Spy-vs-Spy–CIA’s Terrorists Bomb ISI’s Terrorists

[Baloch Liberation Army is a product of CIA and RAW (SEE:  The Stunning Investigative Story on the Birth of Balochistan Liberation Army).  Musallah Defa Tanzeem is ISI’s solution to Baloch Liberation Army.   The fact that the BLA attackers link today’s assault to the future IPI Iran/Pakistan/India pipeline, as well as Chinese engineers, is like signing the attack “MADE IN AMERICA.”]

Blast at Shafiq Mengal’s house kills 13, BLA claims responsibility


Occupied Balochistan – At least 13 people were killed and more than 30 injured, some of them seriously, in a massive bomb blast outside the house of Shafiq Mengal, the head of infamous anti Baloch armed groups, Musallah Defa Tanzeem, here on Friday.

Unidentified men had fitted explosives in a vehicle and parked it outside the house of Balochistan’s ISI agent Shafiq Mengal at Al-Mashriq Lane, Arbab Karam Khan Road, Quetta, which went off with a huge bang. As a result, 13 people were killed and over 30 others injured some of them in critical condition.The blast was so powerful that it completely pulled down some parts of the residence of the Shafiq Mengal besides badly damaging nearby houses and shops. Seven vehicles which were parked in the parking lot of the residence were also badly damaged.

The bodyguards of Shafiq Mengal opened indiscriminate firing at passers-by, media persons and the rescue workers that started to pour there to help the injured after the blast. Independent sources reported that most of the wounded people were victims of the wanton firing by the bodyguards of Mr Mengal. The body guards of Shafiq Mengal also barred the media persons from covering the incident and tortured a photographer of local newspaper and broke a camera of private TV channel.

The electricity cables in the area were also disconnected as a result of the blast and fire broke out in the house due to damage to gas pipeline. Fire fighters were called to the site of blast site that after one hour succeeded in extinguishing the fire. According to Bomb Disposal Squad officials about 40kg explosives were used in the blast which were planted with a car, adding, that two time bombs of 8kg were also recovered from the blast site.

‘About 13 people have been killed and over 30 sustained injuries in the blast’, Deputy Inspector General, Operations Quetta Nazir Kurd told media persons, adding, that most of the injured and dead were the guards of Shafiq Mengal. He said that the main target of the bomb attack was Shafiq Mengal, however, he and his family members remained unhurt in the blast.

Baloch patriots say that Shafiq Mengal, a son of Naseer Mengal, of running the anti-Baloch armed group, the Baloch Musla Defai Tanzeem, with the help of the Pakistani intelligence agencies. The shadowy group has accepted responsibility for the targeted killing of dozens of Baloch nationalist leaders, activists, journalists and people from other walks of life. While the junior Mengal has not publicly owned the anti-nationalist group, he, however, passionately criticizes the Baloch nationalist movement by billing it as the brainchild of “anti-Islam and anti-Pakistan elements” in his frequent statements published in Quetta-based Urdu newspapers.”

According to BBC Urdu service, the Baloch Liberation Army (BLA) has accepted responsibility for the blast and claimed that it was a case of suicide bombing, the first of its nature the armed resistance organization has ever perpetrated. The BLA and other Baloch resistance organisations are fighting for the Independence Balochistan.

He said the suicide blast was carried out by Darwesh Baloch, who was a member of Shaheed Majeed Brigade. He said the blast killed the members of Shafiq Mengal’s group who were holding a meeting at his residence at the time of the attack. Meerak Baloch said that Shafiq Mengal was a Baloch national traitor and BLA would continue targeting traitors in future also. He requested the general public to stay away from such National traitors because they are on the target of Baloch fighters and they can be attacked anywhere at any time.

He warned that if IPI (Iran-Pakistan-India) gas pipeline project was not dropped, such attacks would also be carried out on Chinese engineers. He said “BLA warns all multinational companies to abandon Pakistan’s exploitative projects in occupied Balochistan.”

The IPI pipeline passes through Balochistan, Pakistan and Iran are adamant to go ahead with their plan without the consent of Baloch people. Patriot/pro-liberation parties believe that since Balochistan is an occupied country the International Multinational companies must avoid investing on so called development projects initiated by Pakistan unless the long standing issue of occupied Balochistan is resolved.

Courtesy: BBC Urdu, The Nation and The Balochhal