Setting Foundations for CSTO Rapid Reaction Force Includes Control of Internet

To beat or not to beat?

That is the question

Lyrics: Vladimir NORTH Photo: Ermek Sarbasov

Ministers of Defense of the CSTO together with foreign ministers and secretaries of security councils have agreed to December 19 in Moscow, as they had better and more profitable for everyone to act in case of various emergencies, regulations and other hazardous situations.After hours of consultation, draft documents and plans for the medium term. The next day the head of these documents, approved and adopted, affixed their signatures. And one and all expressed their confidence that the issues discussed in the Russian capital, capable of providing “new opportunities for rapid and adequate response to threats and risks that exist in the modern world.” Does now that the military “to the teeth” Collective Rapid Reaction Force (RRF) will be assigned to any country alliance to suppress it “color revolutions”, display or performance of Petroleum gas workers disgruntled?

But here there is a reasonable question: what, then, will deal with law enforcement authorities of a State, if the police powers necessary to entrust the RRF? Theoretically, of course, we can assume that the international troops special forces come to the aid of the authorities and opponents of divorce in different corners of the “Ring.” But where can this opposition is to have – one Almighty knows. The idea of ​​entering RRF in a country CSTO initially a failure. Well, who is president agreed to suppress demonstrations by the CORF? Some experts argue that the idea “does not seem well thought-out, because it can disrupt the alliance between the former republics of the USSR.” Political processes that go beyond the law, it should stop its own internal forces, other forces, law enforcement, but not the army. It is obvious that the CSTO is first necessary to define and structure the tasks and objectives for which military unit, in fact, was created – the organization of collective security – and not to undertake non-core areas.

Although each individual country units taken that are part of RRF, as the best trained and mobile, can be employed to restore order and stability. How did this happen in Zhanaozen. Walking up the alarm company air assault brigade moved in a few hours of military transport aircraft in the “hot” area.

– We have really been given the task – to block the city and carry out controls at the checkpoints to prevent the penetration of various Zhanaozen extremists – said the brigade commander, Aydar Kabdenov. – I just got back from there. The situation in Zhanaozen now calm. We operate exclusively within the law. My subordinates are well trained and equipped. This is not a conscript and contract soldiers. The boys and adults understand everything correctly. Recently, we got 10 brand new KamAZ.And we have modern armored vehicles, the 2007 model year. And the form Ksor-skaya on all harvested. So to carry out any tasks assigned by the Minister of Defence, we are ready.

The commander of the air assault brigade told how intense are the teachings of the CSTO and they know how to do his subordinates. As a result of combat competition from all the air assault brigades it – is the best.

– In Russia, were teaching us in Kazakhstan, Tajikistan … And everywhere we showed itself at its best – continues to Major Kabdenov. – A landfill Koktal we recently demonstrated their ability to nyvyki and Minister of Defense. Comments to us have not arisen. And it pleases.

Let me remind the readers ‘Megapolis’: the CSTO comprises seven countries: Russia, Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan. The leaders of these countries, without exception, came to Moscow for negotiations.

– We have reached an agreement on the equipment of the Collective Rapid Reaction Force (RRF), the training of special forces, members of the RRF and the rescue teams. Decisions in the field of information security of the Member States on how to respond to emergency situations of natural and manmade. Determined by the forces and resources allocated to the CSTO member states of the Collective Peacekeeping Forces, and also approved the budget for 2012, – said Nursultan Nazarbayev.

He also noted the agreement reached that the military bases of third countries on the territory of a Member State CSTO is only possible with the common consent of all members. Now, no country in the alliance without permission (without the consent of other members) will not be able to host the U.S. military base, even if they promise to pay for this service billions of dollars annually.

This is understandable. But what can the phrase “decisions in the field of Information Security of CSTO member states.” Is it possible to turn off the authorities in terms of the Internet is now within the CSTO framework, using the “international arm?”

Since about information security first began the CSTO Secretary Bordyuzha, then I can assume that at the summit of the CSTO has been formulated such a specific task, because the alliance at all costs had to be again demonstrate their frantic activity to re-justify their existence. Critics in fact very much to the sound of this expensive organization.

– The immediate task of the CSTO is very complex – experts say – so the earlier work of its agencies to identify their need for dealing with related areas: the fight against drug trafficking and illegal migration.Plot with an Internet confrontation in the same plane – to reveal their government and society structure the meaning of existence. Thereby justify the multimillion-dollar costs.

Whatever it was, we’re all for stability and peace. And for the fact that any of the security forces were entirely within the law. For our own safety.