Squeezed NATO Supply Line Runs Dry

Squeezed NATO Supply Line Runs Dry

ISLAMABAD: Stepping up pressure on an already-squeezed supply line, Pakistan on Thursday imposed a ban on export of petroleum products to Afghanistan and Central Asia, meant for Nato troops posted in the region.

The decision was taken in a meeting of the Economic Coordination Committee of the Cabinet (ECC) – the country’s highest economic decision-making body, headed by Finance Minister Dr Abdul Hafeez Shaikh.

The import is being practiced only on paper, and all these petroleum products are being sold in Pakistan after going through the export process, said the ministry of petroleum and natural resources in a justification given to the ECC.

The government was also facing criticism for providing subsidised products to Afghanistan at a time when domestic consumers are subject to heavy taxation. The petroleum ministry officials said around 850,000 tons of jet fuel, consumed by Nato forces, is exported to Afghanistan per year.

Pakistan had also been exporting 150,000 tons of high-speed diesel and 100,000 tons of petrol at subsidised rates since 2002-03.

UPDATE 2-Oil town clashes kill 10 on Kazakh independence day

UPDATE 2-Oil town clashes kill 10 on Kazakh independence day


* Prosecutor-general says 10 killed, more wounded in clashes

* President sends investigators to oil city of Zhanaozen

* Video footage beginning of clashes, warning shots

* Violence overshadows Independence Day celebrations

By Raushan Nurshayeva

ASTANA, Dec 16 (Reuters) – Ten people were killed when sacked oil workers clashed with riot police in Kazakhstan on Friday, a rare violent protest in the tightly controlled Central Asian state that overshadowed celebrations to mark 20 years of independence.

Several people were also wounded after protesters stormed a stage in the oil city of Zhanaozen and set fire to the city administration building and the headquarters of the local unit of London-listed oil firm KazMunaiGas Exploration Production.

“Ten people were killed as a result of mass disorder. There are also some wounded, including police officers,” Kazakh Prosecutor-General Askhat Daulbayev told a news conference, citing preliminary data.

He did not say who had been killed or how.

He said a group of investigators led by the interior minister had flown to the city on the orders of President Nursultan Nazarbayev “to take all necessary measures to preclude further criminal acts, identify and punish organisers of the disorder and restore public security in the town”.

Violent protests scarcely occur in Kazakhstan, Central Asia’s largest economy and oil producer, where 71-year-old Nazarbayev has ruled with a firm hand for more than 20 years. He has overseen massive foreign investment, mainly in oil and gas.

In a speech on Thursday, Nazarbayev stressed the need to preserve stability in the country of 16.6 million people, which has also witnessed an unprecedented spate of attacks by Islamist militants this year.

The clashes in Zhanaozen, a city of 90,000 people about 150 km (95 miles) inland from the Caspian Sea, marred celebrations to mark the 20th anniversary of Kazakhstan’s independence from the Soviet Union.

A triumphal arch was unveiled in the futuristic capital Astana as part of lavish celebrations held nationwide. But in Zhanaozen, protesters — some wearing red-and-blue overalls with a KazMunaiGas logo — stormed a stage in the central square.

Video footage broadcast by privately owned television channel K+, and later on state television, showed a crowd of men breaking through barriers and toppling speakers from the stage.

“The lawbreakers attacked policemen, toppled the New Year tree, destroyed yurts (tents) and a scene laid out for the holiday and set a police bus on fire,” Daulbayev said.

“As a result of the mass disorder, the buildings of the town administration, a hotel and the administration building of Uzenmunaigas were torched. Property of private persons and companies was also destroyed. Cars were burned and ATMs plundered.”

Uzenmunaigas is the local unit of KazMunaiGas Exploration Production (KMG EP) . The company said in a statement that its oil-producing facilities were working as normal, but that it had stepped up security.

KazMunaiGas EP, a unit of state oil and gas company KazMunaiGas, was hit this year by a three-month strike at its Uzenmunaigas unit near the city.

A total of 989 Uzenmunaigas workers were sacked and the company has said it will fall 8.5 percent short of its full-year production target for 2011.


