Tajik Mufti Who Sees Through Anti-Islamist Western Subversion, Targeted By Tajik Court

[The following story is about a developing “stink” that is now unfolding in Tajikistan, where US and Russian competition for dominance may be the most serious.  Without Tajikistan, the US and NATO would not be able to control northern Afghanistan and several primary routes for the NDN.  Tajikistan is vital to Russia, especially because it is home to the Russian 201st Motorized Division, with the next nearest Russian facility in Kyrgyzstan.

The report about this Tajik mufti suing the head of the Ulema Council is highly significant, since this guy is a real “fly” in everybody’s “ointment” (our kind of guy!), except maybe for Russia.  He is challenging the Tajik religious authorities for being puppets of the government and its anti-Islamization efforts.  Stirring-up govt. reactions to imagined “Islamist” penetrations is the key mechanism for the takeover of the region.  Turajonzoda has craftily focused upon the puppet religious authorities, instead of the government in his libel suit, for falsely claiming that he led Shiite Ashura ceremonies, even though his Sunni beliefs forbid such things.  The govt. authorities have charged him with “disorderly conduct” because his parishioners became rowdy and insulted the chief Mufti for making false charges against their own Imam. 

Akbar Turajonzoda is of major importance in the international fight against the false “Islamist” front that has been manufactured by the Empire as an instrument of subjugation and agitation of the Muslim masses.  His previous denunciation of the primary instrument of subversion, the  Hizb ut-Tahrir movement, as being a Western creation, manufactured by anti-Islamist forces, proves that he is a primary obstacle to the Western plans to dominate Tajikistan, making him a clear threat to the Empire.  Moves by the Tajik govt. to censure, or isolate him prove that the Rahmon govt. is working behind the scenes to facilitate the Empire’s plans for the region.  If the Islamist model of Western subversion cannot take hold in Tajikistan, then it is doubtful whether it will play well in Russia.  You can be sure that the Kremlin is watching this part of the ongoing psycho-drama very intently] 

Hoji Akbar Turajonzoda

Second-in-command of the Islamic Revival Party, “he has called Hizb ut-Tahrir, an international Islamist organization, a threat to Tajikistan’s stability.[4] He claimed HT is Western-sponsored and that it wants to “remak[e] Central Asia… A more detailed analysis of HT’s programmatic and ideological views and concrete examples of its activities suggests that it was created by anti-Islamic forces. One proof of this is the comfortable existence this organization enjoys in a number of Western countries, where it has large centers and offices that develop its concept of an Islamic caliphate.”[5]

Turajonzoda brothers accused of disorderly conduct 

Nuriddin Turajonzoda
The prosecutor’s office Wahdat handed to the court instituted administrative proceedings for disorderly conduct in respect of certain theologians – brothers Turajonzoda.
According to “AP” prosecutor Vahdat Kurbonali Mukhabbatov, December 9 this year, theologians and Hoji Akbar Eshoni Nuriddin Turajonzoda in his mosque “Muhammad” in Vahdat district was admitted to the presence of many parishioners foul language against the head of the Ulema Council Saidmukarama Abdukodirzoda and other officials.
“Such actions are considered in law as disorderly conduct committed in a public place – said the prosecutor Vahdat. – In any case, the court issues its decision. ”
Actions brothers Turajonzoda qualified under Article 460 of the Administrative Code (petty hooliganism, ie obscene language in public, humiliating harassment of citizens and other such actions that violate public order and tranquility of the population, is punishable by a fine of seven to ten indicators for settlements or administrative arrest for a term of five to fifteen days)
Recall, December 9, the mosque of the family Turajonzoda “Muhammad” to familiarize parishioners with the Ulema Council statement came the head of the Ulema Council Saidmukaram Abdukodirzoda, Chairman of the Committee for Religious Affairs and the Mayor Abdulrahim Kholiko Vahdat Anvari Vaysiddin.

Speech by Mufti met with indignant shouts of the congregation, not letting him finish his speech, and forcing officials to leave the mosque.
The next day, on a complaint the head of the Ulema Council, chairman of the committee and the mayor to the prosecuting authorities nine parishioners were subjected to administrative detention for 10 days, yet few people have been fined.
It should be noted that the entire conflict arose following a statement by the Council of Ulema, who accused the family in carrying out Turajonzoda December 2 Shiite mourning ceremony “Oshuro” in the mosque of Muhammad.
Hoji Akbar Turajonzoda accused the head of the Ulema Council of insult and libel and filed it in court. The claim was accepted Turajonzoda in the metropolitan district court Somoni.