Uzbek President Karimov Explains Why He Chose US Special Forces Training Over Russian Spetsnaz

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Third Army, Uzbekistan Army Signal Officers Hold Information Exchange

Maj. Douglas Thornton, an instructor of the signal basic officer leadership course, explains how a Brigade Combat Team is supported with communications assets to a group of Uzbek army signal officers June 16 at Fort Gordon, Ga.

Uzbekistan presents army development strategy

Uzbekistan, Tashkent, Jan.14 / Trend D.Azizov /

President of Uzbekistan, Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces Islam Karimov presented strategy of the further development of the army in his congratulatory message on the occasion of day of Defender of the Fatherland Day, which is celebrated on Jan.14 and 20th anniversary of the country’s Armed forces.

“Importance of reforming and increasing operational readiness of the Armed Forces in modern time is caused primarily by circumstances of rapidly-changing world, continuing rise of tension in the Middle East and the Gulf, difficult situation in the region taking into consideration rise of confrontation, different threats and challenges to the security,” the congratulatory message said.

The President said the Central Asia region by virtue of its geo-political and geo-strategic importance, huge mineral and raw material resources has become recently object of close attention and crossing of strategic interests of the largest states and is characterized by continuing confrontation in Afghanistan, where war has continued for over 30 years.

The forthcoming withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan and the International Security Assistance Force in 2014 may lead to an increased threat to the expansion of terrorist and extremist activities, tensions in the region, establishing here a permanent source of instability, the president said.

Serious challenge to regional stability and security is also deteriorating socio-economic situation in some countries of the region, which creates favorable conditions for the growth of social discontent, continuous extremist forces replenishment of new members.

“In general, the evaluation of socio-political, socio-economic, political and military situation prevailing in Central Asia and the world shows increasingly growing trend of increasing threats to peace, stability and sustainable development of the region,” Islam Karimov noted.

The President said all this requires the taking preventive advanced systemic measures to further improve and enhance the effectiveness of the entire system of defense and national security, the continuation of the comprehensive strengthening of the capacity and readiness of the Armed Forces.

Particular attention should be paid to the further accumulation of experience, improvement and deepening the knowledge of basic principles and techniques of modern combat operations during a potential theater of military operations in the region, the head of state noted.

Command of the Armed Forces and the military districts should pay serious attention to improve the efficiency of planning, organizing and conducting command post and tactical exercises, which should be a school for testing different models of combat operations.

We should focus on the problem of retrofitting units with modern weapons and equipment. The most important condition for increasing the combat capability of the armed forces is to reach a new quality of military education and training,” Islam Karimov said.

Uzbek President also determined the issue of social protection of servicemen as a problem of special importance.

“We should also focus on timely and full implementation of the adopted state programs aimed at providing servicemen with housing, improvement of social conditions of residence and duty of soldiers, sergeants and officers,” the message said.

The message noted that a lot of work to create a modern, mobile, well-equipped army have been carried out over the years of independence.

Organizational and staff structure of the armed forces was fundamentally changed, an effective management system of corps and sorts of troops, led by the Joint Staff was created, the military districts were formed, system of protection and security of state borders meeting modern requirements was shaped, mobile, primarily the battalions of Special Operation Forces, Corps to fight terrorism were established in the most important operational directions.

Large-scale work has been done in equipping the army with modern weapons and equipment.

In conclusion, the President of Uzbekistan expressed gratitude to all the servicemen – privates and sergeants, officers and generals, all those who today has difficult service in the Armed Forces, adequately fulfilling its noble and responsible duty to protect the homeland.

Earlier according to the presidential decree a large group of servicemen has been awarded national awards – honorary degrees, medals and orders.

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