A local government worker said protesters had destroyed the traditional felt tents, known as yurts, near the concert stage.

“They were outraged that the administration was preparing a holiday for the town’s residents … and they started pelting stones at people walking by,” Zhanna Oishibayeva, an aide to the governor of the local Mangistau region, said by telephone.

The short clip of video footage showed a few men chasing a policeman away from the stage. Police cars were seen driving fast through the crowd and one policeman fired pistol shots into the air while standing in a group of officers facing a crowd.

Social networking websites said that some local people had heard shooting in Zhanaozen. These claims could not be verified independently and staff at the local central hospital declined to comment when contacted by Reuters.

Daulbayev, the prosecutor-general, said “a group of hooligans” attacked peaceful residents and smashed parked cars.

“Responding to demands by law-enforcement bodies to stop their unlawful actions, a group of hooligans attacked law-enforcers, attempting to seize their weapons. They were using firearms and cold steel,” he said.

“The prosecutor-general’s office warns the organisers of mass disorder about their accountability to the law and calls on them to stop their unlawful actions.”

A local hotel receptionist said all mobile and Internet communication had been switched off in Zhanaozen. A spokeswoman for Kazakhtelecom, the country’s main operator of digital services, said the firm had nothing to do with the outages.

Zhanaozen, Kazakhstan, Dec. 16, Combination Oil Workers/”Arab Spring” Protest

Против безоружных людей в Жанаозене брошен спецназ

“We have a war broke out, tell all!”

Author: Sharipov Iskakova
In Zhanaozen began dispersal of oil, according to workers. There is a clash between security forces and strikers. Against unarmed people cast special forces, in the course are all methods, including gassing. Workers are asked: “We have started the war! Tell everyone about it! “

As reported by the workers, the government forced the children and young people to go with the flags on the area – go there, where the workers are. Oilers were stopped, and immediately attacked them policemen. Thus occurred the first collision. Children and young people fled, abandoning flags, balloons and posters. The siloviki also floated the gas cylinders.

– We are suffocating, we are trying to move from the area, our guys attacked the police, so many of them, probably pulled from all over Kazakhstan, – are constantly coughing, told us by phone Ungarbaeva Ayman, a participant in the strike movement. As a result of severe coughing and choking she could not speak further.

But in this festive morning, there were no signs of trouble. We called each other several times with the oil, they said that everything was quiet.

– All around us there are yurts, but we are in the middle of the area, hear the thundering music, is about to begin a holiday. I even came with his wife, in general, all is quiet – said Murat Kosbatyrov us.

But in less than an hour, called Ayman and breaking voice stated that began provocations and attacks.

Another participant of the collision Rose reported that the first attack the strikers stood.

– Now it is not clear on which side the advantage, they are us, we have them. But already tied up special units, and even the music screams at full power. The area is completely beleaguer, we were surrounded.

Then suddenly the relationship ended when she called back, we, she cried: “Do not call more begun!”

The last message was a cry of Petroleum Ayman Ungarbaevoy: “We have started the war, tell everyone!”

And just a few minutes ago, it became known that the provocateurs were set on fire on the area of ​​the tent and the tree, and dumped all of these actions on strike!

The criminal case was instituted on the fact of the riots in Zhanaozen


LONDON, December 16 – News-Kazakhstan news agency. Riots occurred in Zhanaozen Mangistau region in western Kazakhstan, hit two police officers, a criminal case, reported in Friday’s press service of the General Prosecutor of the Republic.

According to prosecutors in Zhanaoezene was disrupted celebrations on the central square dedicated to the Independence Day on Friday the country.

“Placed on the Independence Day of the yurt and the portable scene were destroyed. Two police officers injured, “- press service reported.

Supervisory authority has denied appearing in the social networks of communication and exchange of fire victims. “These are not true” – says prosecutors.
Law enforcement agencies take all necessary measures to prevent criminal acts.

“In fact riots criminal case established investigative team headed by the Minister of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan”, – said in a statement.

General Prosecutor of the Republic of Kazakhstan asked residents Zhanaozen temporarily refrain from visiting crowded places.
In more than half are Zhanaozen mass strikes oil, dissatisfied with the level of their wages.

