Turkmen Students Discouraged from Participation In US State Dept. “Future Leaders” Internship Prog.

No need to FLEXov

Chronicles of Turkmenistan

In early January the Turkmenistan started testing by the U.S. State Department program, Future Leaders Exchange Program (FLEX) for senior secondary schools. Tturkmenskie authority by tradition it was in those days, arrange various competitions in the English language to the least possible number of pupils speak English took part in the qualifying round of the program FLEX.

In Turkmenabat, for example, on the day of testing January 3 Board of Education decided to hold a friendly Olympics. Teachers of English were punished in the day to bring all of their best students grades 7-9.

To test for the FLEX program was attended by officials of the department of education Lebap who recorded the names of pupils and schools in which they learn. The next day, the director of schools with these lists ask the teachers whose classes were this or that passed the first round of qualifying students.

“We are on the same day summoned to the management of education, where to put it mildly given on cap for the fact that evensomeone went on a test , not the Olympics “- admits the director of a school.

Despite all the unwritten taboos, intimidation and threats, high school students prefer to participate in the program FLEX. It provides an 15-17 year old students a year to live in the U.S., an American family and attend a local school.

On the same day, the fourth of January (the day of the second round of FLEX) in the second round and held friendly competitions. At the Olympics, according to the director, it’s even less students.

In Turkmenistan, the FLEX program is valid from 1993. During this time in America in this program have visited hundreds of Turkmenistan.

Nevertheless, the efforts of the representatives of the department of education gives the results. Number of people willing to participate in the FLEX program from year to year decline. In previous years, Lebap in the first round of the competition involved 400 pupils in this year’s first round came to a little over 120 people.