NATO cares about russian weapons in Kaliningrad

NATO cares about russian weapons in Kaliningrad

Kudashkina Ekaterina

Konstantin Kosachyov.   Photo: RIA Novosti

Interview with Konstantin Kosachyov first Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Foreign Affairs Committee
commenting for us on the issue.

Of course today we have seen the news that Mr. Rasmussen, the NATO Secretary General has reiterated NATO’s concern about Russia potentially deploying additional weapons in Kaliningrad.

I have of course read this statement by Mr. Rasmussen again and again and I’m very much surprised by the position taken by the NATO’s leadership. The major problem is that as soon as we try to reach any agreements with NATO they always would refer to the unilateral program of the United States of America in terms of deploying anti-missile system in Europe while NATO would in that case be just a junior partner, to put it that way.

When we speak on that issue with our American partners, they would always tell us that they are under the process of coordinating of their efforts with NATO and they need to have conference with the NATO and so on and so forth. And all that traits and impression that we are a kind of inside of a certain game being played with us when both the United States unilaterally and NATO multilaterally take certain measures without taking into account Russian concerns. And they just want to put Russia in a position where the situation would continue to develop the way the United States and NATO want this situation to be developed while Russia will have just to accept the ongoing developments without having any opportunity to influence these developments.

This is not acceptable and the measures we are potentially going to take are not aimed against anybody. That word “against” was used frequently by Mr. Rasmussen but the measures which are to be taken potentially by Russia are aimed at securing our defense and guaranteeing our safety, they are not aimed specifically at NATO, at the United States or anybody else. They are just taken or will be taken in order to maintain the strategic balance and of course we will be forced to take these measures in case we are not a part, not of a game, but of a joined project either with NATO or with the United States of America.

The minimum possible solution is that we have a legally binding agreement of not using force against each other in terms of anti-missile defense. The maximum solution is that we cooperate on that anti-missile defense without any restrictions. And nothing else would be acceptable for Russia.

Mr. Kosachyov, thank you very much. And just to remind you this was a comment from  Konstantin Kosachyov first Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Foreign Affairs Committee.

Iraq Tells Neighbors To Just Butt-Out

Iraq tells neighbours not to intervene

File picture shows an Iraqi woman walking past a national flag in Baghdad. (AFP/File - Ahmad al-Rubaye)

BAGHDAD: Iraq on Sunday criticised neighbouring Turkey, Iran and unnamed Arab countries for trying to “intervene” in Baghdad’s month-long political crisis and not respecting its sovereignty.

The statement, posted on the foreign ministry’s website, comes amid tensions between Baghdad and Ankara in particular over Iraq’s claims that Turkey was interfering in internal Iraqi affairs.

It said that since the start of the year, statements from “senior officials in neighbouring countries reflect their attempts to intervene in the internal affairs of Iraq and the lack of respect for Iraqi sovereignty and the government elected by the people of Iraq.”

The statement, posted in English and Arabic, continued: “Iraq did not and will not be a follower. It will never be a pawn in the others’ game nor will it be an arena of clearance between the other parties.”

“Therefore, we call upon the friendly neighbour, especially Turkey, Iran and some Arab countries to respect the sovereignty and independence of Iraq.”

The statement was an apparent response to remarks from the head of Iran’s elite Quds Force Qassem Suleimani, since clarified by Tehran’s foreign ministry, that Iraq and southern Lebanon were controlled by Iran.

“Iran is now also present in southern Lebanon and Iraq,” he said, in quotes published by Iranian news agency ISNA. “In fact, those areas are in a way influenced by the Islamic republic of Iran’s performance and thinking.”

Al-Arabiya TV’s website had earlier reported that Suleimani claimed south Lebanon and Iraq were “subject to the control” of Iran, but Tehran has issued a denial.

Iraq and Turkey have also been at loggerheads over Baghdad’s claim that Ankara was intervening in Iraqi affairs when Turkish premier Recep Tayyip Erdogan telephoned Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki on January 10.

Maliki has since criticised Turkey for its remarks, and the two countries have called in each others’ respective ambassadors to express their displeasure.

Iraq has been mired in a political crisis since US forces withdrew from the country on December 18, pitting the Shiite-led government against the main Sunni-backed political bloc.

German Intelligence Cell Busted In Peshawar?

[A German intelligence official and a married couple gathering intelligence around Peshawar may become the next spy issue (SEE:  Pakistan: German seized with Italian in Pakistan  ;  Safety circuits: Pakistan moves against BND office).]

  One of the arrested Germans preparing to drive to Islamabad

 One of the Germans changing his battery

Photos from Bulgarian source

Colonel among three Germans held

Police came to know about their illegal stay when security agencies started enlisting foreigners and NGO workers living in Peshawar.—File Photo

PESHAWAR: A house located in University Town was raided on Saturday and three German citizens were taken into custody for their alleged involvement in ‘suspicious activities’, police said.

The suspects, who were interviewed after reports they were living in the house on the Park Lane Street illegally, failed to produce documents validating their stay in Pakistan.

They were identified as Curtain Wild, a colonel in German army who has spent time in Afghanistan and Kosovo, Lauren and Rhodwolf Smith.

An official said statements of the three men did not match with each other. First they claimed to be associated with a
non-governmental organisation but later they said they were staff of the German embassy living in Peshawar.

The official said four Pakistanis, who were working for the Germans, had also been held. They included two security guards whose services had been acquired without informing the police.

“They said they were deputed by their embassy to keep an eye on the German-funded development projects but they had no documentary proof to this effect,” the official said.

The Germans came to Peshawar during the Soviet war in Afghanistan more than 30 years ago, he said, adding the house was raided after police came to know about their suspicious activities.

The official would not give details about the foreigners’ activities but said they used to carry out their work on a rotation basis in the garb of NGOs. He said the foreigners previously lived in a house on Jamaluddin Afghani Road and moved to Park Lane about a year ago.

Talking to reporters, Cantonment Circle SP Dr Mian Saeed Ahmed said police maintained record of all foreigners and the NGOs but the three Germans had not informed them about their stay nor did they seek any security.

He said they had opened a ‘German Liaison Office’ in the building which was being used as the office-cum-residence. He said the office had been sealed and the suspects had been taken to Islamabad for interrogation.

The official said police came to know about their illegal stay when security agencies started enlisting foreigners and NGO workers living in the city. “We have taken copies of their passports and investigation is under way,” the SP said.