Zhanaozen, Kazakhstan, Dec. 16.12.2011, Refinery Workers protest Massive Lay-Off

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Striking workers slaughtered in Kazakhstan


“Police have opened fire on striking oil workers in Kazakhstan. Independent reports claim that up to seventy people have been killed, and five hundred injured.”

Kazakh Independence Day Rioting Linked to Mangistau Oil Field Workers’ Strike?


Kazakhstan: In Zhanaozen riots took place, beaten by police


Riots took place on December 16 in the city Zhanaozen Mangistau region in western Kazakhstan , hit two police officers, a criminal case, according to Novosti-Kazakhstan reports citing the press service of the Prosecutor General of the Republic.

According to prosecutors, in Zhanaozen was disrupted celebrations on the central square dedicated to the Independence Day on Friday the country. “Placed on the Independence Day of the yurt and the portable scene were destroyed. Two police officers injured, “- the press service.

“There is no peace festival did not happen, because by the time the children came to the area with banners and flags of Kazakhstan in their hands, they ran the brutal mob with sticks and pieces of pipe” – quoted Lada.Kz Mayor Councillor Zhanaozen Ainash Tlepkabylovu.

According to her, the children ran away in panic. At the attackers but sticks and pipes were Molotov cocktails, they are actively prevented firefighters to extinguish the fire. Police attempt to prevent hooliganism met with strong opposition. Five junior officers of the seriously injured, they were hospitalized.

Attorney General’s office has denied appearing in the social networks of communication and exchange of fire victims, saying that they do not correspond to reality.

Upon riots criminal case established investigative team headed by the Minister of Internal Affairs.

Version of the independent newspaper The Republic looks different. As the publication of reports by the workers themselves, the police provoked the clash with strikers in the square, lashing out at them first.

Recall from May 2011 to Mangistau region strike hundreds of workers of the two oil companies’ Ozenmunaygaz “and” Karazhanbasmunai “dissatisfied with the level of their wages and working conditions. Employers laid off about two thousand people. Against the leaders of the striking oil workers have been criminal and administrative cases for political reasons.Activists strike and opposition activists who supported the strikers’ demands were subjected to intimidation and harassment, one of the leaders of the strike movement, Natalia Sokolova was convicted .

The international news agency “Fergana”

Tajik Parliament Appeals To Uzbek Counterparts To Help Break Railroad Seige of Lower Tajikistan

Parliament of Tajikistan appealed to his colleagues from Uzbekistan

Avaz Yuldashev

The lower house of parliament in Tajikistan today took an appeal to the Legislative Chamber of Oliy Majlis of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

The report noted that currently two areas of Tajikistan are under siege.

“During the cold winter population, economy, agriculture, two areas of Tajikistan – Badakhshan and Khatlon – this is actually about a month left in the blockade of the state – marked in circulation. – Dates of autumn sowing, building schools and hospitals in these regions are postponed, the delivery of food and humanitarian supplies to areas of concern is the above. ”

Also, note the Tajik parliament, the closure of the railway to the south of Tajikistan message creates problems for the population of southern Afghanistan, the delivery of goods for NATO forces in the IRA. Incur losses, foreign companies operating in the Khatlon and Badakhshan.

The appeal is reminded of ancient traditions of friendship, peace and good neighborly relations established between the Tajik and Uzbek peoples, and expressed confidence that MPs will have the neighboring country Tajikistan assist in solving the problem.

According to the Speaker of the Majlisi Namoyandagon Tajikistan Shukurjon Zuhurov, according to preliminary estimates, the losses inflicted on the economy and the population of southern Tajikistan from the close of the movement of trains, for the month number in the millions TJS. Today, in the direction of the Khatlon region of Tajikistan on Uzbek territory blocked 320 railway wagons, which is 24 thousand tons of cargo.

Recall, November 16, 2011 at 8 30 kilometers of rail picket ferrying Galaba – Amuzang destruction occurred pillars of the railway bridge, and therefore the motion at the site of the passenger and freight trains were discontinued. This span connects the Khatlon region of Tajikistan Railways rail to external messages.