 2003. Prior to that he led Jizzakh and Samarkand regions. “Tough, ruthless and power-hungry man who has the support of representatives of” Samarkand “clan” – so wrote about Mirzijaeva edition of “CentrAsia” immediately after his appointment as head of government. Journalists, referring to people who work with the new prime minister, argued that Mirzijaeva was common assault against subordinates.

In 2003, BBC News Mirzijaeva gave this description: “Excellent political reaction and ability to achieve their goals by any means.” Further on the basis of this conclusion was drawn that the Uzbek prime minister has much in common with those African dictators who came to power with the help of Soviet military advisers.

Brutality of the former governor Karimov has used in the most difficult part – Mirziyayev was responsible for gathering the cotton crop. This trend, he controls today, so all the buds that are showered on the Uzbek government for use in the fields of child labor, should, in theory, get it Mirzijaeva. Human rights activists argue that once Mirzieyav, such as beating of high school teacher for refusing to Jizzakh show the students to pick cotton.

At the same time the Uzbek prime minister for a time was completely closed to the press – he does not give interviews, does not talk to reporters, not lit for the cameras. Needless to say – just three years after the appointment Mirzijaeva to head the government in the media got a picture of him.

It is true that in recent conversations about Mirzijaeva as a possible successor, several have died down. But with the last change of the constitution, they may be resumed with renewed vigor. If Karimov is, of course, extend the presidential term reduction in operating current, and not dosidit quietly at his post until 2014.

Photo RIA Novosti, Sergey Guneev

Pakistani militants claim responsibility for pilgrim slaughter

Pakistani militants claim responsibility for pilgrim slaughter

Afghan men cry as others remove bodies from a suicide attack at a shrine in Kabul.

PHOTO: Afghan men cry as others remove bodies from a suicide attack at a shrine in Kabul.(AFP: Massoud Hossaini)

A Pakistan-based insurgent group has claimed responsibility for twin attacks which caused carnage at two shrines belonging to Afghanistan’s minority Shiite Muslims yesterday.

The suicide attacks in Kabul and Mazar-i-Sharif killed at least 59 people and forced president Hamid Karzai to cut short his visit to Europe and the UK.

Doctors and police struggled to count the casualties after the first blast, which tore through a crowd of pilgrims commemorating the Shiite holy day of Ashura in the capital Kabul.

Many women and children were among the casualties after a suicide bomber blew himself up at the gates of the Abu Fazal shrine.

It was one of the bloodiest days in the Afghan capital since the fall of the Taliban in 2001 and came after similar attacks on Shiite pilgrims in Iraq on Monday.

Shortly after the Kabul blast, a bicycle bomb exploded near the main mosque in northern Mazar-i-Sharif city, killing four people.

This morning Sunni extremist group Lashkar e-Jhangvi al-Alami said it launched the attacks; the group’s first in Afghanistan.

Violence between Sunni and Shiite Muslims in Afghanistan has been rare since that fall of the Taliban in 2001 but the attacks have raised fears that Afghanistan will be gripped by the same sectarian violence which prompted the US to send thousands more troops to Iraq in 2007.

Dozens of funerals will be held later today for the victims of the bombings and Mr Karzai is expected to meet with victim’s families.

“This is the first time on such an important religious day in Afghanistan that terrorism of that horrible nature is taking place,” he told journalists in Germany.

The attacks were swiftly condemned by the international community, with France calling them “cowardly and odious acts” and UK foreign secretary William Hague saying he was “shocked by the sectarian attacks on innocent civilians”.

Afghan leader to confront Pakistan over attack

Afghan leader to confront Pakistan over attack


KABUL, Afghanistan (AP) — Afghanistan’s president says that the unprecedented suicide bombing at a Shiite shrine in Kabul originated in Pakistan and is pledging to confront the Pakistani government about the attack.

President Hamid Karzai spoke Wednesday as he visited a hospital where scores of people wounded in the attack are being treated. At least 56 people, including an American citizen, were killed in the explosion, which occurred as Shiites were commemorating the major Islamic holy day of Ashoura.

Karzai says the Afghan government has launched an investigation, but the group behind the attack is based in Pakistan and he will take the issue to the Pakistani government.