US-Based Pseudo-Democracy Group Appears To Create the Appearance of Democratic Reform In Uzbekistan

The movement “Birdamlik” hold exclusive promotion to the Day of the Constitution of Uzbekistan


December 7 in honor of the Constitution of Uzbekistan , celebrated on 8 December, the opposition People’s Movement “Birdamlik” (“Unity”) intends to hold a charity raffle in Tashkent, “OR” (an abbreviation of the phrase “ommavy shikoyatlar” – “mass appeal”), reported .

The lottery will be held in the capital of Uzbekistan, the famous Alai market, from 11-00 to 13-00 hours. The action can take part of any citizen of Uzbekistan. Those wishing to participate are invited to write on slips of their names, as well as to avoid lining if the lottery will have full namesake, indicate series and passport numbers or simply leave your autograph. “Birdamlik” plans to play 20 prizes “Honadon” for $ 50 U.S. each and a grand prize “Tea” in 1000 dollars.

In addition, organizers of the precarious social action plan to hold a competition for the best knowledge of the Constitution of Uzbekistan. Five participants who can best explain the content and meaning of the Basic Law, will receive $ 100 and a copy of the Constitution of the Republic.

On to the action “GS” and its sources of funding “Fergana” questioned a member of the movement “Birdamlik,” the former journalist TV channel “Yoshlar” (“Youth”) Malohat Eshonkulovu .

Malohat Eshonkulova

Malohat Eshonkulova

– Malohat where you have the means to carry out such an act?– The action was financed by the head office of the movement “Birdamlik” which is located in the United States. The funds consist of membership fees and sponsorship.The main office of motion suggested that we hold a charity raffle, dedicated to the Day of Constitution of Uzbekistan. We endorsed the idea and began preparations.

– How many people do you intend to collect?

– At a charity event invited all the heads of regional branches of the movement “Birdamlik” come all our activists. We expect that will come from every region of four activist movement led by the head of the regional office. According to preliminary calculations, the expected participation of more than 60 people. The motion will cover all travel expenses of participants. In addition, an event attended by representatives of the diplomatic corps and all of Uzbek human rights activists.

– What is the main purpose of such an action?

– As you know, in October, we were trying to measure “mass appeal”, but it failed. The reason? I do not want to talk about the legal literacy of our people, the population of sufficient knowledge in this field. But unfortunately, our people are indifferent.Indifferent to the laws and their enforcement. We know that in our country, laws and even the Constitution inoperative. In my opinion, seeing such a situation, people are disillusioned and spit at it. The people retreated. It should not be. People should not give up. The laws do not work, and the Constitution does not apply because of the indifference of the population.

The Constitution of Uzbekistan provides an almost ideal “democratic document.” However, its provisions are often not enforced, while remaining formal declarations. Thus, the basic law of the Republic states that the sole source of authority in the country is the people, and citizens have the right to engage in public life by holding rallies, meetings and demonstrations. In fact, the country atmosphere of hard police suppress any public activity.

Citizens need to continue to demand that the government of the Constitution, if necessary, must rise to his feet, not to give up and not get tired. People – an invincible force, but it should not stop their claims, give up. I think it is necessary to exacerbate political and legal consciousness of people. This is the purpose of our action: to awaken the interest of citizens to the Constitution, to increase the rigor of the people.It’s no secret that people who have never picked up the Constitution, a lot. Therefore we would like to purchase the texts of the Constitution in large quantities. Have gone through all the bookstores in Tashkent, but none of them are on sale it was not. We managed to get only 20 copies in Russian.

The absence of the Constitution of Uzbekistan Opened sales – a very strange phenomenon. As if the authorities are afraid that people will buy it, learn, and to demand their rights.

We’re going on the first page of the Constitution to write: “The country’s constitution – a program of our lives. Read it and let us read to their children. NDU “Birdamlik” recommends “- and to distribute copies of the Basic Law of the protesters.

In addition, we are planning our speakers presentations and lectures on the meaning of the Constitution. At the same time want to hold a charity lottery to do something to help our poor countrymen, who for several weeks did not see the meat in their cauldrons, so they can arrange a holiday at home. Can you say, and not it be better to just give money? No, our people are proud, they have to give, so as not to hurt their feelings.

– Did you get permission from the authorities to conduct a lottery?

– Is to celebrate Constitution Day, you must request permission from the authorities? No, we did not apply to any office of power and did not receive permits. Because it is – a one-time lottery, and, charity.

– Are not you afraid that the authorities can easily accuse you of illegally conducting a lottery?

– When I worked in television, a friend of mine told prosecutor said jokingly: “If necessary, we can find fault and to the stake, and bring it on paper.” This is true. Our laws – like a rubber band, pull the can, where you want. Who is stronger, and he would chip.Therefore, the authorities can be expected any. But I do not see in our actions constitute a crime. We’re giving away a one-off charity raffle in connection with the holiday – Constitution Day. The movement “Birdamlik” has by this material, financial benefits.On the contrary, it will be profitable by the citizens. What to think about the benefit of citizens in Uzbekistan – the crime? Will be distributed to 100-200 copies of the Constitution, and the crime?

We do not want to guess what will happen tomorrow, so we’ll wait. Time will tell.

– Do you plan to distribute dollars or scrip? In the first case, you may be accused of conducting illegal foreign exchange transactions.

– We will not deviate from the laws of our country. In the charity raffle will be drawn cash prizes, the winners will be handed out checks, confirming the winnings. They will also receive a business card with the address of our head office, phone numbers, e-mail. The winners will be able to contact the main office and receive their prizes. The money will be transferred through banks in foreign currency. At the time of the lottery are no foreign exchange transactions will not be.

The international news agency “Fergana”